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Women experience Haopin autopilot when painting! Official response

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Recently, a video of a woman drawing in the main driver's seat of a Haopin car without holding the steering wheel has been circulated on the Internet. From the video screenshots circulated on the Internet, we can see that the woman did draw with her head down in the main driver's seat of the car with her hands off the steering wheel, while displaying her paintings to the public.

The video naturally attracted the attention of many netizens, and many netizens pointed out that such behavior is very dangerous.

Subsequently, in response to the incident, Haopin officially responded: "I am the Hopin GT L3 version. I took my pretty little sister to experience self-driving on the Intelligent Network demonstration section (Nansha Port Expressway) yesterday, but I was discovered. The little sister, who loves painting, said that she would wear full makeup directly next time." At the same time, it is also revealed that the model will be on the market soon.

However, the official response did not dispel netizens' doubts. Recently, the staff of Guangzhou Intelligent Network United Automobile demonstration Zone Operation Center said in an interview with the media: sitting in the main driving position to draw this behavior must be wrong, there is a misguidance, has contacted the car companies to learn about the situation. According to its disclosure, the test permit was jointly applied by GAC R&D CENTER and Guangzhou Automobile Group passenger car Co., Ltd., and 10 Hobal GT L3 vehicles applied for test license. According to the requirements of the vehicle in the test, the main driver has a safety officer for safety supervision, the safety officer's foot can be off the brake throttle, the hand can be a false grip, but always pay attention to the risk.

In addition, it also revealed that from the video, it is preliminarily judged that the vehicle painted by the driver should not be one of the 10 cars, and this operation is definitely not the state of the security officer and does not meet the relevant requirements. And said that he had communicated the matter with Guangzhou Automobile Group passenger car Co., Ltd., so that the other party could understand what was going on at that time.

It is worth noting that with the rapid development of automobile intelligence, many electric vehicle enterprises regard self-driving as the selling point of vehicle publicity. But in fact, it is not possible to hand over the vehicle completely to autopilot at this stage. At present, there are six levels of autopilot technology from L0 to L5, in which L0 is manual driving, L1 and L2 are mainly controlled by human drivers, and the system mainly plays an auxiliary role. From L3 to L5, the system will begin to control vehicle driving. At present, the self-driving adopted by most mainstream car companies is L2-level auxiliary driving, and there is still some room for improvement in intelligent and automated driving. Most of the vehicles are equipped with auxiliary driving functions, which are only limited to auxiliary driving, and can not achieve complete automatic driving.

Although it can be seen from the official response, the vehicles tested this time are L3. The data show that L3 belongs to conditional autopilot, which can not only continuously control vehicles within the scope of design and operation, but also control vehicles, observe road conditions, traffic lights, pedestrians, etc., and make correct decisions. But even at the L3 level, people are required to provide emergency takeover capabilities in the car.

Data show that Haopin GT is a high-end luxury brand under GAC Ean, which was released in September 2022. GAC GROUP has given an important task to the Haopin brand. Feng Xingya, general manager of GAC GROUP, has said that he wants to turn the pattern of "Wei Xiaoli" into "Ai Xiaowei" and that he will turn Eian into one of the top three "high-end smart electric vehicle brands" in the world.

At present, Haopin brand has three models: Haopin GT, Haopin SSR and Haopin HT. Among them, Haopin GT launched in July last year, the new car launched a total of five models, the price range is 21.99-339900 yuan. Data show that Haopin GT delivered the first month of sales of 2011 vehicles. Last September, Hyper Haopin unveiled its first supercar, the Hyper SSR, with two new models with a price range of 128.6-1.686 million. On November 15 last year, Haopin HT was launched, and the new car positioning medium and large SUV launched a total of 6 models with a price range of 21.39-329900 yuan. The data show that the sales of Haopin HT and Haopin GT in January are 504units and 315units respectively.

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