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Guan Xuan! Personnel adjustment of Dongfeng Company

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On March 29, the General Research and Development Institute of Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd. held a cadre meeting. Dongfeng Motor Company announced the decision to adjust the members of the leading group of the General Research and Development Institute: talking about Min Qiang will no longer serve as Deputy Chief engineer, President, Party Committee Secretary and Party Committee member of Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd., and retire at the age. Yang Yanding was appointed President of the General Research and Development Institute of Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd., and no longer served as Vice President, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union of Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd. Tang Jing was appointed member, secretary and vice president of the Party Committee of the General Research and Development Institute of Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd.

It is understood that the Research and Development Institute of Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd. was established in November 2023, with a total investment of 520 million yuan, mainly responsible for the technical planning and R & D of passenger cars of the whole group. and is directly responsible for the product development of Dongfeng passenger car company and fierce automobile technology company.

At that time, officials said that the reform of the establishment of the General R & D Institute would form a "1R & D" R & D system. This is also another important measure for Dongfeng Company to further promote the "three-year action of transformation and upgrading" and speed up the realization of "scientific and technological transition" since Dongfeng Company implemented the new energy "transition action" of Dongfeng passenger vehicles and optimized the project management system and mechanism of new models.

On March 28, Dongfeng Company held a kick-off meeting of the commercial vehicle division. Zheng Hongyi, director of the organization department of the company's party committee and general manager of the human resources department, announced the decision to hold the post of a cadre of the commercial vehicle department: Zhou Xianpeng was also the general manager of the commercial vehicle department and the head of the preparatory group of the party committee of Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd.; Zhang Xiaofan, Li Junzhi and Lin Changbo were also deputy general managers of the commercial vehicle division of Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd. Chen Xiangyang was appointed deputy head of the preparatory group of the commercial vehicle department of Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd., head of the preparatory group of the discipline Inspection Commission; Wang Wei, director of the commercial vehicle business of the company, assisted the general manager of the commercial vehicle department to promote various management work.

At the same time, Dongfeng announced the implementation of the commercial vehicle "jump project" and the establishment of a commercial vehicle division, which will manage the business of Dongfeng Commercial vehicle Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Special Commercial vehicle Co., Ltd. (Dongfeng Huashen Automobile Co., Ltd.). Coordinate the management of Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd., promote the integration of commercial vehicle business in stages. Promote the centralized management of R & D, manufacturing and procurement, and finally realize the integrated operation of commercial vehicle business, improve the efficiency of resource utilization and synergy, and improve the market-oriented and future-oriented core competitiveness.

Yang Qing, chairman and party secretary of Dongfeng, said that the commercial vehicle business is Dongfeng's start-up business and housekeeping business. The establishment of the Commercial vehicle Division is to concentrate superior resources and return to the forefront of the industry. In addition, the meeting also announced that there are five working group leaders and deputy group leaders and cadres under the commercial vehicle division.

In fact, Dongfeng has promoted a number of important measures in the past two years, especially in its own brands and new energy vehicles. This year is the key year for Dongfeng Company to accelerate its transformation and upgrading. As a super-large automobile enterprise directly managed by the central government, Dongfeng Company's transformation and reform is imminent. It is worth looking forward to whether the integration of superior resources can bring new innovation to Dongfeng Company.

According to the plan, Dongfeng plans to launch 14 new energy passenger car models in 2024 and 2025. Dongfeng Group's overall sales target for this year is 2.7 million vehicles, an increase of 29% compared with the 2023 sales target. Among them, passenger vehicle sales target is 2.28 million, an increase of about 30.7% over 2023; commercial vehicle sales target is 420000, an increase of about 20.7% over 2023.

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