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Xiaomi is angry! Zhiji car apologizes

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On the evening of April 8, Zhiji held a new car press conference and announced that the pre-price of the Zhiji L6 is 23-330000 yuan. It is understood that the Zhiji L6 is the fourth model of Zhiji, with a pre-price of 23-330000 yuan and a comprehensive alignment of Xiaomi SU7 Max. However, Zhiji Automobile mismarked the relevant parameters when introducing the product, which immediately caused controversy.

It is understood that Zhiji announced at the launch of the new car of Zhiji L6, "Xiaomi SU7 Max uses front IGBT and rear silicon carbide electric drive, while Zhiji L6 uses front and rear double silicon carbide electric drive." At 10:00 that evening, Pan Xiaowen, Xiaomi automobile product manager, said in a post, "Xiaomi SU7 is full of silicon carbide, which is not only silicon carbide for front and rear electric drive, but also silicon carbide for car charger (OBC) and thermal management system compressor."

With the ferment of public opinion, Liu Tao, co-CEO of Zhiji, posted an apology on the personal social platform: "due to the wrong research results of the product information, there was an information error at the press conference. Xiaomi SU7, like Zhiji L6, uses SIC silicon carbide module for both front and rear motors. Xiaomi SU7 is indeed a competitive teammate we respect very much! here, I sincerely apologize to Xiaomi Automobile and everyone."

A spokesman for Xiaomi posted Weibo successively on Weibo: "Zhiji mislabeled the key parameters of Xiaomi SU7 Max at the press conference, resulting in extremely serious negative impact." Zhiji, as a holding subsidiary of SAIC, should have such a fallacy, whether it is its lack of professional ability or its intention to spread rumors and smear. We have completed the collection of evidence and are ready to defend our legitimate rights and interests with the help of legal weapons, and urge Zhiji to immediately publicly clarify and formally apologize to the public misled by it. "

Xiaomi does not recognize Liu Tao's apology, saying it is too understated to highlight its attitude towards the incident and to show respect for Xiaomi's car-building. As a result, a spokesman for Xiaomi continued to issue a statement demanding that Zhiji make a public apology and stressed that "We do not accept informal apologies that are understated by individuals." For Zhiji company's recent repeated harassment, smear behavior, our tolerance is limited. We firmly believe that Zhiji's unreasonable, illegal and undignified behavior is totally not in line with SAIC's corporate culture, values and industry status, nor with the historical trend of the United development of China's new energy vehicles. If we do not get a formal public apology from Zhiji, we will use legal weapons to protect our rights and interests. " At the same time, Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi Group's public relations department, forwarded Weibo, saying, "this is the last time we urge and respond to this! we will adopt legal weapons to protect our rights and interests."

In the early morning, Zhiji Automobile official WeChat issued a letter of apology: "during the just-concluded launch of the Zhiji L6 super smart car, during the introduction of Xiaomi SU7 products, which were recently discussed about peer traffic, due to the omission of the team's content review, resulting in a mismarking of key parameters and the negative impact on Xiaomi cars, Zhiji brand apologized deeply and sincerely apologized to all fans and users."

Zhiji and Xiaomi event timeline:

1. During the launch of the Zhiji L6 super smart car at 20:00 on April 7, there was a data error in the display of the PPT.

23:04 on April 7, under online public opinion, Zhiji CEO Liu Tao posted a Weibo apology for the incident.

At 23:24 on April 7, a spokesman for Xiaomi released the first Weibo, clarifying that Xiaomi SU7 is global silicon carbide and asking Zhiji to make a public apology.

A spokesman for Xiaomi released a second Weibo post at 23:38 on April 7, saying that "informal apologies understated by individuals will not be accepted."

A spokesman for Xiaomi released a third Weibo post at 00:10 on April 8, asking Zhiji to make a public apology, and this is the last time to respond to the matter.

00:47 on April 8, Zhiji's official Weibo issued a letter of apology.

