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Hot search number one! Xiaomi Automobile Officer announced

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Today's hot search, must be Xiaomi car.

Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Xiaomi Group, announced in a Weibo post on March 12 that "Xiaomi SU7 will be listed on March 28. This is our three-year agreement." In the face of the fierce competitive environment in the industry, Lei Jun said that "he has made full preparations in all aspects." Xiaomi car from 0 to 1 is not exactly the same as Xiaomi mobile phone, Xiaomi car needs to make something more different, the most important thing is real smart technology to meet the public's real expectations of Xiaomi and new energy vehicles.

In addition to announcing the release time of Xiaomi SU7, Xiaomi also released details of Xiaomi car stores for the first time. The first batch of Xiaomi car stores covered 29 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, with a total of 59 stores.

According to previous news, Xiaomi SU7 has been in mass production on January 22nd and is expected to reach about 4000 units in March. Production capacity will climb at the end of April, start two shifts in June, and plan to produce about 70, 000 units in 2024.

Lei Jun officially entered the electric vehicle industry at Xiaomi's press conference on March 31, 2021, and plans to spend $10 billion to build electric vehicles within 10 years. At the press conference, Lei Jun said: "Xiaomi car is the last major start-up project in my life. I am willing to bet all my reputation and lead the team to fight for Xiaomi car."

On December 28th, 2023, Xiaomi Automobile was officially unveiled at Xiaomi SU7. At the press conference site, Lei Jun introduced in detail the performance of Xiaomi SU7 and gave a three-hour lecture around the five technical points at the core of car building, while price is always the key factor that affects users' consumption decisions, but Xiaomi's first car will not take the route of performance-to-price ratio.

What Xiaomi wants is a Dream Car comparable to Porsche and Tesla, but more young consumers, or rice noodles, prefer Xiaomi's first car to continue to make friends with young people and shout a price similar to Xiaomi's first mobile phone, but this is almost impossible. Lei Jun revealed at the press conference that the pricing of the SU7 may exceed market expectations. "it won't be 99000, it won't be 149000, it won't be 199000." at the same time, he also created suspense with netizens on the social platform, "are there any competitors within 500000?"

The price of Xiaomi SU7 is of great concern both inside and outside the industry. if it is less than 200000 yuan, then the competitiveness of Xiaomi SU7 is still very obvious, but according to Lei Jun, it is almost impossible, and although more than 200000 is acceptable, some people will pay for it, but such a high price is obviously not for young people, let alone the so-called "Dream Car". As netizens commented on Lei Jun's Weibo: "Rice noodles are just getting old, not rich", it also reveals the real demand of contemporary consumers in choosing a car, and price is the biggest factor that determines car purchase. When there is a huge gap between user expectations and the official response, one possible counterattack is that the expectations of the market and consumers are eroded.

More than 200000 of the market is currently a highly competitive market for electric cars. Xiaomi SU7 has to face too many competitors, especially Geely, which almost welds Xiaomi's pricing space. At the end of last month, Polar Krypton released a new polar krypton 001 with a price range of 269-329000 yuan, not only a price reduction of 30, 000 yuan, but also a standard lidar, upgraded to a double-wishbone double-ball section structure, which was simply an incremental price reduction, which triggered market concerns about the pricing of Xiaomi SU7. Netizens even commented on Lei Jun's Weibo comment "stop Lei Zong, it's all good luck outside!" It is understood that Galaxy E8, polar krypton 007, polar krypton 001 from 180000 yuan to 300000 yuan price range of millet SU7 products, and the latest release of Lecker 07, the price is probably in the 200000 yuan range.

Xiaomi SU7, which has bet tens of billions of dollars and Lei Jun on life and reputation, is unveiling it layer by layer, but the price that will not be very close to the people will make the trend of Xiaomi SU7 more and more recent after its listing. Of course, for Lei Jun and Xiaomi, there is no turning back.

However, Lei Jun is still full of confidence in Xiaomi car. During the two sessions of the National people's Congress, Lei Jun said, "We will try our best to do a good job of Xiaomi car so as not to disappoint users across the country."We will continue to struggle for 15-20 years to become one of the top five car factories in the world. therefore, we have 10 or 20 years of determination and courage, I believe Xiaomi car will be successful."

At present, Xiaomi SU7 has declared two models, namely the SU7 and the SU7 Max. In terms of size, the length, width and height of Xiaomi SU7 are 4997 SU7 1963 / 1440mm, wheelbase 3000mm. In terms of power, Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with ternary lithium-ion battery (Ningde era) and lithium iron phosphate battery (Xiangyang Fudi battery). The front and rear motor power is 220kW and 275kW, and the mileage of CLTC is 668/800km. With the launch of Xiaomi's car press conference on March 28th, the price of Xiaomi SU7 will be made public, which we all look forward to.

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