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Heavily in debt! Chuanyong ao Group closes its business

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According to reports, market news said that Guangdong Yongao Investment Group Co., Ltd. announced the closure of its business because of its heavy debt and unable to carry out its business normally.

A notice circulated on the Internet about Guangdong Yongao Investment Group Co., Ltd. to all employees shows that due to the company's poor management and serious debts, the company's business cannot be carried out normally. With the guidance and help of the relevant functions of the government, the relevant work has made phased progress. In view of the current actual situation, the company has decided to formally close its business from March 1, 2024.

In addition, the notice also shows: "in view of the unpaid wages and other legitimate rights and interests of all employees, the company is stepping up accounting arrangements and giving priority to protecting the rights and interests of all employees." Please connect the staff with the personnel department, confirm and resolve them through negotiation or arbitration in accordance with the rules and regulations. Please cooperate with the personnel department. The company is very grateful to all the staff for their continuous efforts, especially to stick to their posts in difficult times! At the same time, I apologize for the impact on the employees due to the company's problems. "

According to Tianyan data, Guangdong Yongao Investment Group Co., Ltd. was established in May 2014. it was formerly known as Guangdong Yongao Investment Co., Ltd., the legal representative is Chen Zuyong, and the paid-in capital is 200 million yuan. it is a 4S modern automobile trade group company integrating automobile sales, maintenance services and spare parts supply. at present, it has set up stores in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Xiangyang, Hubei and Jining, Shandong. Agents include Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Ian, Mengjie and other more than 40 auto brands.

On January 17 this year, Guangdong Yongao was exposed that a number of its 4S stores had closed down. A number of Guangdong Yongao stores in Dongguan have been closed and the sales center is empty. 4S stores such as AION, AITO, Linke and Mengjie, located in Dongguan Liaobu Automobile City, were temporarily closed and the display cars in the stores were emptied because the capital chain of Guangdong Yongao Group, to which the store belongs, was broken and the display cars in its stores were towed away by the bank overnight. At that time, there was news in the market that in view of the arrears of employees' wages, the government investigation team had sent personnel to Yongao Company to register personnel information and search relevant evidence; in view of the difficulties in vehicle delivery, the government investigation team has investigated and registered the delivery of vehicles in the company's 4S store, giving priority to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of car owners who have bought cars in accordance with the law.

On January 19, Guangdong Yongao Group issued an announcement in response to the news that more than 80 4S stores were closed and car owners were unable to pick up their cars: due to the superimposed influence of multiple factors, such as the impact of the epidemic in the past three years, the adjustment of the automobile market, and the lack of enterprise risk control, the company has recently encountered a crisis. With regard to the problem of delay in delivery and arrears of wages, Yongao Group also said that it will take a series of measures, including 1. To set up a crisis management team: it will set up a professional crisis management team, which will be responsible for comprehensively coordinating and coordinating all kinds of work. Ensure that crisis management is efficient and timely. 2. To ensure the delivery of customers' vehicles: all measures are being taken to give priority to mobilizing all forces to ensure the delivery of each vehicle in accordance with the unified deployment of the company; 3. To protect the rights and interests of all employees: we are stepping up arrangements for accounting, and will try every means to give priority to the payroll and other legitimate rights and interests of all employees. 4. Actively seek a self-rescue plan: actively coordinate with all parties to seek possible restructuring plans and opportunities, and have a preliminary intention. In addition, in response to the online news that "fraud is involved" and "the actual controller has absconded with money", Yongao Group issued a statement saying: it is a pure rumor and is taking some measures to ensure the delivery of customers' vehicles and protect the legitimate rights and interests of all employees.

On February 28th, Guangdong Yongao Investment Group Co., Ltd. added a piece of information about the person subject to execution, the object of execution is 101965 yuan, and the enforcement court is the first people's Court of Dongguan City. As of press time, Guangdong Yongao Investment Group Co., Ltd. is still in existence.

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