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Hechuang was exposed to force all staff to sell cars! There was no official response.

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According to media reports, some employees of Co-Chuang Automobile revealed that Co-Chuang Automobile forced all employees to sell the car. Hechuang Automotive headquarters issued a notice for all employees'"resident assistance program", sending employees to dealer stores to sell cars, according to employees of Hechuang Automobile. At the same time, Hechuang Motor has also set up a reward and punishment mechanism, stipulating that employees who complete car sales can receive a transaction bonus of 3% of the vehicle guidance price, with a maximum reward of more than 12000 yuan. Companies that fail to achieve their sales targets will impose different deductions on annual settlement wages according to the level of their employees, and the amount of employee deductions will be capped according to the lowest price of a single car on sale, with a cap amount exceeding 130000 yuan.

The above employees also revealed that all units in the Hesheng Group and Pearl River Group system have been exposed to be included in the full marketing scope of Co-Chuang Automobile, except for special positions, in principle, each person should sell a Co-Chuang car in 2023.

As of press time, Hechuang official has not responded to the above news, whether the above news is true remains to be verified.

According to the data, Hechuang Automobile, formerly known as GAC Weilai, was established in April 2018, and is jointly owned by GAC GROUP, GAC Ean, Lvlai Fund, Lailai Automobile and the founding team, and its new energy vehicle brand is Co-founder HYCAN. The senior management team has undergone several changes in the development of Co-Chuang Automobile.

As a matter of fact, Hechuang has not been living smoothly lately. In February this year, there were media reports that Duran, co-president of Hechuang Automobile, left after only half a year in office. In addition, users certified as "employees of Hechuang Automotive Technology Co., Ltd." revealed that Zhang Yingle, general manager of sales, Ma Shanshan, director of marketing, Yue Peng, deputy general manager of sales, and Gu Wanguo, vice president of sales, all left their jobs.

Since then, Hechuang announced a major personnel appointment, announcing Zhang Yuesai as president (legal representative) of Hechuang Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., fully responsible for the production, operation and management of the company; Lou Qiaoping recognized the financial director of Hechuang Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. in charge of financial management, investment and financing management, company listing and other related work; Li Zhihong no longer holds the position of president (legal representative) of Hechuang Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. Industry insiders believe that the major changes in senior personnel in the marketing of Hechuang Automobile may be related to its poor sales performance.

Up to now, Hechuang car models on sale include 007, Z03, A06 and V09, but the sales are hardly satisfactory. Retail data show that Hechuang's cumulative sales for the whole of 2023 were 18559 vehicles, down 2.02 per cent from a year earlier. Among them, the Hechuang Z03 has the highest sales volume, with 16265 vehicles, while the rest of the models are less than 1500. For example, the A06 is only 1284 and 007 is 29.

"Automotive Industry concern" believes that, as a member of the new power of car manufacturing, the weak sense of existence of Hechuang Automobile in the auto market is related to its unclear brand market positioning, insufficient product power, low brand influence and frequent changes in senior management. Now, as the car market enters a more fierce competition stage, some weak brands with small sales and tight capital chain are also facing elimination crisis, especially since 2024, the competition among new energy vehicle companies is beyond imagination. Under this background, more car companies are facing a life-and-death situation.

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