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"Le Tao"! The new brand of Weilai has been named.

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Recently, according to media reports, the second brand of Weilai is named Ledao. In addition, a screenshot of a suspected Nomi GPT responding to the brand name "Ledao" of Ledao has been circulated on the Internet. Judging from the screenshot, Nomi GPT said: "Ledao means" the whole family is happy, and there is a way to run the family. " In response to the news, Qin Lihong, co-founder of Weilai, said the news was true, while saying that the brand name of Ledao was leaked and unofficially released. The new brand will be officially launched in mid-early May.

It is worth noting that in addition to the exposure of the name of the second brand, there are also a group of spy photos of the brand's first model exposed on the Internet. Appearance: the front face of the new car uses a closed shape, with L-shaped split headlamps on both sides, which greatly improves the recognition of the vehicle. The raised ribs and lines are used on both sides of the vehicle cover as decoration, highlighting the movement flavor.

The rear part of the car is designed with a hatchback tailbox with long and narrow taillights on both sides. The biggest highlight is that it is equipped with the latest Ledao brand logo, which is similar to the shape of the letter "N", with a row of "ONVO" letters at the bottom of the letter, which is the English name of the Ledao brand. There is also a logo on the rear side of the car showing that the new car may be named L60 as can be seen from the spy photos.

In terms of body, the appearance is a sedan car design style, using hidden door handles, the overall lines are smooth. The biggest difference with the Xilai vehicle is that the new car is not equipped with overhead lidar, but the "horn"-shaped cameras continue to be retained on both sides.

In terms of interior decoration, there are no related pictures exposed yet. However, Li Bin has revealed earlier that the first model of the Alps brand has a larger screen and lower price than the Model Y. The new car will be designed and built on the third-generation platform of Xilai, the battery is planned for 60kwh and 90kwh, and the size of the new battery pack will be compatible with the third-generation power station. Tesla Model Y, the positioning mark of the new car, is 10% cheaper than Model Y in terms of price, according to officials earlier.

Data show: the second brand Alps of Lai Automobile was first exposed in 2021, the brand pricing range is between 200000 yuan and 300000 yuan, and the first model is expected to be mass produced in 2024. With regard to the brand name, Li Bin said earlier that the Alps is not the final name of the brand. With regard to the relationship between Alps and Xilai brand, Li Bin has revealed that the relationship is similar to that between Audi and Volkswagen, Lexus and Toyota.

Of course, the launch of the Quanxinzi brand by Xilai Automobile has something to do with the fierce competition among car companies and the hope to increase sales. In the new year, Xilai wants to greatly increase sales in a short period of time, and the second brand facing the mass market naturally plays a key role in the success of Lailai's sales. To this end, the launch of Quanxinzi brand is conducive to explore the market to grab a larger territory, to meet different consumer needs, so as to change the state of loss.

However, after entering 2024, the competition in China's automobile market has become more fierce, and a new round of price war has also been opened. The launch of Ledao's first model will also face fierce competition, including rivals such as BYD, Tesla, Xiaopeng Motor and Xiaomi Automobile. Whether the L60 model can reverse the loss situation in accordance with Li Bin's desire to open the market remains to be seen.

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