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The new generation of Suzuki speed wing special officer map is released!

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A few days ago, Suzuki released a new generation of SWIFT (domestic version was named "Swift") model official picture. The new car is based on the HEARTECT platform, and the concept car version was first unveiled at the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show and is expected to be officially launched in April.

In the appearance part, the front face of the new car adopts a brand-new fishmouth honeycomb grille design, with a brand-new style lamp group on both sides, and the daytime driving lights are integrated into the interior, which makes the overall fashion feel OK. On the side of the car body, the new car body is painted in two colors and has a sense of streamline. The new car cancels the design of the hidden outer handle for the back door, and the handle of the back door is moved from the C-pillar to the regular position. In addition, the new car is equipped with radar sensors in the rearview mirror and the upper part of the front grille, and there is a camera under the outer rearview mirror, which means that the new car will be able to assist driving. In the rear part, the interior details of the new car taillights are complex, and the visual effect is more abundant. The rear door has a "Hybrid" badge on the right, and the lower part is surrounded by black treatment.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 3860 mm 1735pm 1495 (1520) max, and the wheelbase is 2450mm.

In the interior part, the change of the new car is very obvious, and the suspended center control screen and the layout of the center console have been innovated. The new car is equipped with a 9-inch suspended central control screen and has a more stylish overall layout compared with the previous generation. In addition, the new car is also equipped with mechanical dial and liquid crystal display design, circular air conditioning outlet and other elements are replaced by more angular lines, the overall sense of technology is good.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a three-cylinder engine with a 12V light mixing system (ISG) with a maximum power of 82 horsepower and a peak torque of 112Nm, while the ISG light mixing system can output a maximum power of 2.3kW with a peak torque of 60 Nm. In terms of transmission, the new car matches a six-gear manual transmission and an CVT automatic transmission, and offers two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive power layouts.

The first generation of SWIFT models were introduced by Changan Suzuki, known as "Swift" in Chinese, and positioned as small cars. The second generation of SWIFT introduced domestic sales by import, and used a new Chinese name-Fast Wing. At that time, the speed wing introduced in China was a sports version, with a price range of 17.88-188800 yuan. At present, the models on sale in overseas markets are the third-generation SWIFT. Starting from the third-generation models, Suzuki will no longer introduce the car to the domestic market. The official map released this time is the fourth generation of the product.

Data show that SUZUKI (Suzuki) was founded in 1920, is a Japanese automobile manufacturing company, so far, its development history has been more than 100 years, it is a pity that its days in the Chinese market is very short. In 1993, Suzuki entered the Chinese market, and Changan Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Suzuki Co., Ltd. and Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. in 1995, a joint venture with Changhe Automobile established Jiangxi Changhe Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd. to produce and sell Suzuki products with the help of Changan Automobile and Changhe Automobile.

In April 2005, Changan Suzuki simultaneously produced and sold the strategic car "SWIFT" (Swift) with Japan, Hungary and India. Since then, it has also launched a number of small cars, such as Otto, antelope, Qiyue and so on, which is known as the "king of cars". But looking at the history of Changan Suzuki, its development is not long. According to the data, Changan Suzuki sold 220000 vehicles in 2011 and has been declining since then. By 2018, Changan Suzuki sold only 35000 vehicles, falling short of even the average monthly sales of mainstream independent brands. In the same year, due to poor sales and sustained losses in performance, Suzuki eventually transferred its 50% stake in Changan Suzuki to Changan Automobile at a symbolic price of 1 yuan, and Changan Suzuki changed from a joint venture company to a wholly owned subsidiary of Changan Automobile. Suzuki officially withdrew from the Chinese market.

It is worth mentioning that although Suzuki has withdrawn from the Chinese market for many years, news of Suzuki's return to the Chinese market has been reported many times in recent years, and it is not clear whether the models released this time will enter the Chinese market in the form of imports.

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