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It's hard to sell at a reduced price! A new generation of powerful guest officials is released.

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On March 23rd, Nissan officially released the official map of the new generation Kicks, which is the second generation of the Royker series, with the appearance of the latest styling language of the Nissan family, a further increase in wheelbase and a 2.0L engine in the powertrain, which will be unveiled at the 2024 New York Auto Show, which opens on March 27th local time.

In terms of appearance, the new generation of visitors adopt a new design style, drawing lessons from Nissan's latest domestic SUV model to explore the land, the traditional V-Motion grille disappears, and then uses multiple horizontal meshes, the V design is hidden in the interior of the grid, and the design of the headlamp group is also very unique, the headlights are integrated with the black trim at the top of the front, and the daily lights are connected with multiple grilles, which is very integrated. At the same time, the new generation of powerful passenger cars look more square, adding some of the visual effects of the hard SUV compared with the previous models.

Compared with the previous generation of models, the side of the new generation of powerful passengers is more fashionable, with a front and rear waistline, the lines of the roof, windows and side skirts add a sense of movement, and the suspended C-pillar design and unique rims are also the performance of sports. In the rear part, the new car taillight echoes with the headlight group, and the lighting effect is recognizable. In terms of size, the new generation of passenger provides two kinds of wheelbase according to different driving forms, the front drive model is 2657mm, the four-wheel-drive model is 2664mm, and the difference is 7mm, but no matter which drive form, the wheelbase of the new generation is significantly increased, and the length, width and height of the car is 4366x1801x1626 (1631) mm.

In terms of interior decoration, the new generation of powerful customers are also keeping up with the trend of the times, with the center console offering a double screen layout, the entry-level model has a dual 7-inch screen, that is, the central control screen and instrument screen are both 7 inches, while the medium-and high-end model has a dual 12.3-inch screen. In order to emphasize the sense of science and technology, the new generation of air-conditioning control panel is fully touch-controlled. In addition, the car-engine system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless interconnection, the whole system comes standard with Nissan Safety Shield 360 ADAS driving assist kit, including intelligent cruise control system, and the top model is the higher-end ProPILOT Assist system.

In terms of power, the new generation of passenger is equipped with a 2.0L gasoline naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 104kW (141hp) and a peak torque of 190Nm. The transmission system matches the CVT continuously variable transmission. It is worth noting that the new generation of strong passengers to add four-wheel-drive models optional, with snow driving mode and 213 mm chassis clearance. As a comparison, the domestic cash Jinke is equipped with 1.6L engine and matches the CVT continuously variable transmission, all of which are pioneer models.

In 2014, Nissan unveiled the Kisks Concept, a concept car from Sao Paulo, Brazil, which was jointly developed by Nissan's American design center and the Brazilian design center. In August 2016, the mass production version of Kiscks was officially launched in Brazil. Dongfeng Nissan introduced Kicks into domestic production and sales in 2017 and named it "Jinke". It made its debut at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show and went public in July 2017, with a guiding price range of 998-134800 yuan. Nissan Jinke positioning small SUV, length, width and height are 4295/1760/1588mm, wheelbase 2620mm, pricing and size are smaller than Nissan Xiaoke, power is equipped with the Nissan Sunshine system 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, matched with the CVT gearbox. To the 2021 Tianjin Auto Show, the mid-term revamped powerhouse listed on the market, the price range is 11.98-137800 yuan, the overall appearance is younger, continue to use 1.5L+CVT power combination. In July, 2023, Dongfeng Nissan launched a strong guest love style, with an official guiding price of 898-103800 yuan.

As a small SUV, Nissan's main competitors include joint ventures such as Honda XR-V/, Volkswagen Visitor / Tougaard, Toyota Yize / C-HR, and so on. Judging from the sales performance of the joint venture small SUV in 2023, Honda Colour and XR-V performed best, with sales of 52608 and 39371, respectively, compared with Nissan's 8111, which far underperformed other joint venture small SUV, even though it cut prices in 2023. Of course, the performance of the current joint venture small SUV is not good. The top three small SUV sales in 2023 are domestic cars, while the sales of Qiyue, Linke 06 and Chuanqi GS3 are 89920, 60734 and 53912 respectively.

It is not known whether Dongfeng Nissan will introduce a new generation of domestic models after returning to Nissan, but the probability of introducing domestic models is expected to be relatively high. However, even if it is introduced into the domestic market, the new generation of strong customers still do not seem to have many bright places. Changing the appearance and increasing the size are the basic operations, and the core power system has not changed, but four-wheel drive models have been added on the original basis. Coupled with the fierce competition in the current domestic market, the new generation of strong customers may just maintain the status quo.

Finally, do you think the new generation of hot guests look good?

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