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The latest sales list of new forces has been released.

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On April 1, the new car-building force released its March sales report as scheduled. According to the ranking compiled by the Tramway report, the new power won the championship again in March, surpassing the ideal car by a margin of more than 3000, with the former selling 31727 and the latter selling 28984 per month. In the context of the overall downturn in sales during the Spring Festival holiday, the overall sales of other car companies rebounded significantly, maintaining high growth compared with the same period last year and month-on-month.

QQ is the first brand to announce sales. Data show that AITO delivered 31727 new cars in March, surpassing ideal cars for three months in a row and becoming the top seller of car-building new power brands. Among them, the new M7 delivered 18479 vehicles a month, while the M9 just delivered 6243.

On the same day, the question world adjusted the new M7 rights and interests, the price of the M7 Plus rear-drive version starts at 229800 yuan, straight down 20, 000 yuan, but the original gift includes HUD head-up display, main driver's headrest stereo, electric suction door and crystal handle technology comfort package, which currently costs 15000 yuan to choose, that is to say, the actual price reduction is only 5000 yuan, and the M5 Plus all-wheel drive price remains the same. In addition, the new M7 smart car version, whether it is four or five, rear-drive or four-wheel drive has dropped by 10,000 yuan, and the above technology comfort packages are still available free of charge.

The new M7 will lower the purchase threshold, which will have a significant impact on the ideal car. In March, ideal delivered 28984 new cars, far below the 50, 000 delivery level estimated by Li Xiang. Earlier, ideal Motors announced a cut in its first-quarter delivery forecast, from 10-103000 to 7. 6-78000. Ideal actually delivered 80400 new cars in the first quarter, slightly exceeding expectations.

In addition to the attack on the M7, the main reason for the downgrade of the delivery guidelines for the ideal car is the setback on the listing of the ideal MEGA. Li wants to predict that the ideal MEGA is expected to become a new popular model of the ideal car, but the order volume falls far short of expectations after the launch, resulting in a slowdown in the growth of the ideal car. Li wants to admit in his internal letter that due to the chaotic rhythm of the ideal MEGA, the sales team has greatly reduced the time and effort to serve L-series users. In order to meet this challenge, ideal Automobile will focus on promoting the L-Series and will announce the ideal L6 price at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show. This is the first model of the ideal car that is less than 300000. It is intended to attack the new M7, but as the price of the new M7 has just been reduced, the road to the assault of the ideal L6 is bound to not be smooth.

Let's take a look at other new power companies. Xiaopeng Motor and Weilai did not perform very well in March, especially Xiaopeng Automobile, whose March sales were still less than 10,000, delivering only 9026 vehicles, of which the X9 delivered 3946. Although Xiaopeng is selling a large number of products, including P7, P5, G6, G9, X9, there are actually no popular models, the highest sales are pure electricity medium and large MPV--X9, while the G6, which was previously expected, has only been popular for half a year, and the newly rejuvenated G9 also failed to meet market expectations. On April 1, Xiaopeng announced a reduction in the price of the G9, up to 20, 000 yuan for the current car and 243900 yuan for the existing car after the subsidy.

As for Weilai, although it delivered more than ten thousand, but the name "Wei ten thousand" still did not get rid of. In March, Xilai delivered 11866 new cars, an increase of 14.3 percent over the same period last year and 45.9 percent month-on-month. 30053 vehicles were delivered in the first quarter, down 3.18 percent from the same period last year. Due to unwillingness to lower the positioning of luxury brands and reduce official prices to participate in the price war, Weilai chose to lower the threshold for consumers to buy cars in disguise by means of replacement subsidies and BaaS battery rental service program adjustment. On April 1st, Weilai launched a subsidy of up to 1 billion yuan for fuel truck replacement.

Zero running Automobile is the fourth new power company to be listed in Hong Kong after ideal Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile and Lulai, delivering 14567 new cars in March and 33410 in the first quarter. It is understood that the zero-running car went on sale on March 2, the C10, with a starting price of 128800 yuan. This medium-sized SUV provides more space and higher configuration, but the price is comparable to that of the compact SUV Song PLUS DM-i. Zhu Jiangming, chairman of Zero Auto, then said that Zero car sales this year can be ranked among the new car-building forces, at least one more.

Nezha lagged behind, delivering only 8317 vehicles in March, down 17.55 per cent from a year earlier, and 24434 in the first quarter, down 6.65 per cent from a year earlier. Officials say the Tongxiang plant in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, is being rebuilt and expanded, which has a big impact on output in March and April. According to the plan, Naxi L will go on sale in April, and it is also stepping up its marketing campaign in the face of recent sluggish sales. Not long ago, Zhou Hongyi, founder of the Group, and Zhang Yong, CEO of Naha Automobile, jointly broadcast live and put forward suggestions and opinions on Naha Automobile. Later, Zhang Yong responded on the social platform, "accept the criticism of Lao Zhou, marketing to learn from Lei Jun, not ashamed."

For other high-end brands of traditional car companies, the polar krypton market performed relatively well, delivering 13012 vehicles in March, up 95% from a year earlier, and 33059 in the first quarter, up 117% from a year earlier. The sales of extreme krypton are very good, mainly due to the new model 001, which went on sale on February 27 with a price of 269000 yuan, and is set to exceed 30, 000 vehicles in the first month on the market.

As for the leader in new energy vehicles, BYD sold 302459 vehicles wholesale in March, up 46% from a year earlier, and 626263 in the first quarter, up 13% from a year earlier. After the Spring Festival of the year of the Dragon, BYD Dynasty and Ocean net launched a number of glorious models, including Qin PLUS, Destroyer 05, Han Family, Tang DM-i, Seal DM-i, Song PLUS, Song Pro, Dolphin, of which Qin PLUS and Destroyer 05 were sold only 79800. The market believes that under the background of the slowdown in the overall new energy vehicle market, BYD needs to seize the market share of fuel vehicles in the market of less than 200000 yuan, and the price for quantity has become the most direct means for BYD, while the market above 200000 yuan strives for sales breakthrough and seeks overseas business increments to support sales growth.

China's new power pattern has quietly changed, the former "Wei Xiaoli" has been broken, the ideal car and the world of inquiry are competing for the title of new power, and other new power brands are constantly looking for their own position in the market. On April 1, nearly 10 car brands launched a new policy of limited time and preferential car purchase to cope with the price competition in the car market.

Admittedly, the market competition in 2024 will only be fiercer. The competition between brands is not only reflected in the price, but also in the competition of product power, technological innovation and service experience. Of course, for consumers, price reduction can still stimulate the acceptance of new energy vehicles, more choices and better experience is undoubtedly the biggest dividend brought by this competition, the new energy vehicle market will continue to grow.

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