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Another car company announces the production of "flying cars"

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Recently, Suzuki announced that it had begun to produce "flying cars" with SkyDrive's factory in Shizuoka prefecture. At the same time, officials also said that the cooperation between the two "flying cars" will be put into use at the 2025 World Expo in Osaka, Japan. In addition, the flying car will also be sold to the public. On March 6, the two companies held a prayer ceremony to pray for the safe operation of the factory.

In fact, there was news about the cooperation between the two sides to produce "flying cars" as early as last year. It was reported in March last year that Suzuki had reached an agreement with SkyDrive to co-produce "flying cars" with the goal of starting production around the spring of 2024. In June last year, Suzuki said in a statement that it would produce electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) with SkyDrive.

It is worth mentioning that Suzuki is not the first car company to announce a move into the production of "flying cars". In 2020, Xiaopeng Automobile, a new force in domestic car building, began to plan flying cars and set up a flying car company, Guangzhou Huitian Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. In September of the same year, Xiaopeng Motor Traveler T1 flying car was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show.

So far, Xiaopeng has released and unveiled a number of flying cars, such as Voyager T1, Voyager X2, and the sixth generation of flying. According to officials, the sixth generation of flying cars will have two different driving modes, divided into land state and flight state. In addition to having all the functions of a car, it can also support flying. With regard to the flying car, Xiaopeng aims to achieve mass production this year, and officials say the price will be limited to 1 million yuan.

In addition to Xiaopeng, Geely also won the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airworthiness certificate in 2021, which also means that similar dual-use vehicles can also participate in forensic tests for such purposes in the future, affirming the legitimacy and legitimacy of dual-purpose vehicles travelling in the air. Last year, Guangzhou Automobile Eian AION issued a preview of the AION Shenyan aircraft, which triggered a heated discussion among netizens at that time, and speculated that Eian would build a flying car.

It is not difficult to see that under the background of the rapid development of intelligence and new energy, more and more car companies begin to research and develop flying cars. However, compared with traditional cars, the research and development of flying cars is much more difficult, which is one of the major reasons why flying cars have not been commercialized at present. In addition, there is still a big difference between flying cars and traditional aircraft, and their working areas are low-altitude. At present, cities such as Hainan have opened the right to fly in low-altitude areas. Of course, flying cars can solve the problem of traffic jams if they are put into use, but with the increase of products, there will be chaos in the low-altitude field. How to carry out management planning in the future will also be a big problem.

As for the future of flying cars, some industry insiders have pointed out that the market prospect is very limited and it is impossible to replace cars on a large scale. Michael Cole, head of Hyundai Motor in the UK, also said in a recent interview that flying cars may be officially launched around 2030 on a small scale and will be more used to transport goods between cities or to transport passengers.

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