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The extreme krypton auto show accidentally hit people! Official response

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According to several media reports, an accident occurred at the scene of the 2024 Nanjing International New Energy Auto Show when a polar krypton suddenly crashed into the crowd, injuring many people.

According to various videos and pictures, a polar krypton X suddenly crashed into the BYD booth at the auto show. Due to the sudden failure of many spectators to dodge, two or three spectators were lying at the scene, including a child, and the taillights of the vehicle involved were lit. Judging from the video, the scene was chaotic and noisy, and some staff members were present to maintain order after the incident.

For the accident, polar krypton issued a statement saying that on March 24, at a car show in Nanjing, a polar krypton X exhibition car started unexpectedly during the user experience, injuring five spectators at the scene and damaging vehicles at the adjacent booth. After the incident, the organizers have cleared the scene to ensure safety. At present, it has been confirmed that the five spectators are not life-threatening, three of them have been discharged from hospital after examination, and the other two people with minor injuries are still in hospital for further examination.

As for the cause of the accident, polar krypton said that it was confirmed by self-examination that due to the mismanagement of the participating vehicles, the exhibition car did not open the display mode in accordance with the regulations, it was in the parking comfort mode, and the car keys were in the effective use range. At present, extreme krypton has urgently opened the self-examination of exhibition vehicles nationwide to avoid similar risks. We will draw lessons from this incident, learn from it, and further strengthen internal operation management and personnel safety awareness training. Thank the majority of users for their concern and supervision.

The exhibition mode is a specific mode, which is mainly used for the display of vehicles. In this mode, the power plant and air conditioning of the vehicle are disabled by software, but the large screen interaction and other functions of the vehicle are not affected, which can ensure the static display of the vehicle for a long time. After the display mode is turned on, the vehicle will not be able to drive in the static display process, and the high voltage output is disabled, which can ensure the safety of the static display to the maximum extent and avoid driving the vehicle in the display due to human misoperation. In addition, the function of the wheel lock is to lock the car's tires firmly on the front wheel locked on one side of the driver's seat. The car exhibition mode is not limited to be opened in the exhibition hall, and users can experience and understand the functions of the vehicle in the static exhibition environment.

Polar Krypton X, the third production car of Polar Krypton, was launched in April 2023, positioning the compact pure electric SUV. The current price range starts at 200000 yuan, including 200000 yuan for five-seat four-wheel drive and four-seat rear-drive car, and 220000 yuan for four-seat four-wheel drive. In terms of power, the polar krypton X provides optional single-motor rear-drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive models, of which the maximum power of the single-motor rear-drive model is 200kW focus CLTC with a range of 560 km. On this basis, the dual-motor model adds a front-drive motor with the maximum power of 115kW, with a comprehensive power of 315kW, a comprehensive torque of 543Nm, an acceleration time of 3.7s at 0100km / h and a CLTC mileage of 512km.

As a compact pure electric SUV, Pole Krypton X will compete with smart Genie # 1, Volkswagen ID.4 X/CROZZ, Toyota bZ4X and other models. It is understood that the price of Smart Genie # 1 is 18.16-279000 yuan, Volkswagen ID.4 X is 18.93-286300 yuan, and Toyota bZ4X is 199800 yuan. Figures show that 22372 Polar Krypton Xs were sold in 2023, compared with 33899 for smart Elf # 1, 51719 for Volkswagen ID.4 and 13390 for Toyota bZ4X.

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