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MEGA sales are finally announced! Li wants to reflect and admit his mistakes.

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On March 21, Li, who had been silent for 10 days, wanted to release a full letter internally, reflecting on the rhythm and sales volume of the ideal MEGA, as well as making targeted adjustments to product management, distributors, charging network layout and sales expectations.

Li would like to mention in his internal letter that ideal MEGA and high-voltage pure electricity must go through a stage from 0 to 1, which is similar to that of extended range electric, and cannot have an operating potential energy from 1 to 10 as soon as the ideal L-series is listed, but the ideal car mistakenly regards the commercial verification period of the ideal MEGA from 0 to 1 as a high-speed development period from 1 to 10, resulting in a miscalculation of the strategic rhythm of pure electricity. Li Xiang said that the next step is to abandon the fully flowering sales strategy, focus on product experience and test drive in large retail centers in head cities, and speed up the construction of overcharging stations in these cities.

Ideal MEGA is the blockbuster model of ideal car in 2024, and the first pure electric model is also the first MPV model, which was released and launched on March 1st, priced at 559800 yuan, and officially delivered on March 11th. In Li Xiang's view, the MEGA has the characteristics of a popular style and is expected to become the top seller of more than 500000 full-category models.

However, MEGA encountered a "crisis" soon after its listing, with some netizens putting words such as "tien" and "new energy funeral car" on the MEGA body, and netizens found photos of MEGA parked side by side in an underground garage to change the color into a weird style. MEGA's image is easily associated with "funeral", which does make users hesitate and damage the image of the ideal car.

On March 11, Li wanted to post on WeChat moments, first of all, to thank the car owners who still supported the ideal car under such conditions, and at the same time, regarding the discrediting of MEGA in the market as an organization's illegal and criminal act, ideal Automobile decided to use legal weapons to fight against the illegal behavior and find out who was behind it.

However, completely different from the previous style, since the launch of MEGA, ideal car has not disclosed the specific number of orders, the market speculated that the number of orders may not be as expected. On March 19th, ideal announced its latest weekly sales, and the long-awaited MEGA sales finally surfaced, delivering a total of 1058 vehicles a week, ranking sixth in the MPV market and third in the new energy MPV market. As a pure electric MPV,MEGA with a price of up to 550000, the weekly sales performance is actually not bad. First of all, the high price means that the audience is limited. Coupled with the fact that the pure electric MPV is not easy to sell, the possibility of MEGA selling is basically slim. Of course, if MEGA is really popular, it will really subvert the market. after all, even the Tengli D9Magi EV version, which sells for 300000 yuan, contributes only 5% to sales.

Judging from the sales list of new power brands in the Chinese market, the sales volume of the former is still higher than that of ideal cars, with 8694 for the former and 7135 for the latter, with a sales gap of 1500 between the two car companies. Since 2024, the ideal car has been questioned and surpassed, which brings great pressure on the sales of the ideal car. The data show that the three L7+L8+L9 cars are still suppressed by the M7, with weekly sales of 2476 L7, 2147 L9, 1453 L8 and 7076 M7.

Ask the new M7, under the blessing of Huawei to become the big BOSS of the new power brand market, a model directly chasing L9, L8, L7 dozen. Before the change, the two models basically could not be sold. The M7 sold only a few hundred in July, while the price of the new M7 was reduced by tens of thousands while the configuration was upgraded. Not only the ideal L series was affected by sales, but also its own M5 could not be sold. In addition, the M9 was also pre-sold in December 2023, received 30, 000 orders in July, began delivery at the end of February, and delivered 1453 vehicles in the latest week, underperforming the L9 and comparable to the L8.

It is understood that the ideal car will challenge the sales of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi in China in 2024, with a target of 800000 vehicles for the whole year. Judging from the current results, it seems difficult for ideal cars to reach the delivery target of 800000 vehicles. 51416 vehicles were delivered in the first two months, with a target completion rate of 6%, and the next average monthly sales need to reach more than 75000.

In the letter, Li also reflected on the staff's excessive focus on sales: "We pay too much attention to sales and competition from top to bottom, so that desire exceeds value, resulting in a significant decline in user value and business efficiency, which we used to be best at." the pursuit of desire makes us people we hate. " To this end, the ideal car will reduce sales expectations and desires, return to healthy growth, return to the improvement of user value that is best, and return to the improvement of business efficiency that is best.

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