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Make a big move! Xiaomi Automobile released the first batch of media evaluation

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Since Lei Jun announced the car-building, Xiaomi car-building has attracted a lot of attention. With the launch of Xiaomi's first model, the SU7, on March 28th, the popularity of Xiaomi cars in the market has only increased, and it has frequently boarded the hot search sites on Weibo. In addition to the online heat continues to rise, the offline heat is also very hot. According to a number of Xiaomi stores, the number of interviews in a single day is nearly 10000, and it is normal to test-drive at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning.

It is understood that Xiaomi SU7 launched on March 28th, the new car positioning in large pure electric cars, a total of three models. Among them, the standard version is priced at 215900 yuan, equipped with a single motor, 5.28s zero-hundred acceleration, and a CLTC range of 700km. The SU7 Pro version of Xiaomi costs 245900 yuan. The difference between the Pro version and the standard version lies in the addition of 20.7kWh batteries, lidar, and Xiaomi Max city NOA. Xiaomi SU7 Max version costs 299900 yuan, its performance and control is stronger than the previous two versions, with 2.78s zero hundred acceleration, 265km/h top speed, continuous flight up to 800km CLTC.

As soon as the car hit the market, official data showed that Xiaomi SU7 opened the reservation after the launch, and the new car was set to break 10, 000 in 4 minutes, 20, 000 in 7 minutes, 50, 000 in 27 minutes, and 88898 on the first day. As of yesterday, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun revealed that since the launch of Xiaomi SU7, the number of Dazhuang has exceeded 100000.

It has to be said that such a decisive achievement is unprecedented in the automobile industry. Of course, the auto industry is concerned that Xiaomi SU7 can be so popular and Xiaomi Group in the mobile phone, smart home appliances and other industries laid down by the reputation and user accumulation has a certain relationship. In addition, it is closely linked with Xiaomi's marketing strategy and price. As the founder of Xiaomi Automobile, Lei Jun not only has its own traffic halo but also has strong connections. The launch of Xiaomi SU7 alone invited several bosses of auto companies to support it.

In addition, before the release of the new car, Xiaomi officials and Lei Jun made a lot of announcements about Xiaomi SU7, and you can often see the content about Xiaomi SU7 on Weibo. In the price link that the public is concerned about, Lei Jun has done a lot of groundwork, comparing Porsche and Tesla many times, making the public feel that the price is not cheap, so that when the price is announced, it will naturally be more easily accepted by the public. In terms of the delivery of the first batch of car owners, Lei Jun also did it himself, and even opened the door for the car owners, making the first batch of car owners full of praise ceremony.

Today, Xiaomi officially made a big move, announcing the first media evaluation of Xiaomi SU7 on Weibo. According to the official auto media, they are all well-known automotive media in China, including Auto House, understanding Auto Emperor, Yi car, Pacific Automotive, Tencent Automobile, NetEase Automobile, Sohu Automobile, New Travel and so on.

Automobile House evaluates Xiaomi SU7: this is not the performance of the first product of a car, even among all the trams that have been driven in China, his performance is absolutely one of the best, intelligent cockpit, proper first echelon, if you are a user of Xiaomi ecology, the sense of experience is even more direct.

Understand the car emperor: Xiaomi car is really seriously building their first car, to meet the performance needs of performance car enthusiasts, but also allows the vast majority of consumers to drive easily and comfortably, absolutely not boring.

Change of car: handling, comfort, intelligence, is one of the representatives of domestic car brands.

Pacific Automotive: the appearance is very individual and does not follow the crowd; it is one of the best in a car with the same hardware quality; in terms of intelligent ecology, it is also very scalable and playable. generally speaking, it is a car full of details and surprises.

Tencent car: the biggest difference between SU7 and other domestic electric cars is that the switch response is very fast, which is very valuable for a sports car; the steering is very accurate, indicating where to hit, and the car body follows very well.

NetEase car: this is a car that drives very well and makes you feel very enjoyable. it is not just a pile of materials, but through effective integration to create a respectable work.

Sohu Automobile: after working in automotive media, my enthusiasm for cars will indeed be reduced a lot. Few cars can excite me at once, but Xiaomi SU7 is such a car.

New trip: the intelligent cockpit makes a systematic thinking about light interaction, human security and heavy application, and thinks about the future expansion and application compatibility based on the surging OS. Xiaoai Voice vehicle and Mijia equipment interconnection is very perfect, which brings 0 delay and 0 level interactive experience.

From the evaluation of several media, for Xiaomi SU7 is very optimistic. So, what do people think?

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