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Pre-sale of the new Prado: 47-570000 yuan

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On February 29th, the new generation Toyota Prado officially opened for pre-sale, with a price range of 47-570000 yuan. the new cars include UN, ALR, ADV and LUX HI, covering different market segments such as off-road, personalized, fashionable and high-end. According to the plan, the new Prado will be launched at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show and will be officially launched on July 16.

Today, the new Prado classic model also ushered in the debut. UN model uses the classic front face shape, the lamp cavity is a round headlamp, with the lower black front enclosure and lower guard plate, the overall design style is more retro, it is also a tribute to the classic FJ62. LUX, ADV, ALR models use the flagship front face shape, the lamp cavity is a rectangular headlamp, and the rectangular headlamp group with the sturdy front enclosure below also enhances the visual impact of the front face, and the overall design is more rigid. According to some of the exposed configuration tables, the new Toyota Prado is available in platinum white / ink black / polar ash / platinum bronze.

The boxy side of the car looks a lot like the new Lexus GX, black anti-friction panels and rugged wheel arches are designed to consolidate Prado's off-road image. In the rear part, the new car does not use the popular through taillight design, the square headlights on both sides still retain the original off-road flavor, the silver trim on the rear still uses the word TOYOTA as the tail mark, and there is a black car name on the left. In addition, although the rear door of the trunk is opened up, the independently opened rear windshield is still retained, while the full-size spare tire is set at the back of the chassis.

FAW Toyota new Prado does not have an open interior part, but with reference to overseas models, the overall design of the new Prado is more hard and retro, with a large number of physical buttons in the car from the steering wheel to the central control area, which once again emphasizes the pragmatism of Japanese cars. it is equipped with a new multi-purpose steering wheel and circular air conditioning air outlet, and the 12.3-inch suspended central control screen will be equipped with Toyota's latest entertainment system. In the lower shift lever area, you can see that it is equipped with electronic handbrake, automatic parking, rear axle differential lock and four-wheel drive system switch lever.

In terms of power, the new Prado is equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a T24A-FTS 2.4T gasoline engine and motor, which matches an eight-speed automatic transmission with a combined maximum power of 330hp and a peak torque of 630Nm, and will be equipped with full-time all-wheel drive, a transfer box and a central differential lock.

From the cross-country level, the new Prado is still a "strongest" competitor. Whether it is the brand heritage of the Toyota brand or the technical background of the Prado global model, Prado still has the strength to become a "soul" model. However, with the increasing volume of Chinese brands, some brands are deepening their technology in the field of new energy, as well as the continuous iterative upgrading of products in the cross-country circle. Chinese brand products better understand the needs of Chinese consumers, and their strength can not be ignored.

However, the market has changed dramatically in the three years since Prado left China, and many Chinese brands have set their sights on this market. At the 2023 Guangzhou Motor Show, we also saw many hard-line SUVs, such as the Great Wall Tank brand Tank 700, equation Panther 5, the new Beijing BJ40, etc., in addition, Jiangling Ford will also introduce Liema Bronco, although the positioning of these models is still different from the new Prado, it does give consumers more choices. Therefore, after Prado re-enters the Chinese market, there are still many unknowns.

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