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January sales were 0? Polar Stone car statement!

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Weibo, its official website, said in a statement on the evening of March 11 that Jishi was concerned about a number of self-media accounts that posted false information such as "the sales of Geshi cars were 0 in January" and carried out malicious attacks on Geshi cars on the online platform. In this regard, Jishi Automobile official said: the relevant information is false, and everything is normal at present. At the same time, Jishi Motors pointed out that these false information has had a significant negative impact on the brand reputation of Jishi Automobile, and misleading remarks on the intention to discredit Jishi automobile brands and products have begun and will continue to take legal action to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

So far, Jishi 01 has produced 2586 vehicles and sold 2357, including 855 in January and 552 in February due to the Spring Festival holiday, the statement said.

According to the data, Jishi Automobile is the automobile brand of Shanghai Luoke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the company was founded in April 2021, the registered capital is 10 million yuan, the founder and chairman are Changjing. Jishi 01, the first mass-produced model of Jishi Automobile, was launched in August 2023, with a total of two models priced at 349900 yuan and 359900 yuan respectively. Polar stone 01 positioning medium and large SUV, with six-seat and seven-seat seat layout, equipped with the same 1.5T extension as the ideal L-series.

As the first mass-produced model of the Polar Stone car, the appearance of the new car is very similar to that of the Land Rover Guardian, with a large front grille, a honeycomb mesh and decorations inside, and a sturdy black decorative board at the edge of the grille with irregular headlights on both sides. The visual effect is quite domineering. On the side of the body, the new car has strong lines, and a penetrating waistline extends from the front to the rear, making the whole car look full of strength. The roof is designed with two-color and straight shape, the front and rear fenders protrude slightly from the body, and equipped with luggage rack, which is more in line with cross-country positioning, with broad protective panels below, showing a strong sense of muscle. In the rear part, the new car also uses a large number of straight lines to make the rear look more concise, but also in line with its hard-line product positioning. The taillight group design echoes with the front face, the tail door adopts electric suction design, and is equipped with external spare tire to further enhance the cross-country property. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5050/1980/1869mm, the wheelbase is 3010mm, and the positioning is medium and large SUV.

In terms of interior, the new car is equipped with a full LCD dashboard and a large suspended central control screen, physical buttons are almost cancelled, and dual wireless charging panels and double cup holders are provided. But the car uses an electronic lever, rather than the current popular file design. In terms of seat layout, the new car offers two versions with 6 seats and 7 seats, 6 seats with 2-seat 2-seat layout and 7 seats with 2-seat 2-seat layout. Among them, the second row of 6-seat version adopts the design of aviation seats, which can provide an extremely luxurious ride experience.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with an incremental hybrid system composed of a 1.5T extender and a motor, in which the maximum power of the engine is 112 kilowatts, and the maximum power of the front and rear motors is 150 kilowatts and 200 kilowatts respectively. Equipped with 56kWh Ningde Times battery pack, WLTC pure electric range of 235km MagneWLTC integrated mileage 1115km.

According to the information of Jishi 01, although Jishi 01 is completely different from the ideal L series in appearance design, its interior design, configuration, space, power and product pricing are quite similar to the ideal car L8. After listing, it mainly competes with ideal L7 and L8 in the car market. It should be noted that, as a new brand, Jishi Automobile not only has to solve the problem of its low popularity, but also has to face fierce market competition. At present, the new energy track is already a red sea, coupled with the automotive industry is going through a reshuffle cycle, many new power car companies have been eliminated by the environment. In this context, it is not easy for Jishi 01 to get attention in the domestic market, and Jishi Automobile still needs a long experience.

In the statement, Jishi Motor said: "in addition to ploughing the domestic market, it is also actively exploring the international market." And call on all market participants to work together to create a clear environment of public opinion. Prudent and steady business style should not be the point of attack of sellationists, and down-to-earth and pragmatic enterprises should not be the victims of cyber violence.

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