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Zhiji car issued a report letter!

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Zhiji posted a "report letter" on its official Weibo at noon on April 11. In the "report letter", Zhiji said it had suffered organized cyber violence and traffic bullying since April 9, and hoped that the relevant authorities would severely punish the organized cyber violence.

The cause of the incident was related to the error in marking the information of Xiaomi SU7 auxiliary drive power module at the press conference of Zhiji L6 new car, which caused a storm of public opinion. On April 8, Zhiji held a new car conference and announced that its fourth model, the Zhiji L6, was priced at 23 yuan to 330000 yuan. But at the press conference, Zhiji mismarked the relevant parameters when introducing the product, which immediately caused controversy.

Zhiji Automobile said in the "report letter" that it found an error after the press conference and immediately clarified and apologized through the Weibo certification of the press conference spokesman and joint CEO of Zhiji Automobile. Since then, under the circumstances that the "@ Xiaomi spokesman" Weibo account issued three official responses and fiercely used derogatory terms with moral harm, such as "intentionally spreading rumors, smearing, harassing, and disgraceful", Zhiji still issued two more clarification and apology letters on April 9, in line with the sincere attitude of respecting Xiaomi officials and correcting their mistakes.

Unfortunately, Zhiji has suffered organized cyber violence and traffic bullying since April 9: 1. Zhiji's official broadcast room, official account comment area, and dealers' live rooms focus on the use of insults, slanders and personal attacks. All kinds of harassment 2. A large number of very similar content with sensational headlines have also appeared on various major network platforms, trying to distort and discredit the product technological innovation announced at the launch of Zhiji's new L6 car. It even carried out personal attacks on Zhiji car owners and the two speakers at the press conference. It seriously interferes with the production and operation activities of Zhiji automobile and its dealers, seriously affects the product image of Zhiji automobile brand and Zhiji L6, and causes extremely bad influence and irreparable loss.

Zhiji Automobile said that these organized cyber violence have no bottom line and despicable means, manipulate public opinion and confuse black and white, smear and negate the technological innovation achievements of enterprises for many years, which violate the basic principles of good faith and fair competition in the market. it will also deal a serious blow to the public opinion environment and value orientation of independent innovation in China's automobile industry. Therefore, I urge the relevant competent authorities of the state to, according to the attached evidence materials: 1, identify such organized cyber violence, severely punish organizers and upstream and downstream coordinators; 2, disclose the nature of this cyber violence, maintain clear cyberspace and create a good business network environment.

"with regard to the mismarking of Xiaomi SU7 configuration parameters at Zhiji L6 press conference, after three formal apologies, there were a large number of harassment behaviors involving the use of insults, slander and personal attacks in Zhiji's official broadcast rooms, official account comment areas and dealers' live rooms," Zhiji said in an official statement on April 10. In addition, Zhiji Automobile pointed out: "in the face of such rampant cyber bullying, we feel strong indignation, if necessary, we will continue to publish these cyber violence."

The so-called "cyber violence" refers to the behaviors that abuse, attack, insult and slander the victims with the help of the Internet carrier, and threaten or adversely affect the parties' right to privacy, personal security and their normal life. To this end, the Central Internet Information Office, in conjunction with the annual "Qinglang" series of special actions, regards cyber violence as an important task in the "Qinglang" series of special actions.

It is understood that Zhiji Automobile was founded on December 25, 2020, jointly established by SAIC and the governments of Alibaba and Zhangjiang, to position high-end intelligent electric vehicle brands. In May 2022, Zhiji launched its first model, Zhiji L7, backed by the fame of SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba. The car once attracted a high degree of market attention at the beginning of its listing, and then launched Zhiji LS7 and Zhiji LS6.

But in fact, as a subsidiary of SAIC, Zhiji Automobile's starting point is not low, but it has been lukewarm in the auto market. The data show that the total annual sales of Zhiji cars in 2023 is 38253, which is far from that of mainstream car companies. "how to achieve a breakthrough in quality vector" is still an urgent problem to be solved.

At present, Zhiji L6, the fourth model of Zhiji, has only announced the pre-price. Whether Zhiji can succeed or not, it will take time to test it.

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