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February car Complaints list: a number of hot models are on the list!

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According to statistics from the car quality Network, a total of 15411 valid complaints from car owners were accepted in February 2024, a record high for the same period in history, up 9.7% from the previous month and 53.7% from the same period last year. In February, the effective complaint information involved 753 models, and the complaints reached more than double digits (including) a total of 184 models.

According to the TOP30 list of vehicle Complaints in February 2024, the top three brands on the list were BYD, SAIC GM Wuling and BYD. The number of complaints increased sharply compared with January, and the reasons for complaints all covered "price changes".

Among them, the number of complaints about the No. 05 model of the BYD destroyer, which topped the list, soared to 1825 from 28 in January, including "price changes; hybrid mode switching failure". A 2022 premium DM-i 55KM destroyer 05 model said: "BYD destroyer 05 reduced the price after buying the car and started the car for no reason. On April 01, 2023, a 0555 quality KM premium version of the destroyer was purchased at a purchase price of 114300 yuan. In April 2023, the official price of this version was 113800 yuan. In February 2024, BYD officially announced that the price of this version of the car was adjusted to 93800 yuan. The price of buying a car has been greatly reduced by 20500 yuan for several months (the price information can be checked on the open platform), and there is no compensation for the owners who have bought the car, which seriously infringes upon the rights and interests of consumers. Reasonable compensation is now required. Adjust to HEV mode, after full power, automatically jump to EV mode without the driver's consent, and start the engine frequently. "

In addition to the destroyer 05, Qin PLUS was also complained of "price change; hybrid mode switching failure" to fifth on the list. In addition, Seal and Yuan plus were complained to the second and 23rd places respectively because of "price change; range is not allowed" and "electric battery failure; price change".

Second on the list is Wuling Xingguang, a subsidiary of SAIC GM Wuling, with 881 complaints about "price changes; mileage is not allowed". The owner of the 2023 advanced version of Wuling Xingguang said: "Wuling Xingguang black car with high configuration and naked car price of 105800 yuan was purchased in the morning of January 8, 2024, until now it has been a month. Wuling official officially announced on February 19, 2024 that the advanced price adjustment of Wuling Xingguang 150 has been greatly reduced by 6000 yuan, the manufacturer refused to return the price difference, and the after-sale consultant kicked the ball, seriously affecting the legitimate rights and interests of car owners. SAIC GM Wuling Co., Ltd. is now required to refund the total price difference of 6000 yuan for my car purchase, and will not accept compensation other than cash. I complained once, and the problem was not solved at all, and no one checked with me to deal with it. Only the car quality net called me and said that I had contacted the manufacturer, and the manufacturer would call me, but it didn't. At the same time, the car also has quality problems: 1. The tires make a noise when turning. two。 When the engine intervenes, the sound is loud and the amplitude is obvious. 3. When the car starts, it often happens that the failure icons are all lit up. "

On the whole, the top three models were complained mainly because the models were cheaper, causing dissatisfaction among old car owners. On the list, other models that have also been complained about because of price changes include Teng Teng N7, Xiaopeng G6 and Changan Qiyuan A05.

On February 19th, # BYD price reduction and # topic Weibo was a hot topic, due to the launch of BYD Qin PLUS Honor Edition and Destroyer 05 Glory Edition models, with the official price falling to 79800 yuan and chanting the slogan "electricity is lower than oil". Subsequently, # Wuling followed the BYD price war # also rushed to Weibo hot search. SAIC GM Wuling brand division deputy general manager said on Weibo: "one word, follow." Wuling Xingguang PHEV 150 advanced version of the price adjustment, the new "honor price" is 99800 yuan, compared with the previous guidance price of 105800 yuan down by 6000 yuan. Since then, Changan Qiyuan also followed the price reduction, Qiyuan Q05 and Qiyuan A05 at least 73900 yuan, and hit "electricity is lower than oil! low! low!" The slogan.

In fact, "price change" is very common in the automobile industry. "price war" has been the main theme of the automobile industry since 2023, but "Automobile Industry concern" believes that frequent price adjustments do cause confusion to car owners, especially price reductions. if the car companies can not appease the old car owners in time, it will easily make the old car owners unbalanced. For this reason, some car owners will also provide some compensation for the rights and interests of old car owners.

Among the top 10 models on the list, FAW Toyota was the "hardest hit" on the complaint list in February, including RAV4 Rongfang, Carola, Ruizhi and Crown. Among them, the first two are complained of "car body rusting; paint blistering cracking" and "exhaust failure; instrument panel cracking", while the latter two are clich é s-"instrument cracking; parts aging". In addition, Carola Ruifang was complained to 12th because of "exhaust failure; high fuel consumption". Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Feng Landa and Leiling have the same problem; Changan Mazda Onksera is complained of "cooling system failure; parts are cracked"; Dongfeng Nissan Teana is complained of "system upgrade problem; audio-visual system failure"; Dongfeng Honda CR-V is complained of "irregular procedures; engine fault light is on"; Guangzhou Automobile Honda flying degree is complained of "engine / motor abnormal noise; gearbox jitter".

In addition to the above models, Chery also had three complaints, namely, Arize 8, Ruihu 8 PLUS and Ruihu 8, respectively, for "battery failure, air conditioning problems", "system upgrade problems, audio and video system failure", "audio and video system failure; water pump failure".

Automobile as a large amount of consumer goods, complaints are directly related to the safety and quality of consumers, so they have been concerned by consumers. From the whole complaint list in February, in the "February 2024 vehicle complaint TOP30 list", the number of independent brand complaints exceeded 10,000 for the first time, accounting for 60% of the total, reaching an all-time high. On the contrary, the complaint volume and proportion of joint venture brands and imported brands decreased in varying degrees, of which joint venture brand complaints accounted for 25.5% lower than in January.

From the perspective of the country of automobile brands, except for independent and legal brands, the number of complaints of brands in other countries decreased in February compared with January. Among them, Japanese brands have the largest decline, the lowest in nearly a year, down 48.3% from the previous month; the number of German brand complaints has also dropped significantly, and the proportion of complaints has dropped to single digits.

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