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All down! The latest sales list of New Power

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On August 1, the new power brand asked the boundary, ideal, Lulai, Xiaopeng and so on announced the latest monthly delivery results one after another. According to the ranking of the Tramway report, the new power won the championship again in February, surpassing the ideal car with a sales gap of 891 vehicles, which also sold more than 20, 000 vehicles a month. The difference in sales among other car companies is very obvious, especially Xiaopeng, which delivered only 4545 vehicles in February and 8132 vehicles delivered by Ulay.

According to official data from AITO, 21142 new cars were delivered in February, down 32% from the previous month, ranking first in monthly sales of China's new power brands, of which the new M7 delivered 18479 vehicles a month. This is the second time that the world has surpassed the ideal car, but fortunately, there is not a big gap between the two car companies. The ideal car still has a "card" yet, and there is still an opportunity to go beyond the boundary.

Ask the boundary is a strong rival to the car, especially the new M7, a model directly chasing L9, L8, L7 dozen. Before the change, the two models basically could not be sold. The M7 sold only a few hundred in July, while the price of the new M7 was reduced by tens of thousands while the configuration was upgraded. Not only the ideal L series was affected by sales, but also its own M5 could not be sold. In addition, the M9 was also pre-sold in December 2023, received 30,000 orders in July and began delivery at the end of February, which also puts pressure on the ideal car.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, there is still a "card" for the ideal car. Just today, ideal car's first pure electric MPV--MEGA is officially on the market, and the new car has only one configuration, with a price of 559800 yuan. As the flagship product of the ideal car, this car has received a high degree of attention since its birth. Previously, Li Xiang said that the goal of the ideal MEGA is to become the first selling product of more than 500000, regardless of energy form and car body form.

At the same time, the ideal L series also completed the modification today, the new ideal L7 sells for 31.98-379800 yuan, the new ideal L8 sells for 33.98-399800 yuan, and the new ideal L9 sells for 42.98-459800 yuan. the starting price of the modified ideal L series is the same as that of the old models, and the price of high-end models is reduced by 10, 000 yuan. at the same time, the whole department upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chips to achieve increment without price increase. In addition, the ideal L6 is expected to go on sale in April and sell for less than 300000 yuan, which will play a decisive role in the ideal car's monthly sales of 50, 000 yuan. Li Xiang, chairman and CEO of ideal Motor, said, "with the release and delivery of new models, our goal is to return to the monthly delivery level of 50, 000 vehicles in March."

Generally speaking, the competition between the ideal car and the question world is very obvious, especially after March, the ideal L series modification, the ideal MEGA listing and the ideal L6 listing will all stimulate the growth of ideal car sales, while the question world mainly depends on the new M7 M9 which has just begun to be delivered on a large scale and has not yet started, but new M5 and M8 models will be launched in the second half of the year, the latter filling the gap of 30-400000 price range. And this is also the main product area of the ideal car.

Let's take a look at other new power companies, Xiaopeng Motors and Xilai were relatively mediocre in February, especially Xiaopeng Motors, which delivered only 4545 vehicles, down 45% from the previous month. Although affected by the Spring Festival holiday, such achievements still let the market down. Of the 4545 new cars delivered, 1448 came from the X9, which has just started delivery, so the delivery of the P7, G9 and G6 has declined a lot. The X9 is highly expected by Xiaopeng, which is the only standard rear wheel steering MPV in the world, with a starting price of 359800 yuan. Xiaopeng said that with the climbing of production capacity after the Spring Festival and the resolution of individual supply chain bottlenecks, Xiaopeng X9 production capacity will be greatly increased from March, speeding up delivery.

As for Weilai, 8132 vehicles were delivered in February, down 19% from the previous month. On February 22nd, 2024 ES8, ES7, EC7, ES6, EC6, ET5, ET5T officially released and opened the lock order, of which 2024 ES8, EC7, ES6, EC6 and ET5T will be delivered in March, 2024 ET5 will be delivered in April, 2024 ES7 will be delivered in May, and the 2024 ET7 will be released and opened in April. The prices of these models are the same as before, but they all use the new central computing platform ADAM, with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chips. It is understood that there will be no new models for the Weilai brand in 2024, and the second brand is expected to release three new cars in the second quarter. Weilai's goal is to deliver 20,000 vehicles a month, but it has only been achieved once in the past year. Li Bin once said that Weilai is expected to be able to maintain steady monthly sales above the baseline of 20,000 vehicles after the first quarter, perhaps referring to the market increment brought about by the launch of the new model.

It has to be said that the gap between the Weilai and Xiaopeng cars and the ideal car is getting wider and wider, not only talking about sales. In the capital market, the total market capitalization of Xilai American stock is US $11.96 billion, Xiaopeng Motor is US $8.86 billion, and the ideal car is US $48.98 billion. (Lai + Xiaopeng Automobile) * 2 < ideal car, which perfectly explains the market view of the capital market on the future of the three companies. At present, ideal car is the only new force to make a profit, with revenue exceeding 100 billion yuan in 2023.

Nezha delivered only 6085 cars in February, down 39 per cent from a month earlier. Nezha cars did not do well in 2023, delivering 127496 new cars for the whole year, down 16.16 per cent from a year earlier, while the target set in 2023 was 250000, with a target completion rate of only 51 per cent. To this end, Zhang Yong, CEO of Nashi Automobile, openly conducted a review on Weibo, pointing out that there are five major problems in its operation. In early January, Hezhong Motors carried out a large-scale internal personnel adjustment, but whether this series of reflection and personnel transfer can revive Nahu Automobile remains to be tested.

Zero running car is the fourth new power company to be listed in Hong Kong after ideal Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile and Lulai. It delivered the new vehicle in February, and the main model is Zero running C11. It is understood that the new zero-running car model C10 will go on sale on March 2, with a pre-price of 151800 yuan. At that time, the 2024 models of the zero-running family will also be on the market, including the new C11, the new C01 and the new T03.

As for the leader in new energy vehicles, BYD sold 122311 vehicles wholesale in February, down 37 per cent from a year earlier. After the Spring Festival of the year of the Dragon, BYD Dynasty and Ocean net launched a number of glorious models, including Qin PLUS, Destroyer 05, Han Family, Tang DM-i, Seal DM-i, Song PLUS, Song Pro, Dolphin, of which Qin PLUS and Destroyer 05 were sold only 79800. The market believes that under the background of the slowdown in the overall new energy vehicle market, BYD needs to seize the market share of fuel vehicles in the market of less than 200000 yuan, and the price for quantity has become the most direct means for BYD, while the market above 200000 yuan strives for sales breakthrough and seeks overseas business increments to support sales growth.

China's new power pattern has quietly changed, the former "Wei Xiaoli" has been broken, the ideal car and the world of inquiry are competing for the title of new power, and other new power brands are constantly looking for their own position in the market. After BYD, a number of car brands launched a new policy of limited time and preferential car purchase, and on March 1 alone, more than five car companies announced relevant policies to deal with price competition in the new energy car market.

Admittedly, the market competition in 2024 will only be fiercer. The competition between brands is not only reflected in the price, but also in the competition of product power, technological innovation and service experience. Of course, for consumers, price reduction can still stimulate the acceptance of new energy vehicles, more choices and better experience is undoubtedly the biggest dividend brought by this competition, the new energy vehicle market will continue to grow.

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