As for the parameters of the wrong products marked by Zhiji car, it was recovered by Xiaomi Company, and there are several points in the process of this incident that deserve to be studied in depth:

1. First of all, Zhiji, as a subsidiary of SAIC, mismarked the parameters of Xiaomi SU7 Max on such an important occasion as Zhiji's L6 new car launch. It is hard to believe that this is a temporary oversight. After all, the speech of the press conference will certainly go through layers of review, and we do not rule out that this is a wave of "hot" behavior. Of course, this is only speculation. After all, this behavior is undoubtedly an operation of "killing one thousand enemies and damaging oneself eight hundred".

Second, this incident is completely Zhiji's mistake, Dafang can admit the mistake, but in the face of Xiaomi's righteous words, "Automotive Industry concern" found that Zhiji issued an apology letter, but is still promoting its own products, which mentioned that "Xiaomi SU7 Max version of the motor before and after the use of SIC silicon carbide module, consistent with Zhiji L6, are the industry's top technical modules."

3. Auto Industry concern found that although Zhiji's apology letter has been changed, it is the chapter of Zhiji Automotive Public Relations Department, which is also rare in the industry.

On the evening of April 9, Zhiji made another public apology. Zhiji said, "subjectively, there is no malicious smear intention, let alone to challenge the gigantic traffic of Xiaomi cars." Auto Industry concern noted that this time it is finally the official seal of Zhiji Automobile.

To be fair, the listing of Xiaomi SU7 has indeed moved the cheese of many car companies!

"Xiaomi Automobile has completed numerous and complicated vehicle and parts experiments and verification plans in three years, which is difficult to complete without four or five years according to the pace of R & D and testing by large companies," Liu Tao, CEO of Zhiji, said on April 6. At the same time, he also said that Internet companies can achieve such efficient and high-speed implementation, there is indeed a trot, I feel excited. " In other words, it is revealed that Xiaomi Automobile is not a whole car factory, but an assembly plant. Lei Jun also responded to this. He said that Xiaomi has 14 years of entrepreneurial experience and accumulation, and formed a very reliable R & D team, the key is that the foundation of China's industrial chain is very good, very perfect.

On April 8, Liu Tao said at the launch site of Zhiji's L6 new car, "in such an inward market, the competition is so fierce that we feel that we want to introduce real innovation and really powerful technology to our users." in fact, we still face great challenges, because everyone seems to be frantically embracing traffic, but in fact, the truth of technology may not be in the hands of traffic. As we all know, after the release of Xiaomi SU7, Xiaomi Automobile has become the traffic king of the automobile industry, while Liu Tao said that "the truth of technology may not be in the hands of traffic". In other words, Xiaomi Automobile does not have core technology.

Let's talk about Zhiji cars. The starting point of Zhiji Automobile is not low. It is a high-end new energy brand jointly built by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba. SAIC is the controlling shareholder, and the company was established in December 2010. the first model, the Zhiji L7, was released and listed in April 2021, with official guidance starting at 299900 yuan. Since then, Zhiji has launched LS7 and LS6 models one after another, of which LS6 went on sale in October 2023 with an official guidance price of 229900 yuan. Data show that Zhiji sold 38253 cars in 2023, of which 22883 were sold by LS6, which just went on sale.

After entering 2024, the competition in the automobile industry has entered a white-hot stage, and the survival of the fittest, shutdown and merger of automobile brands will continue to be staged. Only the head enterprises with good products, strong technology, large scale and fast output can survive and develop in the fierce market competition. No matter which car company it is, the real goal is the long-term development in the future. at the same time, it should be in awe of industry planning, compete healthily with other car companies, and constantly improve in products, technology and so on. As far as Zhiji car is concerned, it may be "far ahead" of Xiaomi car in terms of technology and configuration, but why Xiaomi car has extravagant and rich traffic, while Zhiji car does not seem to have much sense of existence. In the end, the technology is available and the configuration is also very high, but the sales volume is not going up, and the problems in it are worth thinking deeply.

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