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Hangzhou Bentley driver overhead wounding BYD: persuade car owners to reward 200000

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Recently, a video of "wounding by a Bentley driver" has been circulated online, which happened on a viaduct in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Videos circulated online showed a black BMW and a Bentley in front of the viaduct suspected of having an accident, then the Bentley driver got out of the car and slapped the BMW window, and the two had an argument after the BMW driver got out of the car. In the video, the Bentley driver, holding a sharp object about a few inches long, repeatedly stabbed the BMW driver and knocked it down. After the BMW driver fell to the ground, the Bentley driver beat him for a long time, kicking him on the head, and then the owner stopped to dissuade him, but the Bentley driver still beat the driver. In the meantime, the Bentley driver also entered the cab of the BMW and dismantled its driving recorder to destroy the evidence.

This morning, the Hangzhou police issued a police notice: after verification, both parties Hou Mouren and Hou Mou Bin cousins (both Anhui nationals, who operate logistics business in Hangzhou), due to a business dispute, Hou Mouren (male, 39 years old) learned that his cousin Hou Moubin (male, 32 years old) drove from the company to the bank (carrying a tea knife with him) after he tried to freeze the company's account. During this period, Hou Moubin drove away, so Hou Mouren chased Hou Moubin on Qiantang Expressway and beat Hou Moubin with a tea knife. After being sent to hospital for treatment, Hou Moubin's life was not in danger. The suspect Hou Moren was arrested by the public security organs at about 18:00 on the same day and was criminally detained in accordance with the law the next day on suspicion of intentional injury. At present, the case is under further processing.

It is worth mentioning that after the video was posted online, a man in a dark coat and glasses got out of the car to dissuade both sides and block further violence. It is understood that the man who persuaded the fight was a lawyer of a law firm and the vehicle he was driving was Biadi.

According to lawyer Sun, when the car came home from handling the case and drove to the Qiantang Expressway, he saw a man lying on the right side of the driveway and another person standing on it. At that time, the assailant stepped on the injured person's head, and the person lying on the ground was no longer able to resist. Lawyer Sun was very worried about the safety of the injured, so he decided to get out of the car to help and dissuade the violence, but the dissuasion was futile. Lawyer Sun could only bend over and use half his body to protect the injured and prevent him from committing further violence. Then, lawyer Sun called the police, and the violent man saw the situation and drove away from the scene. Lawyer Sun said that at that time, there were also caring people to lend a helping hand, a Tesla owner also called the police, another BYD owner helped transfer the injury to the back seat, waiting for the arrival of the 120th and the police. After that, 120 and the police soon rushed to the scene of the accident, and the injured were sent to the hospital for treatment.

Today, Li Yunfei, general manager of BYD Group Brand and Public Relations, said in a post that he decided to give Mr. Sun's vehicle lifetime free maintenance and a reward of 200000 yuan. At the same time, the company is considering setting up a "BYD car owner positive Energy and bravery Award" to reward positive energy and righteous car owners with a reward of 5-200000 yuan!

For this incident, some netizens said, "No matter what the cause of the accident, both sides of the accident should be resolved rationally, peacefully and reasonably, and should not be violent to others." it must be wrong to hit others, and it will also pay the price. " Some netizens also praised lawyer Sun's approach, "praise lawyer Sun for his brave deeds, and BYD's award is also very positive."

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