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Li Bin: all employees are not allowed to participate in the ideal MEGA public opinion.

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Recently, Li Bin, chairman of Xilai and CEO, issued an internal notice, which is suspected to make a request for the public opinion of the ideal MEGA appearance, requiring all employees not to participate in communication.

Li Bin said: "Dear colleagues, in the recent process of launching a certain brand model, we have encountered a public opinion challenge to its appearance." We have encountered a similar situation more than once before, and we cannot support similar behavior from the point of view of corporate values. All our front-line staff, do not participate in the dissemination of this matter, please all colleagues must not participate, do not forward, please focus on serving users, on the sales of our own products. "

Since the release and listing of MEGA, Li Xiang, known as the "king of Weibo", has not spoken for many days, speculating that it may have something to do with the poor order of MEGA. He once said bravely at the press conference that "MEGA will become the new popular model of the ideal car, and it is confident that it will become the first sales of more than 500000, while the best seller of more than 500000 is the BMW X5, which normally sells more than 8000 units a month, which is almost equivalent to the sales volume of the ideal L series single model." But the sales difficulty of MPV is much higher than that of SUV, and the fact that MEGA is pure electricity makes it more difficult to sell. Therefore, the market is not optimistic about the future market performance of MEGA.

At the same time, MEGA was also parodied by the Internet. MEGA has been full of topics since its exposure, and its maverick design sparked a heated debate. At first, it was friendly, combining MEGA's body design with fire protection, postal service, express delivery, police car, medical treatment, high-speed rail, etc., especially the image of high-speed rail, which is officially recognized as an ideal car, hence the name "highway high-speed rail". Then, especially after the launch of MEGA, coupled with its higher-than-expected pricing, MEGA's appearance discussion began to be negative, with words such as "Dian" and "new energy funeral car" affixed to the car body, coupled with the side of the car body with gray metallic paint, this image was widely forwarded for comments, which had an extremely bad impact on MEGA and dealt a serious blow to its market performance after its listing. After all, no one wants to spend 500000 on a "coffin" car.

On March 11, Li, who had been silent for a long time, wanted to make a voice on moments to respond to the malicious Pitu of MEGA: "although I am in the dark, I still choose the light." If I choose to compromise to the dark, or even join the dark, then the people around me and I will become what we hate, and the society we live in will become darker and darker. After careful consideration, we decided to fight back, using light to fight back against darkness. "

Li Xiang was furious and got the support of many car bosses. He Xiaopeng, CEO of Xiaopeng Automobile, said: "We also learned a great lesson at the end of last year, understanding for the first time what a business is like a battlefield, and for the first time knowing the meaning of 'national defense capability'." Yu Chengdong, chairman of Huawei Terminal BG CEO and Smart car solution BU, also pointed out: "it is the right value to always choose Bright. An enterprise, if its values are broken, will not have a bright future. May we, together with the industry, persist in choosing the light and fighting back against the darkness with practical actions. In addition, including Li Yunfei, general manager of BYD Group Brand and Public Relations, and Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely Holdings, they also need to support Li Xiang on Weibo, support the protection of ideal cars, and create a clean marketing environment.

Despite the controversial styling, MEGA also has other factors that keep consumers on the sidelines, such as a higher price threshold. MEGA only launched a configuration model, the price is 559800 yuan, which is much higher than the new energy MPV currently on sale, especially the "brother enterprise" Xiaopeng X9, whose price starts at 359800 yuan. Some netizens pointed out, "isn't it fragrant that the price of MEGA is used to buy Xiaopeng X9 + Xiaopeng P7?"

In addition to price concerns, another factor affecting MEGA is pure electrification. The reason why the ideal car can sell well is that the add-on electric car does not have the endurance anxiety, but the MPV car is large and heavy, which greatly affects the vehicle's endurance performance, so we can see that even if the hot-selling momentum D9, the best-selling model is the DM-i model, not the EV model, and as a product positioned for a big family, it can't help but worry some consumers. So, whether the MEGA can become the new popular model of the ideal car, and whether it can become the top seller of more than 500000 cars, perhaps the market will give the answer.

In recent months, the life of the ideal car has not been easy. Since 2024, the title of the first selling champion of its new power has been taken away. At present, the performance of MEGA is certain, and we can only rely on whether the first model within 300000 yuan, the ideal L6, can carry a heavy burden. In the second half of 2024, ideal will also launch three high-voltage pure electric models. With the intensive release of new models, a new model cycle is expected to promote growth, and can the ideal car overcome the current serious challenges and return to the title of new power delivery champion? rub one's eyes and wait.

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