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Jiangling Ford domestic fierce horse pre-sale, 30-450000 yuan

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The new car will offer seven models, namely, Yuanwan, Ink Diamond, Bigfoot Cross-country version, long Beach, long Beach Bigfoot Cross-country version, wasteland and Everglades special limited edition. The car color scheme provides options such as volcanic black, snow peak white, sand dune white, cliff ash, raging blue, swamp green (Everglades version only). The pre-price range is 30-450000 yuan. The new car is expected to go on sale at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show.

In terms of appearance, Ford Liema continues the styling design of overseas models, which looks very retro and hard-line as a whole. In the front face, the new car uses a frameless front grille design, and the retro round headlights on both sides extend to the through grille, which has a strong sense of integrity. At the same time, the word "Bronco" is directly embedded in the center of the grille, and the logo of FORD is added, which makes it highly recognizable. There are trailer hooks commonly used off-road in the surrounding area, with large-size all-terrain AT tires, protruding wheel eyebrows and exposed rear-hanging spare tires to further enhance the hard cross-country flavor of the whole vehicle.

The Ford Reed Horse adopts a non-load-bearing body structure and a suspension structure with front double fork arms and rear multi-link integral bridge. In addition, the domestic version of the horse has towing qualification, the original factory carrying or optional rear traction device, the maximum total mass of the quasi-trailer is 1500 kg. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the standard version are 4800 (4825) / 2070/1990mm, and the wheelbase is 2950mm; the ordinary non-Bigfoot version has an approach angle of 38 degrees, a departure angle of 31 degrees, an angle of 22 degrees, a minimum ground clearance of 237/242mm, and a maximum wading depth of 800mm. The Bigfoot version (wasteland / Everglades) approaches an angle of 45 degrees, a departure angle of 37 degrees, a passing angle of 26 degrees, a minimum clearance of 273mm, and a maximum wading depth of 850mm (with wading pipe 925mm).

In the rear part, the new car adopts the vertical taillight design common on the hard off-road vehicle, and is equipped with external spare tire, and the rear door is side open. According to previous news, the new car has volcanic black, Xuefeng white, sand dune white, cliff ash, Nu Tao blue and other colors, and the roof is a three-stage removable design. In addition, the door can also be removed through the tool, at the same time, the outer rearview mirror can still be used, and the door can be stored in the trunk.

In terms of interior decoration, Ford Reema is still a traditional off-road style, but in order to meet the needs of domestic consumers, it is equipped with a double 12-inch LCD instrument and central control screen, as well as a built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 high computing chip. The physical buttons of the multimedia system and air conditioning system that still remain under the center console are necessary for a deep off-road vehicle, especially in an open environment, where physical buttons may be more convenient to operate in a harsh environment. At the same time, the keys in the car can also ensure that Rain Water will not be damaged when he invades. Behind the transmission gear, you can manually switch two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive low speed and other modes. As the door is removable, the window button and rearview mirror adjustment are also located in the central armbox of the vehicle.

In terms of power, the domestic Ford Reema is equipped with a 2.3T turbocharged EcoBoos engine with a maximum power of 202kW and a maximum torque of 429Nm, which matches the 10AT gearbox.

As we all know, American Ford has two joint ventures of Jiangling Ford and Changan Ford in China. In contrast, Changan Ford has a significantly higher sense of existence than Jiangling Ford, the former mainly focuses on the passenger car market, such as Mondeo, Explorer, Fox and other models, while the latter mainly relies on Ford commercial vehicles to maintain their market position. for example, Quanshun, Fushun, Teshun and other models. Since 2024, Jiangling Ford has made two domestic Ranger/Bronco models one after another, of which Ranger Ranger sells 14.58-240800 yuan. Whether these two models can open the market for Jiangling Ford remains to be tested.

Off-road models are destined to belong to minority product categories in China, and they are rarely included in the list of consumers. On the one hand, they are relatively expensive, on the other hand, they need certain driving skills. Therefore, although off-road vehicles are loved by some consumers, based on demand and cost, most people will still focus on cars or SUV. After all, the appearance and styling design of SUV models is becoming more and more hard, which can satisfy cross-country feelings to some extent. In addition, even if you buy off-road models, such as land patrol, horse herders, Tule, etc., but in fact few consumers will enter the cross-country site.

However, today's off-road models are gradually becoming passenger cars. In the domestic market, Great Wall Automobile's tank 300 models continue to sell well, as a hard domestic SUV, the launch of tank 300 lowers the threshold for domestic consumers to acquire hard off-road SUV, which is also the main reason for hot sales after the launch of tank 300, and then more and more brands begin to layout this market, such as Chery screenshot, Changan deep blue, BYD equation leopard, etc., and try to redefine this market in the form of new energy.

Ford Reema is a model with a long history, and the accumulated user reputation and brand awareness are incomparable to other domestic brands, but domestic consumers pay more attention to whether the price is appropriate. at present, almost all the joint venture hard off-road vehicles are not cheap. FAW Toyota Prado, which is about to be put into mass production, is pre-sold for 47-570000 yuan, which is even more expensive than the previous generation of domestic models. The current domestic off-road vehicle development momentum is booming, the new tank 700Hi4-T off-road version from 285800 yuan, BYD equation leopard 5 from 289800 yuan, in today's joint venture brand market share decline year by year, even if it has a rich historical heritage, the price is not suitable will eventually be abandoned by the market.

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