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Guan Xuan! Xiaopeng Automobile will promote the new brand.

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He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile and CEO, revealed that Xiaopeng Automobile will launch a brand-new A-Class product of 100000 to 150000 yuan to the world within a month, and put the AI model into the car in the second quarter. He Xiaopeng said: "the new brand in this market price belt will subvert technological innovation, create a new species of AI smart driving, and provide young people with a real AI smart car."

As the second brand created by Xiaopeng, the brand-new A-level products will be equipped with Xiaopeng high-level intelligent driving system, or even self-driving system. At the 2024 China Electric vehicle 100 Forum, he Xiaopeng said that at present, smart drivers need an average of 10 artificial takeovers per 100 kilometers, which should be reduced to less than one in the future. It is also pointed out that the turning point of high-level smart driving will come in the next 18 months.

At the same time, Xiaopeng official also released a new brand of new car trailer map. From the preview map, the appearance of the new car uses the latest design language, the side lines of the body are very smooth, using a suspended roof and hidden door handles, the overall sense of movement, the new car is expected to position a pure electric car. However, at present, the news about the new car is still very limited, and the follow-up "Auto Industry concern" will continue to follow.

On the recent construction day, he Xiaopeng released an internal construction letter saying that in the next three years, Xiaopeng plans about 30 new or modified models, and two new models will be launched this year, including a new car on the 300000 + and 150000 platforms, among which the first model of the 150000 platform is the first car codenamed "MONA" between Xiaopeng and Didi. The first car of the 300,000-class platform, or a car codenamed "F57", will go on sale in the second half of the year.

In August 2023, Xiaopeng and Didi announced an agreement that based on this cooperation, the two sides will launch a new electric vehicle brand, the project is "MONA", the first product is an A-class intelligent electric vehicle, priced at about 150000 yuan, will be mass produced in 2024 and sold to both C-end and B-end. The new brand mentioned above stems from the strategic cooperation between Xiaopeng Automobile and DiDi.

So far, Xiaopeng's models on sale include G3, P7, P5, G6, G9 and X9. Among them, Xiaopeng's first mass-produced model G3 and its modified product G3i will stop production in 2023, which is officially based on the company's long-term planning.

From the perspective of model prices, the current price range of Xiaopeng models for sale is mainly concentrated in the range of 15-400000 yuan, and the release of the new brand means that Xiaopeng will enter the global automobile market of 10 to 150000 levels. It should be noted that models at the level of 10-150000 yuan are the mainstream choice for consumers, and the proportion of sales has never been less than 26%, and models in this price range abound, which is destined to be extremely competitive in this market segment. If Xiaopeng brand A-class products are not "superior", they are bound to face greater competitive pressure. According to the official statement, AI may become a foothold for Xiaopeng to enter this market. He Xiaopeng said that Xiaopeng Automobile will carry out "intelligent driving as the core AI technology" upgrade this year, planning to invest 3.5 billion yuan in intelligent research and development and recruit 4000 new people. And in the second quarter, it fulfilled the promise of putting the "AI model on the car" put forward by 1024 Technology Day in 2023. The AI model will be the first mass production vehicle artificial intelligence and vehicle cognitive engine in the automobile industry.

Previously, he Xiaopeng was confident about Xiaopeng's cooperation with Didi, and pointed out that annual sales of MONA are expected to reach 100000 vehicles. If the sales target is met for two consecutive years, there will be additional equity consideration, and the maximum equity ratio can be raised to 5%. For the upcoming new brand, he Xiaopeng used words such as "subversion". He Xiaopeng said on his personal Weibo: "after going deep into the construction of the car, we will find that there is a huge market potential in the price range of 10-150000, but it is extremely difficult to really build a good car in this range that is excellent in all aspects and equipped with the smart driving ability that we are good at best. and a suitable profit. This requires enterprises to have a strong scale and systematization ability, and many competitors are also exploring in this price range, but the brand that can achieve the ultimate smart driving experience here has not yet emerged. Today, we are finally ready, I believe that this brand will be a new species of subversive innovation, please look forward to it. "

As for this year's goal, he Xiaopeng said bluntly: "the performance should be more than doubled, the organization should supplement and complete all the shortcomings, and the management should begin to take the first step towards high quality." The annual sales target is expected to exceed 280000 vehicles. He Xiaopeng pointed out in a previous open letter that 2024 is the first year for Chinese car brands to enter the "sea of blood" competition, as well as the first year of the knockout stage. If calculated according to the annual sales target of 280000 vehicles, it means that the delivery of about 23000 new cars needs to be completed every month. As a reference, Xiaopeng aims to sell 200000 vehicles in 2023, with an annual sales completion rate of only 70 per cent.

The latest figures show that Xiaopeng delivered a total of 12795 cars from January to February 2024, an increase of 14% over the same period last year, including 8250 in January and 4545 in February.

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