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Lei Jun: now everyone looks at Xiaomi SU7 with a magnifying glass. There is a lot of pressure.

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Recently, a netizen posted a video about Xiaomi founder Lei Jun riding on the blue millet SU7 Max on the delivery day of Xiaomi SU7. As soon as the video was issued, it also triggered speculation among netizens on whether the screws fell off after the vehicle. From the video, you can indeed see a small white attachment falling from the rear wheel of the vehicle while it is moving.

In response to netizens' speculation, Xiaomi PR Wang Hua said in a personal Weibo post that: after on-site investigation, there were delivery ceremony material particles on the ground, which were rolled by the rear wheel and adhered to the tire, and then fell naturally and was recorded by video. Please rest assured that the vehicle screw did not fall off, and thank the careful netizens for their discovery.

Later, Lei Jun also forwarded Wang Hua's response and commented: "everyone is looking at Xiaomi SU7 with a magnifying glass. We are under a lot of pressure. But many problems with magnifying glass may not be a problem. Everyone has time to take a closer look."

In this regard, some netizens commented: the car is not a bicycle, the small screw on it is not screwed up, it must be rivet welding technology, besides, I have never heard of a car dropping a small screw.

Another netizen said: this is really normal. It is perfectly normal for the materials for the on-site delivery ceremony to be glued to the tires, and there is nothing to make a fuss about. To tell you the truth, Xiaomi car is really too hot, hot search constantly, related to the size of the SU7, as Lei Jun said, "magnified", as long as the millet car comes out, it will basically be a hot search. Lei Jun is a marketing master, netizens are rubbing heat, Xiaomi car homeopathy hot search. It's really wonderful!

Indeed, as netizens said, since the listing of Xiaomi SU7, there has been a steady stream of offline store visits and reservations for test driving.

Earlier, some netizens exposed that the car seat surface of the millet showroom appeared slurry, drum bags and other wear and tear. From the pictures exposed on the Internet, the seat surface of the vehicle was blackened, and some netizens even photographed the peeling phenomenon on the seat surface of the test drive.

In response, Xiaomi showroom sales staff responded: if the white seat chooses the Max version, the material is not Nappa cowhide, but pure natural material, its wear resistance is lower than synthetic leather. As about 5,000 to 6,000 people test ride the exhibition car every day, this has far exceeded the wear and tear degree used by normal families. At the same time, it also said that the exhibition car is a little dirty, because if users wear jeans on light-colored seats, there will be some stains on them.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi official also responded to the seat: Xiaomi SU7 display seats are made of 2Nappa dermis, the dermis is a natural material, this kind of material has a generality, if squeezed for a long time will cause the fibrous tissue inside the dermis to be stretched, at this time the cortex needs to "take a rest", that is, after the pressure disappears, the fibrous tissue will slowly return to a tight state. In addition, officials also pointed out that in the early days of the launch of Xiaomi SU7, the popular stores, the seat fabric for a long time high-strength extrusion deformation, there is no effective recovery time, resulting in slight deformation of the seat surface. As long as after a period of time, the seat surface will naturally return to a tight state. Officials also stressed that the millet SU7 production car, under the Nappa dermis also uses a high-density composite sponge, more effectively enhance the rebound performance of the dermis.

As for the case of "wrapped pulp" in the seats, officials pointed out that some of the exhibition seats experienced high-frequency rides of thousands of people in a single day, which was caused by untimely cleaning. Millet SU7 leather seat, the surface of all increased anti-dirt auxiliaries, if there is dirt, only need to use a special cleaning liquid treatment, can be restored as new. Finally, officials also said that Xiaomi SU7's seat assembly has undergone rigorous testing, with 25000 import and export durability tests alone, far higher than the industry standard of 15000 (QCT 740s). Please rest assured to use the seat with the whole car warranty.

Related information shows that Xiaomi SU7 is Xiaomi's first model, which went on sale on March 28th. The new car positioning pure electric sedan, a total of three models, the price range of 215900-299900 yuan. In terms of sales volume, the market is a popular style. Official figures show that the number of people in SU7 has exceeded 100000 and the number of locked orders has exceeded 40, 000.

Of course, popularity is a good thing, but it is also followed by a series of problems. From Xiaomi's official Weibo, we can see that the official answer to netizens' questions has gone to the eighth episode. In addition to responding to netizens' questions, order delivery or Xiaomi car will face the biggest problem right now. It is understood that at present, the delivery cycle of Xiaomi SU7 has been further extended, and the pick-up time of some models is up to nearly 8 months. Such a long pick-up time will naturally become a factor affecting customers to place orders.

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