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559800 yuan! Ideal MEGA listing

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Today, ideal MEGA, a heavyweight model of ideal car, is on the market. The new car is located in a large MPV, with a total of one model, priced at 559800 yuan, and delivery will begin on the 11th of this month. In fact, the ideal MEGA was unveiled at last year's Guangzhou Auto Show and started pre-sale, with a deposit of 5000 yuan and an estimated price of less than 600000 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the front of the car adopts the unique shape of water drop type, the front face adopts closed design, and the lower surround adopts sectional structure. The through-type daylight is used on both sides, and the star ring lamp is located under the windshield, highlighting the scientific and technological sense of the vehicle. The rear is equipped with slender through taillights, the upper spoiler is integrated with the lines of the rear window, and the LOGO is also integrated on the rear window, which greatly improves the recognition of the vehicle.

In terms of appearance and color matching, grey metal paint, silver metal paint, panda white pearl paint and elephant gray special edition pearl paint are available for users to choose from, among which the elephant gray special edition pearl paint is optional and the price is 10,000 yuan. In terms of interior color, there are two choices of white and curry color.

In terms of the car body, the use of slip-back roof shape, with a large area of glass to make the vehicle look more powerful. The door handle of the front and rear doors adopts a hidden design, and the door is designed as a side sliding door. Steps and handrails are also set up at the boarding position to facilitate the elderly and children to get on and off the bus. The rear of the car is convergent, which greatly reduces the wind resistance coefficient.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5350/1965/1850mm and wheelbase 3300mm respectively. In terms of seat layout, the layout of three rows and seven seats is adopted. Among them, the second row is two separate seats, equipped with electric regulation, heating and ventilation, 16:00 massage, wireless charging board and other functions.

Interior: the overall style is simple, the front row is still double-screen design, equipped with 15.7-inch central control screen, 15.7-inch passenger entertainment screen, and 17-inch rear cabin entertainment screen. The car-machine system is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295P high-performance chip, which supports no wake-up and concise response for the whole vehicle. In terms of smart configuration, it is equipped with a 128-line lidar, six 8-megapixel cameras, a 2-megapixel camera and four 3-megapixel look-around cameras. In terms of safety, 9 airbags and side air curtains are standard.

Power: the dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive system is adopted, the front axle is asynchronous motor, and the maximum power is 155kW. The rear axle adopts permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum power is 245kW, and the peak torque is 542N ·m. As for the battery, it is equipped with Ningde Kirin 5C battery with a capacity of 102.7 kilowatts, the CLTC has a pure electric range of 710km, the power consumption of 100 kilometers is as low as 15.9kWh, and the charging peak power reaches 520kW.

Data show: ideal MEGA is the fourth model of ideal car, and it is also the first MPV model. The model has attracted a lot of attention since its debut, with the ideal MEGA booking more than 10, 000 cars in an hour and 42 minutes, according to earlier official sources.

According to the official plan, the annual target for the ideal car this year is 800000, which means that the ideal car needs to sell nearly 70, 000 vehicles a month before it can be completed. With reference to ideal car's annual sales target of 376, 030, 800000 last year, it represents that the sales of ideal car this year will be more than double that of last year.

Ideally, we are very confident about the goals set by the authorities this year. Li Xiang once said: in 2023, with three SUV models, it won the champion of SUV sales of more than 300000 yuan in the Chinese market and the sales of new energy vehicles of more than 300000 yuan. 2024 will be an unprecedented product year for ideal cars, with 4 extended range models and 4 pure electric models, and 8 highly competitive product combinations to meet the needs of home users. With the support of richer products, stronger product power and more efficient production and supply and marketing system, it will challenge the annual delivery of 800000 vehicles to achieve the goal of top sales of luxury car brands in the Chinese market.

In order to achieve this year's annual target, at the launch conference of ideal MEGA, ideal Motor also released 2024 L-series models, of which the official guidance price of L7, L8 and L9 are 31.98-379800 yuan, 33.98-399800 yuan and 42.98-459800 yuan respectively. With the arrival of new models of the ideal car, it will also play a certain role in improving the sales of the ideal car, but it remains to be seen whether it can achieve the annual sales target of 800000.

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