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Abandoned car owner! A new force was notified by the China Consumer Association.

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On March 15, the China Consumer Association released the "Top Ten consumption Rights and Public opinion hotspots in 2023", in which the new power brand Weima Automobile was named by the China Consumer Association because of the concern of car owners caused by after-sales service shutdown.

At present, with the continuous improvement of the degree of automobile intelligence, most of the functions of many electric vehicles are concentrated on the machine system, and the boarding and unlocking can also be realized through mobile phones, which, to some extent, can improve the convenience of consumers to use the car. but it also brings a lot of problems. Nowadays, the automobile industry accelerates the reshuffle, the marginal car enterprises encounter elimination crisis, and the after-sales service has not been properly solved.

In October 2023, Weima Automotive Technology Group Co., Ltd. applied for bankruptcy reorganization, and the handling court was the Shanghai No. 3 Intermediate people's Court. After filing for bankruptcy reorganization, Weimar experienced a "network service shutdown", making it impossible for car owners to use their phones, mobile App and official websites, which made it inconvenient for many car owners to travel, which meant that car owners who spent more money on higher intelligent configurations could only enjoy the same experience as entry-level models. In the case of semi-paralysis of the "Weimar Zhixing" APP, Weimar is still able to maintain the basic operation, but problems such as the operation of the car-machine system Catton still occur from time to time.

The biggest impact of the bankruptcy of a car company is that it is difficult to maintain and the maintenance cost is high. A Weima ride-hailing driver said he spent 116000 yuan on EX5 in 2021 and now often has a headache for after-sales problems. Before this encountered a minor accident, the left and right headlights need to be repaired, can only go to the maintenance factory, when a headlamp maintenance price as high as 3000 yuan. He said that no matter whether it is insured or not, Weimar basically does not provide after-sales service and can only find its own maintenance shop to solve the problem, but most maintenance shops can only solve minor problems. Once they encounter bigger maintenance problems, such as powertrain, there is basically nothing they can do. As a result, many Weima owners are very cautious when driving for fear that an accident will turn a car into a pile of scrap iron.

Due to poor liquidity, second-hand car dealers are generally reluctant to accept Weimar cars, superimposed pure electricity and the impact of factory bankruptcy, second-hand Weima cars even as low as 2-70% discount is rarely sought after. On the platforms of Guazi, Automobile House and other used cars, the discounts of hundreds of Weimar E.5s, EX5 and W6 are generally 3-50% discount, the lowest discount is 80%, the price is in the range of 45-80, 000 yuan, most of the apparent mileage is less than 100000 km, and the lowest is only 0.99km. Even if the quasi-new cars are in good condition and the prices are reduced, most of these Weima second-hand cars are not interested. in the final analysis, the above problems are difficult and expensive to maintain, and in the current market, 50,000 to 60,000 yuan plus a little more can buy a serious new car.

Weimar owners are not alone. From the early years of the collapse of the sky, the future to the recent suspension of production of high-tech, car owners are faced with varying degrees of after-sales problems. Car owners believe that because most of the hardware of the new energy vehicle is customized intelligent equipment, it does not have versatility, and the three electricity system of the vehicle also involves consistency issues, if the enterprise does not disclose the relevant technical information, maintenance can not be carried out. Therefore, once the car enterprises fall into operational difficulties, the after-sales service of car owners will face many obstacles, and even fall into the predicament of having no way after sales. Many car owners call on car companies to fully respect consumers, do a good job in after-sales service, and provide "bottom-up" protection for consumers.

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