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Another senior executive of ​ Dongfeng was investigated!

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According to public information, Dongfeng Light engine Co., Ltd. was established in October 2008. its legal representative is Li Junzhi, with a registered capital of 720 million. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in automobile manufacturing. The company is jointly owned by Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., with a shareholding ratio of 51% and 49%, respectively.

Chen Yafu mentioned above is the former chief professional of Dongfeng Light engine Co., Ltd., but there is not much introduction about Chen Yafu in the market.

According to incomplete statistics, a total of 26 senior executives of Dongfeng Company were investigated in 2023, mainly in the areas of manufacturing and terminal services, such as Sun Zhigang, Vice Minister of Commodity Planning Department of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., Wu Guidong, former Deputy General Manager of spare parts Logistics Department of Dongfeng Logistics Group Co., Ltd., Dong Haozhuan, former Minister of after-sales Service of Dongfeng Infiniti Automobile Co., Ltd. Zhang Xiancheng, former Deputy General Manager of vehicle Logistics Division of Dongfeng Logistics Group Co., Ltd., Lu Wen, Chief of facilities Management Section 2 of Manufacturing Management Department of Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Huo Jing, former head of Public Relations Department of Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd.

Since 2024, "Clean Dongfeng" has reported three violations of Dongfeng Company.

On February 2, "incorruptible Dongfeng" announced that the discipline Inspection Commission of Dongfeng Company and the Supervisory Committee of Enshi Prefecture and Shiyan City of Hubei Province had treated Kang Lihua, former party committee member and executive general manager of Dongfeng Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Liu Qiheng, former member of discipline Inspection Commission of Dongfeng Special Commercial vehicle Co., Ltd., former minister of financial accounting department and former head of financial accounting department of Dongfeng Huashen Automobile Co., Ltd. Wang Jiawei, former secretary of the party committee, secretary of the discipline Inspection Commission, and chairman of the trade union of Dongfeng Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., and Yang Jun, former chief of the after-sales career Development Section of Dongfeng Nissan Automobile sales Co., Ltd., conducted an examination and investigation on serious violations of discipline and the law. According to relevant regulations, Kang Lihua, Liu Qiheng, Wang Jiawei, and Yang Jun were transferred to judicial organs for examination and prosecution of suspected job-related crimes.

On February 5, the discipline Inspection Commission of Dongfeng Company publicly reported four typical problems in violation of the spirit of the eight regulations of the Central Committee, including: first, Kang Lihua, former party committee member and executive general manager of Dongfeng Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., illegally accepted gifts, gift money and public funds for tourism.

On 20 February, the discipline Inspection Commission of Dongfeng Company and the Supervisory Commission of Hubei Provincial discipline Inspection Commission reported that Li Puming, chief executive of Xiangyang Daan Automobile Inspection Center Co., Ltd., of Dongfeng Company, has voluntarily surrendered to the case and is currently under disciplinary examination and supervision investigation by the discipline Inspection Commission of Dongfeng Company and the Supervision Commission of Yichang City, Hubei Province.

It should be noted that the operating status of automobile enterprises is highly related to corruption, once corruption is breed, there are likely to be substandard parts and other problems, and then affect the brand reputation and corporate image. In a report published on the website of the Central Commission for discipline Inspection and the State Supervisory Commission, it was pointed out: "the automobile industry is a key industry facing the risk and challenge of corruption, and we must maintain the intensity of 'punishment', adhere to the main tone of 'strict', build a solid anti-corruption barrier, and strictly prevent 'relying on cars to eat cars'." The relevant person in charge of Dongfeng Company also told the media: "since the 18th CPC National Congress put forward eight regulations, Dongfeng Company's anti-corruption work has begun one after another. For Dongfeng Company, anti-corruption work has been going on, and has become a regular work."

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