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Xiaomi SU7 is coming on the market! Lei Jun responded to several rumors.

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Xiaomi's first model, the Xiaomi SU7, is about to launch. With the arrival of the new car, there are more and more rumors about Xiaomi cars in the market. In response, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun responded to these rumors one by one in a personal Weibo post yesterday.

Lei Jun denied the rumor that Xiaomi cars had preemptive rights for individual users, saying there was no official policy. It also said that Xiaomi SU7 did not open blind booking channels, and prohibited any cooperation channels or individuals from carrying out blind bookings, collecting deposits / deposits, and so on. At the same time, it also said that officials prohibit the collection of deposit / deposit for booking, test driving and other activities, as well as the collection of personal information that has nothing to do with the invitation for test driving. In order to ensure the on-site experience, booking and queuing will be adopted.

It is worth noting that since the debut of Xiaomi SU7, rumors about the price and launch time have emerged one after another, and earlier officials have refuted these rumors. On March 13, Lei Jun posted that the number of people booked by Xiaomi SU7 had increased by more than 100000 in one day. In addition, Lei Jun also pointed out that there have been a lot of public opinion disturbances in the automobile industry recently, and called on everyone to work together to build a more benign and inclusive public opinion environment in the automobile market. With regard to SU7, if you feel good, please encourage it; if you feel bad, welcome to point out that we will certainly listen carefully and try our best to improve it, but please spray it gently.

Data show that Xiaomi SU7, as the first model of Xiaomi, was unveiled on December 28th last year. The new car is positioned as a "C-class high-performance eco-tech car", with a choice of dual-motor version and single-motor version. Lei Jun is very optimistic about the new car: "Xiaomi car has a performance index not inferior to Tesla Model S, 0-100km/h acceleration, 100km/h-0 braking distance, top speed three indicators are not behind. Lei Jun said that competitors do not have accurate standard vehicles, and hope to be comparable to Porsche Taycan Turbo in driving and other mechanical qualities, and Tesla Model S in intelligence.

With the approach of the time to market of Xiaomi SU7, the heat of Xiaomi SU7 is getting higher and higher. As to whether Xiaomi has the confidence to open the market, Lei Jun also said that he believes Xiaomi will be successful. Of course, we have to use sales data to say whether it will work in the end or not.

Xiaomi announced its foray into the car-building field on March 30, 2021, when Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said: "Xiaomi car is the last major start-up project in my life. I am willing to bet my whole reputation and lead the team to fight for Xiaomi car." It is estimated that in the next 10 years, the investment will be 10 billion US dollars. In September 2021, Xiaomi Automobile Co., Ltd. was officially established with a registered capital of 10 billion yuan. Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, served as the legal representative. In November of the same year, the Management Committee of Beijing Economic and technological Development Zone signed a contract with Xiaomi Science and Technology, officially announcing that Xiaomi Motor had settled in Beijing Economic Development Zone.

Three years later, Xiaomi car is finally about to go on the market. For Xiaomi SU7, not only car owners are very concerned, even competitors are very concerned about the pricing of Xiaomi SU7. Yesterday, Weilai Automobile official announced that the second Alps brand was named Ledao. Li Bin, CEO of Weilai, said in the studio that Ledao and Xiaomi cars belong to the same price range. First, we have to see how Xiaomi Automobile is priced, and then we will price Ledao. Ledao is better than Xiaomi and has the advantage of backwardness.

Lei Jun said in an interview with the media earlier that he was particularly worried that if it was not hot at first, no one would buy it, and what was more worried was that if everyone came to buy it, he would definitely be scolded if he had to wait for a year or two. However, Lei Jun's concern undoubtedly depends on the pricing of Xiaomi SU7. After all, most people still want to take a people-friendly approach to the pricing of Xiaomi's first model.

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