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Zhijie S7 is listed from 249800 yuan.

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April 11, the new Zhijie S7 officially launched, a total of five new models, continue to offer two-wheel-drive version and four-wheel-drive version of the choice of models, the price range of 24.98-349800 yuan. As a modified model, the new Zhijie S7 is mainly aimed at price, range, main intelligent driving and other aspects of adjustment, all using Ningde era ternary lithium battery, greatly improve the performance-to-price ratio of the basic model.

The intelligent driving ability of the new Zhijie S7 has been improved. The basic version of Huawei's visual smart driving HUAWEI ADS (without lidar), which is installed in the first entry model of the intelligent S7 Pro, does not rely on the foundation of lidar and high-precision map, relies on the pure vision scheme to collect the road condition information around the vehicle, and can realize the pilotage assistance driving function in the high speed and urban expressway, and the intelligent parking can also realize the parking function of multi-scene. Users can also choose to park at the front or rear. As for the Wisdom S7 Max version, it is equipped with the same 192-line lidar of the M9, which has been further improved in terms of smart driving.

More importantly, the battery pack of Zhijie S7 Pro has been upgraded from 62 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack (Jiangsu era) to 82 kwh lithium iron phosphate + ternary lithium battery pack (Ningde era), and the comprehensive mileage of CLTC has been increased from the original 550km to 705km, greatly improving the performance-to-price ratio of entry-level models.

In addition, the new Wisdom S7 has also been improved in terms of active security, in which the effective range of the forward active security AEB has been extended to 4km HMJ 150km HMAE with a maximum braking speed of 120km/h. The effective scope of lateral active risk aversion is extended to 40km/h-130km/h, which can actively identify water horses, rows of cones, roadsides, stationary and dynamic pedestrians, static and dynamic vehicles. The effective scope of backward active safety AEB is extended to 1km/h-60km/h, which can actively identify pedestrians, moving two-wheeled vehicles and cross-crossing vehicles, and reduce the probability of accidents.

A brief review of the design, the new Zhijie S7 in the appearance of no great change, the appearance of the new OneBox design, the visual effect is relatively simple. The front face is designed with a closed grille, the LED headlights are fused with the through-type daily lights, and the front of the engine hatch is marked with the English word "LUXEED", which is highly recognizable in visual effect, while the raised parts on both sides of the engine cabin cover also create a certain sense of muscle.

The new car is equipped with hidden door handles, rimless doors, lightweight 21-inch double five-spoke rims and Brembo brake calipers, showing a strong sense of movement. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4971/1963/1477mm, wheelbase is 2930mm, positioning pure electric medium and large sedan sports car. Although the size is not particularly prominent, thanks to the OneBox styling design, the actual interior space is larger than the Mercedes-Benz E-Class long wheelbase version and the Porsche Taycan.

The rear part of the car adopts the popular through-type rear light group, which echoes with the headlights, and the rear door of the trunk has a design similar to the duckling tail. The lower enclosure does not use the exaggerated diffuser shape, but uses a segmented chrome strip and suspension design. In addition, the new car has the Chery logo on the lower left and the "Wisdom S7" logo on the lower right, with a high degree of overall recognition.

In terms of interior decoration, the new Zhijie S7 is equipped with a 12.3in full LCD dashboard and an oversized central control screen, equipped with a HarmonyOS 4 car system, a smarter voice assistant, and a smart voice assistant Xiaoyi that is also connected to the Huawei Pangu model, as well as features such as Nearlink next-generation wireless transmission. In addition, the Zhijie S7 is equipped with a 2.6-square-meter panoramic canopy, which extends to the rear windshield, enhancing the advanced sense of the new car. In configuration, the Zhijie S7 copilot provides zero gravity seats, hidden refrigerators, double 50W wireless super fast charging, three 66W super fast charging, front and rear seats heating / ventilation and so on.

In terms of power, the Zhijie S7 offers single-motor rear-drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive options, of which the maximum power of the motor rear-drive version is 215 kW (292 horsepower); the all-wheel drive version has a comprehensive power of 365 kW (496 hp) and a peak torque of 679 Nm, the official 100km acceleration time is only 3.3 seconds, and the 100km / h braking distance is as low as 33.5 m.

In terms of battery life, the Zhijie S7 is equipped with the industry's thinnest 800V high voltage battery pack, which comes from Ningde era and provides an optional battery pack with a capacity of 82kwh and 100kwh, in which the rear-drive model CLTC has a range of 705km and 855km respectively, and the four-wheel drive model CLTC has a range of 630km and 751km respectively.

It is understood that Zhijie is a brand jointly built by Chery and Huawei, while the Zhijie S7 is the first model under Zhijie and the first car under Hongmeng Zhihang. It went on sale in November 2023, with a price starting at 249800 yuan, but for various reasons, the Zhijie S7, built in cooperation with Chery, failed to replicate the popularity of the world. The reason for the low profile is not that no one is interested, but that the delivery promise has been delayed. Smart S7 has been in delivery difficulties since its launch, and consumers are dissatisfied with repeated delays in delivery, denouncing Wisdom on the Internet. It is understood that the delay in delivery of the intellectual S7 is related to core components, and there is also a problem of poor coordination of collaborative R & D mechanisms between Chery and Huawei.

In this regard, Chery has carried out organizational adjustment, further upgraded the Wisdom Division to an independent Division, and increased the degree of attention. According to reports, at present, Huawei is mainly focused on the capacity climbing of new factories in the intellectual world. In addition, Wisdom will launch a second model this year, positioned as a medium and large sedan SUV, which is expected to go on sale in the second quarter.

As a medium and large pure electric car, the Zhijie S7 still competes with Xiaomi SU7, Polar Krypton 007, Avita 12, Xilai ET5 and Tesla Model 3 models. Compared with the above models, thanks to the blessing of Huawei, the Wisdom S7 has a clear advantage in smart driving, with the exception of the Avita 12, other models can hardly compete with it.

Although Xiaomi SU7 has attracted much attention in the market, with high flow and attention, its low-equipped models use 400V platform, urban NCA did not land and space limitations, the comprehensive product strength is not as good as Zhijie S7, coupled with limited production capacity, car lift time for nearly 30 weeks, which will undoubtedly have a negative impact on its market sales and reputation. Of course, the biggest advantage of Xiaomi SU7 lies in the price, and it is really tempting to start at 215900 yuan.

For the intellectual brand, whether it can replicate the popularity of the brand is also full of unknowns. after all, the intellectual world belongs to a new brand and does not have a strong brand awareness like Xiaomi, nor has it been in the market for two or three years like polar krypton. As a freshman, the intellectual world will face greater pressure of market competition.

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