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Domestic "7 Series" sedan! Lectra 07 EM-P debuts

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On March 8, Lectra officially launched its new medium-sized sedan, Lectra 07 EM-P, which is based on CMA Evo architecture and equipped with 1.5T EM-P plug-in hybrid system. it is the first plug-in hybrid sedan and the first new car in 2024. Future competitors will include plug-in hybrid sedans such as BYD Seal DM-i.

In terms of appearance, the Luke 07 EM-P design has a strong sense of movement, based on the concept of the The Next Day car, the new car design into a more radical avant-garde design, the overall is very domineering. Specifically, the part of the front face of the 07 EM-P uses a closed grille design, and both sides are equipped with through-type light belts and LED headlight groups, the similar Y-shaped design of daily running lights further enhances the fashion atmosphere, the front enclosure uses the lower embedded design, and the far and near lights form a penetrating design with the black panel in the center of the front face.

On the side of the body, Lecker 07 EM-P offers two colors of morning blue and Yao Japanese silver, and adopts two-color design, ABC column and roof are painted in black, and the rims are also made of two-color elements, which looks full of personality. The new car adopts popular designs such as frameless doors and hidden door handles. The bracket of the outer rearview mirror is very strong and integrated into the side view camera. At the same time, the outer rearview mirror is designed with a narrow frame, which can give the driver a relatively better field of view.

In the rear part, the new car uses a through taillight group, which echoes with the design of the front, while the lines of the rear and the black trim panel that surrounds the bottom make the visual effect of the rear more layered. At the same time, the treatment of the rear lines and the use of black trim panels add a sense of hierarchy to the rear of the car, making the whole vehicle more visual impact. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4827/1900/1480mm, the wheelbase is 2843mm, and the position is a medium-sized car.

In terms of interior decoration, the overall design style of the 07 EM-P is simple, similar to that of the 08 EM-P on sale. Lengke 07 EM-P uses a 15.4inch suspension central control screen, which will be equipped with Flyme Auto Meizu car system, which can achieve a deflection angle of 15 °left and right, and can take care of both the main driver and the co-driver. The new car is equipped with the same multi-function steering wheel of Lecker 08 EM-P, with touch buttons, a file design, a wireless charging panel with cold air cooling, and two USB Type-C sockets with charging power up to 60W. The whole car seat is wrapped in leather, and the front seat is an integrated sports shape, which can provide better packaging for drivers and passengers.

In terms of power, Lectra 07 EM-P adopts the same power system of Lecker 08 EM-P, equipped with Linke EM-P plug-in hybrid system, 1.5T electric hybrid engine and 3-gear DHT Evo dual motor system, the maximum power of the engine is 120kw, the comprehensive power is up to 280kW, and the comprehensive torque is 615N ·m. As a reference, Lectra 08 EM-P has dual-motor and three-motor models, system integrated power 280/436kw, system peak torque 615 / 905N ·m.

Lectra is jointly funded by Geely Holdings, Geely Automobile and Volvo to position its own high-end brand, which is dominated by Volvo and the CMA infrastructure developed jointly by Geely and Volvo. At present, there are only 02 Hatchbcak and 03 compact cars in the car market. The 07 EM-P is based on CMA Evo architecture and is the first medium-sized car under Luck Motors. The new car is different from other LinkedIn models in appearance and interior design.

When Lecker 07 EM-P goes public, it will fill the gap in the medium-sized car market. The main competitor is BYD Seal DM-i (14.98-219800 yuan). Both models are plug-in hybrid models. Compared with the Seal DM-i, Lectra 07 EM-P has a more scientific and technological sense in design, and the addition of Meizu FlymeAuto system will effectively improve the stutter problem of Lecker cars, and then enhance the competitiveness of products. Lectra 07 EM-P, as a brand-new masterpiece, not only inherits the unique style of the brand in appearance, but also has advanced hybrid system and strong sports performance. It is undoubtedly an expected plug-in hybrid car, with a price expected to be about 17-200000 yuan, which is lower than Lecker 08 EM-P, which is located in a medium-sized SUV.

However, the current performance of LinkedIn new energy vehicles is relatively mediocre. At present, Linke 01 PHEV, 02 PHEV, 05 EM-P, 06 EM-P, 08 EM-P, 09 EM-P are on sale. The model with the highest sales volume in 2023 is Lengke 08, which is 32129 vehicles. It has an average monthly sales of more than 10,000 vehicles in September 2023, which is the newest model in the new energy vehicle market. The LEC 09 PHEV and LEC 06 PHEV are 9918 and 9492 respectively.

Lectra as a domestic high-end impression has been increasingly recognized by young consumers, and even known as the leader of the high-end of independent brands. At present, hybrid models are too hot in the 250000 price range, especially after the Spring Festival of the year of the Dragon, BYD, as the leader of new energy vehicles, took the lead in price reduction and promotion, almost all the hot models on sale were cut and added, thus triggering a new round of price cuts. Compared with pure electric models, the advantage of hybrid models lies in battery life, but the current battery life of pure electric models is also improving, coupled with the popularity of charging facilities, the advantage of worry-free battery life is constantly weakening.

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