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Chevrolet explorer Plus official picture released!

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On March 27th, SAIC GM Chevrolet released the official picture of the first smart electric plug-in SUV model, and the new car is named "boundary explorer Plus", which is actually an overseas version of the explorer. It is understood that the new car is a new generation of Chevrolet SUV strategic model, will take the lead in the application of SAIC GM's new generation PHEV smart electric plug-in system, is expected to be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in April.

In terms of appearance, as a replacement model, the new car continues to adopt the latest family design style of the Chevrolet brand, but the overall design is stronger. In addition to continuing to offer RS versions with sports kits, new ACTIV models with off-road kits will be added. Specifically, the appearance of the new car is very similar to the scaled-down version of the new tour leader, the front face shape is square and strong, compared with the appearance of the era, the new car is more in line with the current aesthetic trend. On this basis, the appearance orientations of the three models of the new generation of explorers are different, of which the LT is a conventional version, the interior of the front grille is filled with chrome-plated disconnected banners and embellished with letter logos; the RS version of the intake grille is tighter to create a stronger sports; the new Activ model can be regarded as the off-road version of the new generation of explorers, and SAIC GM will also introduce the car. Compared with the RS and LT models, the new generation of explorer Activ adjusts the front grille frame to a more rough gray decoration, which is different from the body color treatment of RS and LT.

On the side of the car body, the overall side lines of the new generation of explorers are similar to those of the Traverse model, and the C-pillar shape and two-color design make the vehicle extremely recognizable. In addition, the two models will be equipped with different styles of rims and tires, with the Activ version paying more attention to cross-country orientation and the RS version paying more attention to daily road driving. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car is 4653/1902/1667mm, and the wheelbase is 2730mm, which is widened 51mm compared with the current American model. In the rear part, the overall shape still continues the tough style of the front face, and the spoiler extending from the roof is embellished with luggage rack to create a good cross-country atmosphere. The overall use of black around the lower, with hidden exhaust layout, so that the overall sense of the rear of the vehicle is strong.

In the interior part, the new car is expected to be equipped with a three-spoke steering wheel, an 11-inch digital dashboard and an 11.3-inch central control screen. From the overseas version of the model information analysis, the new car may provide RS and ACTIV two kinds of interior and exterior design style, one is biased towards sports, the other is biased towards cross-country style. Officials have not yet disclosed the power parameters of the new car, which is expected to carry a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 177 horsepower and a maximum torque of 275 Nm. The future domestic version may be equipped with plug-in hybrid system.

Chevrolet, the largest brand under General Motors Group, was founded on November 3, 1911 and introduced into China by SAIC GM on January 18, 2005, becoming the third largest brand under SAIC GM. As one of the joint venture brands, Chevrolet has a lot of products, including cars, SUV and new energy vehicles. According to the official website, Chevrolet's current models for sale include Marebo XL, Coruze, Kowoz, Volando, Chuangku RS, Chuangjie, Trailblazer, explorer, Star Milo and other models, but Chevrolet does not have a high sense of presence in China. According to retail data, SAIC GM Chevrolet sold a total of 168829 vehicles in 2023, with the top three models being the Coruze, the Malibu XL and the explorer, with sales of 120395, 15309 and 11563 respectively.

According to the plan, in addition to launching the explorer Plus, Chevrolet's first Autenon pure electric SUV will also be unveiled at the Beijing auto show, which may further boost Chevrolet sales after the launch of the new car.

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