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On March 27, 2024, BAIC held a cadre meeting to announce that Zhang Jianyong was appointed party committee secretary and chairman of Beijing Automobile Group Co., Ltd., and Jiang Deyi would no longer hold the post of party committee secretary and chairman of Beijing Automobile Group Co., Ltd.

In July 2020, BAIC announced that Jiang Deyi would succeed Xu Heyi as party committee secretary and chairman of Beijing Automobile Group Co., Ltd. According to public data, Jiang Deyi, 60, has served as party secretary and chairman of Beijing Jinyu Group Co., Ltd., which is a Beijing state-owned enterprise with real estate and construction materials as its main business. In other words, before becoming chairman of BAIC, Jiang Deyi had no position in the automobile-related industry and was a "layman", and he had been the "speaker" of BAIC for only three years.

Has not worked in the automobile-related industry, but has become the "number one" of BAIC, such personnel appointment and removal is really surprising. It is worth mentioning that during his tenure as chairman of BAIC, Jiang Deyi also appeared particularly low-key, rarely speaking as a leader or expressing his personal views on social platforms at the launch of BAIC's brands. From the industry's point of view, although Jiang Deyi is not a senior figure in the automobile industry, he has become more pragmatic after becoming the "number one" of BAIC.

During Jiang Deyi's tenure as chairman of BAIC, the group faced internal and external troubles, which also put a lot of pressure on this "non-Autobot". Saab, Baowo and other brands have disappeared one after another, BAIC New Energy, once China's new energy vehicle leader, has also fallen into a stalemate, and high-end new energy vehicle brand ARCFOX Polar Fox has just started. Beijing Hyundai, as a pillar of the group, has fallen into a bottleneck in its development.

In the past few years, BAIC can only rely on Beijing Mercedes-Benz to support it. From 2019 to 2022, Beijing Mercedes-Benz achieved revenue of 155.154 billion yuan, 169.695 billion yuan, 167.966 billion yuan and 183.155 billion yuan respectively, accounting for 88.45%, 95.89%, 95.48% and 96.16% of Beijing Automobile's total revenue, respectively. In other words, if there were no Beijing Mercedes-Benz, there would be no BAIC Group, and some media even commented that BAIC Group was "the next brilliance".

In order to focus on the development of vehicle business, increase capital to the joint venture brand. In December 2021, BAIC increased its stake in Mercedes-Benz to 9.98%, surpassing Geely to become the largest shareholder of Mercedes-Benz, while Beijing Mercedes-Benz is the profit cow of BAIC, at least ensuring profit support. At the same time, the development of Beijing Hyundai is not going well, the shareholders are also jointly increasing capital to it, in order to alleviate the operating difficulties of Beijing Hyundai development. In addition, in order to ensure the development of its own brand, BAIC Langu is directly controlled by BAIC Group and introduced Huawei to build cars in cooperation with the polar fox brand.

Generally speaking, although Jiang Deyi is not a professional "auto man", he did make a lot of efforts for the prosperity of BAIC during his term of office. As for how BAIC will develop and how to layout in the future, it will be Zhang Jianyong's task.

Unlike Jiang Deyi, his successor, Zhang Jianyong, 48, graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology, majoring in management science and engineering, except that he worked as a chief accountant in the Finance Department of the Chinese Academy of Electric Power Sciences for three years from 2001 to 2003. he spent the next 20 years in BAIC, serving as assistant manager of assets finance department, deputy finance manager and finance manager of BAIC Holdings from December 2003 to December 2010. From December 2010 to June 2015, he served as Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Minister of Finance of BAIC Group, and was promoted to Deputy General Manager of BAIC Group in June 2015. During his tenure as deputy general manager of BAIC, Zhang Jianyong also served as director of Futian Automobile, executive director of Beijing Automobile Group Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., chairman of Beijing Automobile Group Finance Co., Ltd., and director of Beijing Hainachuan Automobile parts Co., Ltd. In November 2022, Zhang Jianyong was transferred to be a member of the party committee and deputy director of the Beijing State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and returned to head BAIC after only one year in office. It is not difficult to see that Zhang Jianyong is not only an experienced financial personnel, but also a professional veteran of the automobile industry. these experiences are beneficial to further deepen the reform of BAIC on the basis of Jiang Deyi and promote the stability of joint venture brands and independent brands.

Like many large automakers at present, BAIC has accelerated the rise of its own brands and its joint venture brands are declining, but at least BAIC has Beijing Mercedes-Benz. It can almost be said that "Beijing Mercedes-Benz is not worried about food and clothing". But as a Beijing state-owned enterprise, as a warship with both independence and joint venture, how to expand the advantages of the joint venture brand while ensuring the progress of its own brand It is also a problem that the new leader Zhang Jianyong needs to solve.

It is understood that in addition to Jiang Deyi, Zhang Xiyong, the current general manager of BAIC, has also passed the retirement age of 60, and who will take over as general manager to partner with Zhang Jianyong is also an outstanding issue to be solved.

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