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5000! BYD million luxury car U8 sales announced

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Today, BYD looked up to the official announcement that the U8 sold 5000 units in its 132nd day on the market, setting a record for the sales of millions of SUV models in China. In addition, the official chart also revealed the customer base looking up to U8.

From the official data pictures, we can see that nearly 55% of U8 car owners come from first-tier and new first-tier cities, and more than 80% of car owners are business owners, partners and company executives. 90% of these owners own more than 2 vehicles, nearly 20% own 5 or more vehicles, and 70% own million-class luxury.

Data show: looking up to U8 is the first model of BYD's high-end new energy brand, positioning millions of new energy off-road vehicles, which started pre-sale in April last year and went on sale in September. A total of two versions of the deluxe version and the off-road version are launched, with a price of 1.098 million yuan.

In terms of appearance, looking up at the U8 front face with a huge "I" grille shape, both sides are equipped with dot matrix LED light source and interstellar headlights, the center is inlaid with the brand LOGO, which greatly enhances the recognition of the vehicle. The rear part of the car is equipped with an external spare tire, the lower part uses hidden exhaust, and the taillight group uses the "L" shape to highlight the identity of the vehicle hard off-road vehicle. In terms of the car body, the overall body shape is more square, and the interior is arranged with three rows and seven seats. In terms of size, the length, width and height of U8 are 5319/2050/1930mm and the wheelbase is 3050mm.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with Yi Sifang technology, the maximum power of a single motor is 220-240kW, the maximum torque is 320,420 Nm, and the acceleration time of 100 kilometers is 3.6 seconds.

According to official sources, Yi Sifang technology can enable vehicles to achieve extreme stability, emergency floating, U-turn and agile steering and other scene functions. In addition, the U8 is also equipped with Yunqi-P system, which can realize 3-to 6-degree-of-freedom body control and effectively improve the passability of the vehicle. It can improve the stability of the car body and make it more controllable when driving at high speed, such as crossing corners, and enhance the driving comfort when passing through bumpy roads or speed reducers. In terms of range, look up to U8's longest CLTC operating mode with a comprehensive mileage of 1000km.

Officials also value the U8 as the first model for BYD to enter a high-end new energy brand. However, BYD has been the main market for 100000 yuan to 300000 yuan level, looking up to the U8 price of more than one million, which is doomed to look up to U8 sales will not be very high. According to the price of the U8, sales of this model can reach 5000 in just a few months, which is really good.

For BYD, it is an attempt to look up to the brand to enter the high-end market or to hit the high-end market. Wang Chuanfu said earlier that BYD's momentum and looking up to the two major brands will promote BYD's upward development and consolidate its voice in the luxury and high-end markets.

At present, look up to the brand in the sale of two models are look up to U8 and look up to U9 models, of which look up to U9 on February 25 this year, the new car price 1.68 million yuan. According to official sources, the car will also be launched to look up to the U7 model. With the increase in the number of models under the brand, the sales of the brand will be further improved.

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