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23-330000! Zhiji L6 pre-sale

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On April 8, Zhiji L6, a new model of Zhiji, was officially released, with a total of three configured models with a pre-sale range of RMB 2300-330000, among which the solid-state battery version was named Zhiji L6 Max Lightyear version. It is understood that the Zhiji L6 is the fourth model of Zhiji, positioning medium and large pure electric cars, with a brand-new design in appearance and interior, and is the first model in the industry to be equipped with ultra-fast charging solid state batteries.

In terms of appearance, Zhiji L6 continues the family design style in appearance design, which is very similar to Zhiji LS6. The front face is still designed with the closed grille commonly used in pure electric vehicles, and the shape of the headlight group is sharp, which further enhances the momentum of the front face. In addition, the C-shaped diversion groove is equipped with a narrow strip trapezoidal air intake, and there is a small front shovel around the bottom, which visually enhances the motion sense of the whole vehicle. In terms of body color, Zhiji L6 has launched six colors: Athena White, Ares Black, Raphael Tea, Ferdinand Powder, Sisley Yellow and Rembrandt Grey.

On the side of the car body, the Zhiji L6 adopts a slip-back design similar to that of the Zhiji L7, and the sedan car model with a hidden door handle has outstanding visual effect, and the side layout is also relatively smooth, basically without edges and corners. In terms of size, the Zhiji L6 and Zhiji L7 are also positioned as medium and large cars, but they are slightly smaller, with 4931/1960/1474mm in length, width and height and 2950 mm wheelbase.

In the rear part, the Zhiji L6 uses mainstream penetrating taillights, surrounded by black trim panels and longitudinal fog lights, echoing the diversion groove style of the front face, and the taillights also continue the LED screen that appears on Zhiji LS6, which can simply interact with the rear car or pedestrians with patterns and other elements.

In terms of interior decoration, the Zhiji L6 still continues the family-style full-frame digital cockpit, with a 26.3-inch connected screen and a 10.5-inch touch screen running through the center console, while the sub-instrument console is equipped with a LS6 LCD touch screen with a storage slot for the mobile phone and wireless charging function at the bottom of the screen. The Zhiji L6 uses a half-spoke steering wheel, the air conditioning outlet uses a more flat design, and there are few physical buttons in the car.

In terms of assisted driving, Zhiji LS6 also uses a lidar solution (all-system standard) and Nvidia Orin X chip, which can achieve high-level driving assistance functions, including ACC adaptive cruising, lane center maintenance, city navigation (NOA) and so on. Zhiji also announced that IMAD (Zhiji Intelligent driving Assistance system) has launched the city navigation (NOA) function without a map plan, which has been first launched in Shanghai in the first quarter of this year, will start public testing in the second quarter, and plans to start mass production in the third quarter, and will be launched nationwide in the fourth quarter.

In terms of power, Zhiji L6 will provide single-motor and dual-motor versions, in which the maximum power of single-motor version is 216kW, and the maximum power of dual-motor version is 200kW and 379kW respectively. According to the tax-free catalogue, the new car will provide batteries with 90kWh and 100kWh capacity and 700/720/750/770km mileage, respectively. At the same time, officials announced that the new car will also take the lead in carrying solid-state batteries, and its CLTC pure electric range will exceed the 1000km.

As a medium and large pure electric car, Zhiji L6 has many competitors, such as BYD Han EV, Avita 12, Polar Krypton 007001, Zhijie S7, Red Flag EH7, Xiaomi SU7 and so on, especially Xiaomi SU7. As the current traffic king of the automobile industry, Xiaomi SU7 officially went on sale on March 28th. The price of the two-wheel drive version is 21.59-245900 yuan, and the price of the four-wheel drive version is 299900 yuan. Zhiji L6 directly regards Xiaomi SU7 Max as a competitor, which even leads to a public opinion crisis.

Zhiji Automobile is a high-end new energy brand of SAIC Group, jointly built by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba. SAIC is the controlling shareholder, established in December 2020, and the first model, the Zhiji L7, was launched in April 2021. According to the official website, Zhiji currently sells three models, including L7, LS7 and LS6, of which LS6 is responsible for the sales of Zhiji, which went on sale in October 2023 with an official guidance price of 229900 yuan.

Retail data show that from November 2023 to February 2024, Zhiji's LS6 sales were 4612, 9878, 8158, 3627 and 1220, respectively, while LS7 sales remained at around 500, while L7 monthly sales were basically no more than 100, which was very dismal. As the fourth production car of Zhiji, Zhiji L6 has advantages in pricing and configuration, but whether it can bear the banner of Zhiji's sales remains to be verified.

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