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Naha Automobile CEO: accept criticism and learn from Lei Jun

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Zhang Yong, CEO of Nashi Automobile, said on Weibo on March 31, "accept Lao Zhou's criticism and learn from Lei Jun in marketing. It's not shameful!" It said, "Nezha X, Nezha GT, Nezha S three models will be re-launched in the second half of the year! tell a good brand story, tell a good product highlights."

The thing is, on March 26th, Zhou Hongyi, founder of the Group, and Zhang Yong, CEO of Naha Automobile, jointly drove Nezhu L, which is about to be listed, to the expanding production base of Tongxiang. The entire live broadcast lasted as long as two hours. It is understood that Zhou Hongyi and Zhang Yong drove Nahan Automobile Tongxiang factory in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province from Shanghai, and visited the factory production line. Prior to this, Naha car hyped the live broadcast, which attracted the attention of the industry. However, what was supposed to be a live publicity campaign for Naha car campaign was criticized by Zhou Hongyi, while Zhang Yong had no choice but to smile bitterly and slightly depressed.

On his way to the factory, Zhou Hongyi bluntly criticized Zhang Yong: "the letters used in car naming are very strange, which makes consumers feel awkward and can't remember." you are always' high 'from marketing to product planning, which is not allowed. " In the face of Zhou Hongyi's criticism, Zhang Yong said helplessly, "many brands are also named in the same way, let's get out of the car," and the atmosphere in the car instantly dropped to a freezing point.

In fact, there is some truth in Zhou Hongyi's complaints. at present, there are many car models, such as U, V, S, X, L, etc. although these models are all named after letters, there are indeed many car companies in the market to do so. but there is no rule in the naming of the car model. U, V, S, X, L are neither the size of the model, nor the type of the model. What if you run out of 26 letters? In contrast to the ideal car, L9, L8, L7, L6 correspond to the product level size, or size, the product naming distinction is very obvious.

After arriving at Nahan Automobile Tongxiang factory, Zhou Hongyi and Zhang Yong visited the final assembly workshop, robot welding workshop, rainstorm testing, expansion of production line and other parts, while Zhou Hongyi was also outspoken. "I came to the factory live broadcast to see your official production line, not to come to such a new construction site under expansion, you don't understand anything," he said. Look at what Xiaomi (Lei Jun) demonstrated to you.... "" Car companies should show users the most advanced technology, such as the sprinkler system for vehicle rainstorm testing, which is now completely closed, cannot see the specific internal structure, should be made transparent in glass, and should learn from Xiaomi cars so that users can understand. "

Here, there is also a certain truth in what Zhou Hongyi said. There is really nothing to see in an expanding factory, and the disorganized old plant and construction site can not convey any message to the outside world. on the contrary, it lowers its image and grade during the whole live broadcast. On the contrary, the Xiaomi car factory emphasized by Zhou Hongyi is bright and automatic, in sharp contrast to the Nahan automobile factory.

Of course, Zhou Hongyi does not think that the car is useless, and he still agrees with the product power. After the trial ride in Naju L, Zhou Hongyi said he was more satisfied: "driving all the way on autopilot makes me feel like I can't tell whether it's self-driving or a real person. I'm used to Maybach interior space, such as refrigerator, color TV and big sofa. After experiencing wading, climbing, descending and other roads, the automatic parking function is still quite cool." In Zhou Hongyi's view, Nahan's team is too engineering. Although the technology is very solid, it is too introverted and conservative. It works for more than 10 points, and even shows less than 5 points. In other words, Naha car products have the power, but do not know how to publicize, starting from the consumer pain point.

Hezhong New Energy was founded in October 2014, and Naha Automobile is an electric vehicle brand of Hezhong New Energy. Zhang Yong, a former deputy general manager of BAIC New Energy and general manager of the marketing company, was hired as co-founder and CEO, hoping to lead Naga to break out of the world with his deep understanding of the new energy vehicle industry and rich knowledge of brand marketing.

In 2019, Hezhong New Energy ushered in two new shareholders-- Nanning Minsheng New Energy Industry Investment Partnership and Yichun Jinhe Equity Investment Co., Ltd., behind these two shareholders are Nanning SASAC and Yichun SASAC. With the support of SASAC, Naha's prospects are beginning to be optimistic. Later, Nahan received investment from 360 Group, but the cooperation between the two sides was announced to be broken in less than a year. In June, 2022, the Group announced the transfer of 3.53% of the shares of Naga Automobile for 0 yuan, and the transferee has the obligation to pay 1 billion yuan of investment to Naga Automobile. In 2022, 360 Group lost money for the first time, and pointed out in the financial report that the loss was caused by which car.

By 2023, life began to be difficult for Naha, with 127500 new cars delivered for the whole year, down 16.16% from the same period last year, while Nahu set a target of 150000 in 2023 and a sales target of 250000 at the beginning of the year, with a target completion rate of only 51%. After entering 2024, Nashi car has not improved, at the same time, there is also news that the factory has stopped production and the payment of year-end bonuses has been delayed.

On January 2, Zhang Yong, CEO of Nashi Automobile, made a summary and reflection on the poor performance in 2023, pointing out that there were five major problems in its operation in 2023, namely: the switch between new and old production was not well connected, and the rhythm was chaotic; the pricing of new products on the market was too high, although the adjustment was in place in the second half of the year, but the first opportunity was lost; the production of the lossmaking product line was greatly reduced; the way of communication is old and there are good things that cannot be said. The marketing headquarters is centralized and the management is weak.

For this situation, Zhang Yong also gives the direction of six major internal changes in 2024, namely: Zhang Yong personally serves as the general manager of the marketing company; do a good job in the listing of 5 SUV, Naxi L and crossover EP41; the adjustment of the existing product line and channel upgrading; the marketing system stands up and goes back to work; after two years of development, overseas markets have the basis to accelerate progress in 2024. Comprehensively improve marketing communication and user communication

The reversion of Zhou Hongyi's accusations, or suggestions, to Zhang Yong is quite pertinent. For a long time, top executives of Chinese car companies have rarely expressed their opinions publicly, perhaps influenced by the idea that they will lose their views if they talk too much, but in the current era of new energy vehicles, it is becoming more and more common for founders and investors to participate in marketing in person. Even Great Wall Chairman Wei Jianjun made his first voice on social platforms. As chairman of Xiaomi Group, more people who buy Xiaomi products are exaggerated by Lei Jun. His frequent voice and more friendly entrepreneur image during the product promotion period have accumulated a lot of young customers for Xiaomi. The same is true for Xiaomi cars, while Zhang Yong is obviously still too young and still needs to be "disciplined" in the consumer needs of users, knowing what users care about and what they need. In order to promote products that keep pace with the times.

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