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Changan Mazda brand-new model preview map!

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On April 13, Changan Mazda officially released a new model trailer, which is expected to be unveiled at the Beijing auto show.

The newly released trailer only shows the taillight style of the new car, which is designed with a through taillight and a small rear spoiler version, which looks three-dimensional and the LOGO appears to be embedded in the middle of the taillight. According to the previous preview map, the side outline of the new car shows the car's posture, but it is covered with more strict camouflage, but it can still be seen from the details that the body shows a diving posture, and the rear part of the car is designed with a slippery back. It is expected that the new car or a hatchback sedan.

Earlier, at the 2024 Changan Automobile Global Partnership Conference, Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, said that the internal code-named J90A model of Changan Mazda may be officially released at this year's Beijing Auto Show. In addition, the new car plan of Changan Mazda was exposed online during the Spring Festival this year. According to the plan, this year, Changan Mazda will launch BEV+REEV (pure electricity + extended range) new energy models to enter the domestic new energy market; after 2024, new products will be put on the market every year, so as to reverse its slow launch of new models for many years. Among them, this year Changan Mazda will launch two new models codenamed J90A and J90A-REEV; two new cars codenamed J90K and J90K-REEV will be launched in 2025; and NEW SUV and NEW CAR will be launched in 2026. From the analysis of the exposed new car plan, Changan Mazda will develop the new energy market. For Changan Mazda, which already has low fuel vehicle sales, it may be a better choice to comply with the development of the market and achieve electric transformation.

As one of the Japanese automakers, unlike Toyota and Honda, the niche Mazda does not have a high sense of existence in China, especially since FAW Mazda announced its withdrawal. Mazda mainly relies on Changan Mazda in the Chinese market.

According to the official website, Changan Mazda currently sells models including CX-8, CX-5, CX-4, CX-30, CX-50, as well as Atez and Uncaila. Although Changan Mazda's products are not small, in fact, most of the models are in a state of suspension of production and sale, including CX-4 and Attaz, and the only one with good sales performance is Anksera. The latest retail figures show that Changan Mazda sold a total of 19296 vehicles in the first quarter of this year, of which the highest selling model was the Mazda 3 Uncella, with 10644, followed by the Mazda CX-5 and Mazda CX-50, with 6672 and 1730 respectively.

However, although the performance in China is not very bright, Changan Mazda still does not intend to give up this market, but will vigorously layout this market, but from the current sales situation analysis, Changan Mazda is in urgent need of a popular model to save sales decline.

At present, Mazda has applied for two new trademarks "MAZDA EZ-6" and "MAZDA EZ-60" in China. According to reports, the new trademark may be reserved for a new pure electric vehicle jointly developed by Mazda and Changan, of which the first model with the internal code name J90A may be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show.

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