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Jia Yueting fire again! Gaohe Automobile: sincerely invite you to return to China next week to have a look.

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After Gaohe Motor and its founder issued a statement in response to being sued by Faraday in the future, Faraday's future founder Jia Yueting issued another article in response to Haohe Automobile.

Anyone with a discerning eye knows that they are plagiarizing, continuing to lie, continue to deceive users, and continue to misrepresent and deceive investors, Jia Yueting said in a Weibo post. Everyone knows that they are cheating, they know more that they are cheating, they also know that everyone knows that they are cheating, but they still continue to cheat. Perhaps they have reached the point where they have to cover up another perjury with one perjury.

At the same time, Jia Yueting accompanied a comparison video of FF91 and HiphiX on Weibo. It is pointed out in the video that appearance plagiarism is only a small part of the plagiarism of high-tech cars.

Review of the incident: on March 5, Faraday Future officials announced that they had sued Gao he Automobile and its founder Ding Lei for infringing trade secrets and unfair competition. As for the lawsuit against Gaohe, Jia Yueting responded that the lawsuit was investigated and prepared for a long time.

Gaohe Motor and its founder Ding Lei responded one after another after seeing the news. Gaohe official responded that Gaohe Automobile and Ding Lei did not plagiarize and infringe FF's trade secrets and intellectual property rights, nor did they have unfair competition; the company's mass-produced Gaohe X/Z/Y models were developed independently and jointly with supplier partners, and had their own intellectual property rights. At the same time, it said that Gaohe Motor had been established for six years, and that the company and Ding Lei had never received a lawsuit from F Company before. In the future, the rights and reputations of the company and its founders will be protected by legal means.

Ding Lei also responded that he had never infringed upon the trade secrets and intellectual property rights of Letv and FF during and after Letv's tenure. At the same time, it is pointed out that all the high-tech X/Z/Y models are developed independently by Chinese American Express from scratch.

It is worth noting that with regard to the future lawsuit by Faraday, Yang Yueqing, director of Gaohe Automotive Engineering Project, revealed in a live broadcast yesterday that she had not received any formal court notice or letter from Faraday in the future. In addition, Yang Yueqing also said in the broadcast room that netizens responded to the fact that the appearance of the two vehicles was very similar: the proportion of the two cars is completely different, and support the comparison of the two vehicles on the spot. Finally, he said that Gaohe is neither afraid nor worried about the court. China's new energy development today is very different from that of a few years ago. Jia Yueting is cordially invited to return home next week to have a look before coming to a final conclusion.

The live broadcast of Yang Yueqing not only responded to the prosecution of Gaohe, but also announced that the follow-up Gaohe would carry the goods live. And these live broadcast revenue will be provided directly to the front-line after-sales partners, so that car owners can be protected.

As we all know, since Gaohe announced the suspension of production in February, many owners of Gaohe have been worried about the follow-up after-sale of their vehicles. For the concerns of car owners, Gaohe Automobile also issued a notice saying that it will give priority to the service operation of users and the after-sales maintenance of vehicles and other related work.

Prior to this, Gaohe Ding Lei had said that the window for Gaohe to turn over would take up to three months and would actively strive for it, and was unwilling to end it. It has been half a month since three months ago, although Gaohe is constantly looking for new ways to save itself. We have not only found car competitors, but even announced that we will carry out live broadcast with goods, but at present, it is still very difficult to rely solely on live broadcast to invigorate high-tech cars. After all, the current craze for live broadcasting is gradually cooling down, and it is not easy to succeed.

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