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What's your Chinese name? Dongfeng Honda e:NS2 official picture released

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On April 10, Dongfeng Honda officially released a set of official drawings of e:NS2 models, and officially announced that e:NS2 also has a Chinese name, but has not yet released a specific name.

The Dongfeng Honda e:NS2 is the second pure electric model launched by the Honda eArchitecture N brand after the e:NS1. It is based on the Honda pure electricity architecture "ERV N Honda F". It is a sister model to the GAC Honda e:NP2, but from the previous models unveiled at the Guangzhou auto show, the two cars are obviously different in appearance. According to the plan, the e:NS2 model will be officially launched during the 2024 Beijing Auto Show.

In terms of appearance, Dongfeng Honda e:NS2 adopts sharp blade shape and sharp moving line design, with a sharp and straight waistline extending from the front to the rear, and a hatchback design for the rear door. Specifically, the front face of the new car is designed with through-type daytime driving lights and rotary dart lights, and the brand LOGO supports lighting, with a high overall recognition and a very young attribute at the same time.

On the side of the body, the rear half of the new car adopts a more sporty slip-back design, coupled with the proportion of the door to the side window, which looks more like a cross-border model. in addition, the new car will also be equipped with hidden door handles, low-resistance rims and so on. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4788/1838/1570mm, the wheelbase is 2735mm, and the sedan car is located in pure electric hunting equipment. In the rear part of the car, the new car taillight design echoes with the headlight group, using the popular penetrating design, with broken lines on both sides, and the rear enclosure echoes with the front enclosure.

In the interior part, the previous information shows that the new car adopts the minimalist design style, and the front row of the intelligent cabin is a penetrating design. The new car is not equipped with the touch shift of the concept car, but uses the traditional button shift mechanism. In addition, the new car is equipped with a large-size HUD, a new "Smart Guide connected Honda CONNECT 4.0" and a safe driving assistance system "Safety Supersense Honda SENSING 360". In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with ternary lithium-ion battery, battery capacity 68.8kWh, motor output maximum power 150kW.

In April 2022, Honda China launched two pure electric models, the e:NP1/e:NS1, which are also sister models under the eDren brand, the former by Dongfeng Honda and the latter by Guangzhou Auto Honda, targeting the small pure electric SUV, but sales of the two models have been sluggish since their launch. Retail data show that Dongfeng Honda e:NS1 sold 17591 vehicles from January to March, while Guangzhou Auto Honda e:NP1 sold 150 vehicles.

In order to reverse the decline, Dongfeng Honda will also launch the Lingzhi L model in September. Lingzhi, launched in September 2023, is a new energy brand under Dongfeng Honda and the first new energy brand for the Chinese market launched by Japanese brands in the Chinese market. It is understood that "Lingzhi" brand has a new LOGO logo, its products will be based on the new pure electricity platform production, product positioning, target users, market pricing and so on are significantly different from the e:NS pure electricity brand. Among them, "Lingzhi L" will be the brand's first model, positioning car model. At that time, Dongfeng Honda said the car was "dominated by young people and designed for young people". It was the first new energy concept car designed by Dongfeng Honda led by a young team.

Finally, everyone thinks that after the launch of two pure electric models, e:NS2 and Lingzhi L, Dongfeng Honda can make a comeback this year.

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