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Cadillac "Coconut Wind" poster is a hot topic! Official response

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Recently, a group of posters about Cadillac warming up a new car have attracted a lot of attention on the Internet. The main reason for the popularity of the poster is that the official poster style is different from that of the past, and the publicity style adopted this time is full of coconut flavor.

In addition, the copy in the poster is more direct and clear, using a large number of simple and popular words to promote their new model proud song. For example, the use of: sorry Thor, we help you to make a good SUV less than 500000. Very American electric luxury SUV, never thought that umbrellas and awnings can be sold separately. We have electric sunshade curtains and do not need umbrellas in the car. I'm sorry, ao GE doesn't like to study. We are neither like Porsche nor Tesla, we just want to be ourselves and wait for the slogan.

It is not difficult to see that the operation of this wave of Cadillac is perfect to catch up with the heat of Xiaomi SU7. After all, Xiaomi SU7 has received unprecedented attention since its debut on March 28, with several pieces of news about Xiaomi SU7 appearing on Weibo's popular search list every day.

Some netizens commented on this: to be honest, this wave is not bad, the product point is clear at a glance, those reliable places of traditional car companies are reflected. Another netizen commented: with the release of Xiaomi su7, it has also made the car circle lively. I can feel that Xiaomi SU7 has brought a lot of pressure to my colleagues in the car industry.

Subsequently, Cadillac also posted a response: everyone's criticism and attention have been received one by one, but it is my turn to splash the sky this time! Give you a formal introduction to Cadillac pure electric IQ proud song! See you at Beijing Auto Show in April! We were just naughty!

With regard to the recent promotion of the popularity of Xiaomi SU7 by car companies, some industry insiders pointed out that with the current heat of Xiaomi cars, the topic of keeping up with the heat is indeed a good way to increase traffic. But it is worth noting that it may not be so easy to compete with Xiaomi cars. After all, Xiaomi SU7 is at the high point of attention and discussion, and other car companies do not have an advantage in terms of volume. The best way to deal with it is to stay out of the way for a while, wait for its fever to return to calm, and make follow-up policies. At this stage, if in order to promote their own models, simply to rub off a wave of traffic, this is also desirable.

Data show: the Cadillac promotion of proud song, positioning pure electric medium-sized SUV, based on Cadillac IQ Ortenon pure electric luxury platform development of the second SUV model, will be launched in April this year.

In terms of exterior and interior decoration, it is roughly similar to the IQ Ruige model. Body dimensions, Cadillac IQ Aogo length, width and height are 4822, 1912, and 1644mm respectively, wheelbase is 2954 mm. In terms of power, single-motor two-wheel drive and dual-motor four-wheel drive models are available. Among them, the maximum power of the single motor version is 150kW and 180kW, and the maximum power of the dual motor version is the front and rear motor of 143kW+70kW. Battery life: three versions of 536km, 600km and 615km are available for consumers to choose from.

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