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High-end electric cars have dropped by 60,000! Netizen: can you sell out?

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A few days ago, Polar Motors announced that its Polestar 4 models have launched time-limited car purchase rights, with a total reduction of 60000 yuan for all models, including a deposit of 5000 yuan to 35000 yuan and a final deduction of 30000 yuan. In other words, the price of the reduced Polestar 4 is 23.99-399900 yuan. In addition to these, time-limited car purchase benefits include 35000 yuan free upgrade of intelligent driving kit and half-price discount of Nappa seat upgrade kit and high-performance kit. It should be noted that the model is active from March 1 to 31, and is limited to 100 units.

It seems that Polestar 4 price reduction is particularly sincere, up to 60, 000 yuan, but in fact there are only 100 sets, many netizens expressed their views on this. Some netizens said, "it claims that there are only 100 units, but in fact, 100 units may not be sold,"10 units should be limited, because 100 units may not be sold," and "100 units sold out will not have much impact on sales."...

Polestar 4 officially went on sale at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show with a price range of 34.98-533800 yuan, and then announced its new rights and interests at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show. The latest official guidance price is 29.99-399900 yuan, with a starting price drop of 49900 yuan.

In terms of appearance, Polestar 4 does not use the rectangular grille commonly used in the previous Polar Star car series, and the overall shape becomes more low-lying like the Polestar 6. The familiar Thor Hammer shape has become two sets of L-shaped lamp sets, with the same sharp shape. On the side of the body, the smooth lines are a bit like a sedan SUV, using the popular hidden door handles and rimless doors, as well as rimless outer rearview mirrors, which is also a configuration of many models currently on sale by Polar Star. In the rear part of the car, the Polestar 4 uses "several" shaped through taillights, and the vehicle is not equipped with rear windshield glass, and the image is transmitted directly to the inner rearview mirror through the camera at the top. In terms of size, Polestar 4 is positioned as medium and large SUV, length, width and height are 4839/1994/1544mm, wheelbase 2999mm, and the size is between Polar 2 and 3.

In terms of interior decoration, Polestar 4, like most new energy vehicles on the market, adopts a simple design style. except for a knob, it can provide up to 4 display systems, including 10.2in driver dashboard screen, 15.4inch horizontal central control screen, 14.7inch (projection size) W-HUD head up display and 5.7inch rear center control screen. The central control system is based on Meizu car system, and the UI is designed by Polar Star.

In terms of power, Polestar 4 offers single-motor version and dual-motor version for users to choose from, dual-motor version is equipped with front and rear permanent magnet synchronous motor (front and rear 200kW) with a maximum torque of 686Nm; single-motor version is equipped with rear permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power of 200kW and maximum torque of 343Nm.

At present, the performance of polar stars in China is not good. Polar Star, once a high-performance unit of Volvo, operated independently in October 2017 with funding from Geely and Volvo, focusing on the high-end luxury electric car market. So far, Polar has launched Polestar 1 (GT sports car), Polestar 2 (compact car), Polestar 3 (medium and large SUV), Polestar 4 (medium and large SUV), Polestar 5 (medium and large car) and Polestar 6 (convertible sports car). Terminal sales show that Polar Star sold only 983 vehicles in China in 2023 and 1717 in 2022.

The main reason for the poor sales of Polaris in China is that too much emphasis on performance positioning can not match domestic users, although there are a number of models, but the high and low prices also blur users' perception of the Polar brand. In addition, frequent personnel changes have also intensified the implementation of the star brand strategy. It is understood that since its establishment, Ji Xing has replaced five responsible persons in China, of which the longest tenure is no more than two years.

Shareholders' dissatisfaction has been exacerbated by difficult sales, pessimism on Wall Street and the need for continued investment by shareholders. the latest clear move is for Geely to strengthen its control over sales in China and form a joint venture with Meizu, which has a 51% stake and dominates its business in China. In addition, Geely holding may become the new controlling shareholder of Polar, and Volvo still retains 18% of the shares and extends the term of the existing shareholder loan by 18 months to the end of 2028.

The knockout stage of the automobile industry has begun, and the living environment of minority car brands has become more difficult because of fierce competition, competing not only for market pricing power, but also for core technology, sales channels and brand influence, and so on. At present, it is very difficult for Polar Stars to compete with domestic mainstream automakers. For Polar Star, if it can not make changes in its products to adapt to the Chinese market, then it does not rule out the possibility of being eliminated by the market.

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