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Li wants to fight back against the ideal MEGA being smeared! He Xiaopeng Yu Chengdong's support

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On March 11th, ideal MEGA officially launched delivery. On the same day, ideal Motor founder and CEO Li wanted to post a long post on his personal social platform: "after careful consideration, we decided to fight back and fight back with light against darkness." "We are already dealing with organized crimes by legal means," he said. "

Li Xufa claimed: "what happened in the past ten days should be clear to everyone. Many users and friends worry about us and speak for us. No matter how difficult it is, they continue to help and support us. I am deeply grateful, this is also the core driving force of our growth." At the same time, Li wanted to emphasize: "although I am in the dark, I still choose the light." if I choose to compromise with the dark, or even join the dark, then the people around me and I will become what we hate, and the society we live in will become darker and darker. "

It is understood that the above-mentioned "what happened in the past ten days" refers to the new model of the ideal car, which was "parodied" on the Internet after the release of the ideal MEGA.

On March 1st, ideal car officially launched ideal MEGA, and the new car launched only one model, with a price of 559800 yuan. As the first pure electric car and the first MPV model of ideal car, at the scene of the press conference, ideal car CEO Li Xiang said that MEGA will be the next hot product of ideal car, and is confident that it will become the first sales of more than 500000.

However, since the launch of the new car, there has been a lot of public opinion, because the unique design and high price of the new car have brought a high degree of attention to the ideal car, and have also triggered a heated discussion, including some criticism. it even makes a malicious P map of the appearance of the new car, affixing the words "memorial" and "new energy funeral car" to the body of the car. In response, ideal Motor once responded to the media that a large number of pictures, videos and comments with the above insulting information posted, forwarded and commented on on the network platform had obviously violated Article 1024 of the Civil Code of the people's Republic of China and infringed upon the company's right of reputation. The company has put forward the request to delete the infringement information to each network platform by sending infringement notice, lawyer's letter and so on. Ideal Motor will reserve the right to pursue its legal liability for the infringement of maliciously manufacturing and spreading the above information. In Li Xiang's circle of friends today, it is also suspected that the incident is defined as an "organized criminal act".

It is worth mentioning that after Li wanted to publish his moments, he Xiaopeng and Yu Chengdong all expressed their support for Li Xiang. He Xiaopeng, CEO of Xiaopeng Automobile, said: "We also learned a great lesson at the end of last year, understanding for the first time what a business is like a battlefield, and for the first time knowing the meaning of 'national defense capability'." Yu Chengdong, chairman of Huawei Terminal BG CEO and Smart car solution BU, also pointed out: "it is the right value to always choose Bright. An enterprise, if its values are broken, will not have a bright future. May we, together with the industry, persist in choosing the light and fighting back against the darkness with practical actions. Fu Sheng, chairman of Cheetah Mobile and CEO and Orion Star, said: "hand-like! What can't kill me makes me stronger! "

Before that, Li Xiang also posted articles on personal social platforms. On the afternoon of March 9, Li also posted on moments: "No matter how difficult it is, it can't be turned into Darth Vader." The industry believes that Li Xiang intends to borrow the role of "Star Wars" to express that "in the face of adversity, we should still stick to the bottom line, not deviate from our original intention, and refrain from taking extreme measures that are not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises."

In addition to the appearance of the new car and the high price, the number of orders for the ideal MEGA has also sparked a heated debate online. It is reported that within 72 hours of the listing of the ideal MEGA, market analysts have given data of only 3000 to 4000 vehicles. Or under the influence of the news that the ideal MEGA order was lower than expected, the Hong Kong stock price of ideal Motor plunged 10.71% to close at HK $160 per share, with a total market capitalization of HK $339.523 billion. On march 1st, the night after the release of ideal MEGA, u.s. stocks also fell sharply, closing down 5.10% at $43.54 per share, with a total market capitalization of $46.196 billion, or about 16.5 billion yuan.

According to the analysis of people in the industry, the ideal MEGA order is not as expected, on the one hand, because the vehicle price is too high, and on the other hand, it is because the vehicle design polarization obviously affects the reputation. So far, the ideal Automobile official has not released the data related to the ideal MEGA.

As the first MPV model and the first pure electric model, whether the MEGA can meet the sales forecast is very important to the development of the ideal car this year. Earlier, Liu Jie, vice president of ideal Automotive Business, pointed out in an interview with the media that the goal of ideal MEGA this year is to challenge 8000 units per month and become the first sales target of more than 500000.

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