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Coming on the market! Xiaomi's car information was leaked again.

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Recently, a group of high-definition interior pictures of Xiaomi SU7 circulated on the Internet. It is understood that the picture was not officially released, but was leaked and released by the media.

On March 21, Auto House issued a statement about the leak of photos of Xiaomi's SU7 interior and said it had fired the employee involved. Auto House said it was invited to participate in the national media test drive of Xiaomi car SU7 on March 16, and Shi, an employee of the company, signed a "confidentiality commitment" before the event. During the tasting shoot, Shi forwarded the undisclosed interior photos to his colleague Li without reporting and permission to the company, who later posted them on his personal social media account on March 18, causing it to spread.

Car House attached great importance to this matter, and Xiaomi car conducted a sincere communication, with the elimination of the impact of the incident, the first time asked Li to delete the content. At the same time, a special investigation team was set up to investigate and verify the relevant personnel and incidents, and promised to fulfill all liability for breach of contract. It has been confirmed that the behavior of the two employees involved has seriously violated the confidentiality obligations of the employees and the Automobile Home employee Handbook. According to the regulations of the company, Shi and Li should be dismissed, and the relevant teams should strengthen the education of professional ethics and confidentiality awareness internally, so as to firmly put an end to the recurrence of similar incidents.

Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, forwarded the statement to Auto House's apology and commented that it was disciplined and responsible. Auto House has always been a professional media that we respect very much. It was very gratifying to see the statement from Auto House and praised their attitude of actively cooperating with the investigation and fulfilling their liability for breach of contract.

In fact, this is not the first time Xiaomi car model information has been leaked by the media. In December last year, a group of pictures of Xiaomi's real car were exposed on the Internet, and the incident caused a lot of heated discussion on the Internet at that time. People related to Xiaomi have responded that they have locked in the leaked media and will be held accountable in accordance with the signed "letter of confidentiality commitment". It is understood that the amount of the confidentiality agreement signed is 3 million yuan.

With regard to the matter, Xiaomi also issued a statement later, saying that the leak was mainly due to the fact that the media "ZAKER" employee package and Xiaobai car Buy employee Guan intended to disclose the confidential filming content without permission after signing the confidentiality agreement. Officials will hold the two men and their affiliated media responsible for leaks, including not limited to public apologies and fines.

After the official statement, the two media also quickly issued an apology and said that the employee involved would be dismissed and never hired. It is worth noting that Xiaomi's information has been leaked not only by the media, but also by suppliers.

In January last year, a set of design pictures of the appearance of Xiaomi's first model were exposed on the Internet, from which details such as the bumper and decorations of Xiaomi MS11 could be clearly seen. In addition, a group of design pictures of Xiaomi models have also been exposed on the Internet, from which the overall appearance of Xiaomi's first model can be seen more clearly.

At that time, in response to the leak of the designs, Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, said in a personal Weibo post: the leak is indeed a leak of design documents kept secret by secondary suppliers. At the same time, it is pointed out that the supplier is only a supplier for mold proofing, and the leaked documents are the design draft of the very early bidding process, not the final document. In the future, it will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the confidentiality agreement signed with the supplier.

In February last year, a spokesman for Xiaomi also announced the results of the punishment on the supplier. Officials said the information was leaked because a molding company in Beijing, which mismanaged its downstream suppliers, seriously dealt with the partner in accordance with the confidentiality agreement and imposed a financial compensation of 1 million yuan. In addition, it is instructed to strengthen the information security management of downstream suppliers and seriously deal with the perpetrators of the leak. Instruct the supplier to formulate a detailed rectification plan and comprehensively upgrade the confidentiality measures.

From several times the information of Xiaomi car model was leaked, it is not difficult to see that the heat of Xiaomi car is really too high. Some netizens said: no matter how hot it is, practitioners should also learn the rules of secrecy. Indeed, in the increasingly fierce market competition, the importance of trade secrets and customer privacy protection is very critical.

In this regard, some industry insiders pointed out that it is very necessary for enterprises to sign confidentiality agreements with employees, especially information that may involve their own trade secrets, technology and trade secrets between cooperative brands. After all, some of the personnel involved in the activities do not have a strong sense of secrecy, and the signing of confidentiality agreements helps to improve personnel's awareness of information secrecy and play a certain role of restraint.

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