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The latest collision results of China Baoyan have been released! Long Yi Xinrui full G

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On March 19th, China Insurance Research C-IASI released the third vehicle evaluation results in 2023, including Elf smart#3, FAW Audi Q4 e-tron, SAIC Volkswagen Lang Yi Xinrui, SAIC GM Buick E5, Zhiji LS7, Changan Ford Ruijie L, Dongfeng Nissan Xiaoke, and Chery Xingtuo Yaoguang 8 models, the tested models are still relatively hot models in the market. Among them, Elf smart#3, FAW Audi Q4 e-tron, SAIC General Buick E5 and Zhiji LS7 are new energy vehicles.

China Insurance Research C-IASI conducted four tests on the above models, including "crashworthiness and maintenance economy", "occupant safety", "pedestrian safety" and "vehicle auxiliary safety". Among them, G means excellent, A means good, M means general, and P means poor, from good to bad.

From the overall crash test results, the best performance is from SAIC-Volkswagen's Lang Yi Xinrui, which is the only car that has won all G (excellent).

The Lang Yi Xinrui, a compact car owned by SAIC-Volkswagen, went on sale in June 2023 with a price range of 9.999-109990 yuan. Lang Yi Xinrui can be regarded as the "youth version" of New Lang Yi, which is younger and fashionable in appearance, positioning between Santana and Lang Yi, the power is equipped with EA211 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, maximum power 81kW, peak torque 141N ·m, transmission system matches 6-speed hand-integrated gearbox. SAIC-Volkswagen launched the lower-positioning Lang Yi Xinrui in the hope of retaining the fuel car market as much as possible, mainly competing with models including Geely Dihao, Changan Yida, Chuanqi Shadow Leopard and so on.

Lang Yi Xinrui

From a subdivision point of view, in terms of crashworthiness and maintenance economy, Lang Yi Xinrui is also the only car that has won G (excellent). It is understood that the sub-index of crashworthiness and maintenance economy refers to the ability of the vehicle itself to resist collision deformation at low speed (15km/h), and the maintenance cost after the vehicle structure is deformed. For consumers, this is also directly related to the late maintenance of vehicles, so this evaluation is of great practical significance, and few car companies have been able to get G (excellent) rating in historical evaluation. The same is true from the structure of this evaluation, only Lang Yi Xinrui gets G (excellent), while Elf smart#3, Buick E5 and Xiaoke are all P (poor), indicating that they need to bear higher maintenance costs after the collision; Audi Q4 e-tron and Ruijie L are A (good), and the other two models are M (general).

FAW Audi Q4 e-tron

The occupant safety sub-index includes driver side front 25% offset collision, side collision, roof strength, seat / headrest test. The evaluation results of 8 models are excellent (G). Among the driver side 25% offset collision conditions, 8 models have excellent evaluation, among which Lang Yi Xinrui, Ruijie L, Xiaoke and Xingtuyaoguang are rated as 0 defects. In the side impact condition, except for the elf smart#3, the other seven models are all 0 defects; the proportion of excellent evaluation in the top pressure condition is 100%, and the proportion of excellent evaluation in the whip injury condition is 100%.

Genie smart#3

In addition, in terms of pedestrian safety sub-index and vehicle auxiliary safety sub-index, the evaluation results of 8 models are also excellent (G). Among them, in the vehicle auxiliary safety sub-index, except for the Xiaoke model, the other 7 models are equipped with AEB function, and the equipment rate is 87.5%.

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