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The equity of Gaohe Motor Company has been frozen!

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Tianyan check information shows that since March, three new equity freeze messages have been added to Chinese American Express (Jiangsu) Technology Co., Ltd., and the enterprises whose equity has been executed are all Chinese American Express (Jiangsu) Power Battery system Co., Ltd. the amount of frozen equity is about 1.349 million yuan, 6.234 million yuan and 1.107 million yuan respectively. The enforcement courts are the people's Court of Yancheng Economic and technological Development Zone, the people's Court of Dafeng District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, and the people's Court of Yancheng Economic and technological Development Zone, with a freeze period of 3 years.

In addition, on February 21, China Express (Jiangsu) Technology Co., Ltd. was listed as the person subject to execution, with the target of 2.0264 million yuan, and the enforcement court was the Shunde District people's Court of Foshan City. China Express (Jiangsu) Technology Co., Ltd. was established in September 2017. its legal representative is Ding Lei and its registered capital is 1 billion yuan. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in research and experimental development. The company is jointly owned by Chinese American Express (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yueda Automobile Group Co., Ltd., with the former accounting for 80% and the latter accounting for 20%.

As of press time, the authorities have not disclosed the specific reasons for the equity freeze. It should be noted that Chinese American Express is the parent company of Gaohe, and Gaohe has become a chicken feather, and recently, it has been reported many times that it is in arrears with suppliers, pay cuts and other negative news. On the evening of February 18, Gaohe recalled its internal assembly and announced a six-month suspension of production. Since then, it has also been reported that no one is on duty in the Gaohe headquarters building and employees are applying for arbitration.

On February 22, Ding Lei, founder of Gaohe Automobile, showed up at the Shanghai headquarters to hold a brief meeting with some employees and car owners. Ding Lei apologized to employees and Gaohe owners on his own initiative, admitted that he could not beat the Internet car-building model with his old business strategy, and pointed out that Haohe would actively strive for a turnaround window of up to three months and was unwilling to end it. At present, there are many external companies that are interested in, acquire or invest in high-tech cars. On the same day, Gaohe official App issued a "recent Service Operation guarantee notice", saying that Gaohe HiPhi officials will make users' service operation, vehicle after-sales maintenance and other related work as the highest priority. At the same time, Gaohe Automobile will work with Yancheng Yuedazhi innovative Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., a strategic partner of Jiangsu Yueda Group, to provide after-sales service guarantee for users.

On February 27th, Ding Lei, CEO of Gaohe Automobile, appeared in Chongqing to meet Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, and test-drive the Changan Deep Blue S7. At that time, market news revealed that Changan Automobile might acquire a 51% stake in Gaohe Automobile, but Zhu Huarong responded to the media: "We are talking, it is still far from being 'good'." As of press time, it is not clear that there are no specific ways and progress of cooperation.

On March 5, Ding Lei and his subsidiaries were sued by Faraday in the future. In this regard, Gaohe Automobile statement: 1. Chinese American Express and Ding Lei do not plagiarize and infringe FF's trade secrets and intellectual property rights, nor do they have unfair competition. 2. Mass-produced Gaohe X/Z/Y is developed independently and jointly with supplier partners. 3. Chinese American Express was established six years ago, and the company and Ding Lei did not receive a lawsuit from FF. 4. The rights and reputations of the company and its founders will be protected by legal means. In addition, Yang Yueqing, director of Gaohe Automotive Engineering Project, revealed in the live broadcast that he had not received any formal court notice or letter from Faraday in the future.

On March 8, Gaohe launched "Live with goods" self-rescue, Yang Yueqing said: "all the revenue from Live with goods will be used for first-line after-sales, so that car owners can be protected." It is also thought that Gaohe began to save itself. As Ding Lei said before: there are only three months left in the turnaround window of Gaohe, which also means that Gaohe has only three months to save itself, and time has become particularly precious for Haohe.

At present, the shortage of funds is a dilemma for Gaohe, but the industry believes that even if Gaohe gets an emergency fund within the shortage, it can only alleviate the urgent need. More importantly, the competition in the auto market has become more and more fierce, especially since 2024, the competition among new energy car companies is beyond imagination. Under this background, more car companies are facing a life-and-death situation. Gaohe, which is in a negative whirlpool, does not have a clear way to save itself. No one knows how far Gaohe can go.

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