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Baojun Yue is also listed on Plus, starting from 93800 yuan.

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On April 12, Baojun Yue also officially launched Plus, and the new car launched two equipped models with a price range of 9.38-103800 yuan. At the same time, 2024 Baojun Yue also officially launched, the new car launched two configuration models, the price range of 8.08-90800 yuan. It is understood that the two models are positioned as a small pure electric SUV, of which Baojun Yue is also a five-door version of the model, which is a brand-new product, while Baojun Yue is also a three-door version of the model. This listing is an annual revised model, which is adjusted for the configuration.

Although it is also called Yue Ye, Yue Ye Plus is the first model based on Tianyu architecture M platform, and changed to front single motor drive. In terms of appearance, Baojun Plus also follows the overall design style of Baojun Hyatt, with a square outline and rich off-road vehicle style elements, the new car uses black closed front grille, the interior is fast charging, slow charging port, with four-point LED daytime driving lights to enhance the visual width of the vehicle. Under the front of the car with a cross-country style of the front bumper shape, with the engine hatch bulging rib line, so that this car is a bit more wild. In terms of color matching, Baojun Yue also offers 5 colors to choose from, namely, cloud gray, sea of clouds white, blue sky, auroral green, deep space black.

From a side point of view, Baojun Yue also Plus overall continuation of the square box design features, using a large number of straight lines to enhance the car's sense of hardness, the bottom for the broad wheel eyebrow design, short body with wide wheel eyebrows look muscular. Compared with the three-door version of the model wheelbase greatly improved, Baojun Yue also Plus vehicle size of 3996/1760/1726mm, wheelbase 2560mm, using the "2x3" five-seat layout. As a reference, Baojun Yue also has a length, width and height of 3381/1685/1721mm and a wheelbase of 2110mm.

In the rear part, compared with the three-door version, the biggest feature is the cancellation of the "small schoolbag" design and the addition of Baojun Logo in the middle of the rear. The new car uses longitudinal rear lights, which show a ring style after lighting, high brake lights are added at the top of the rear, the back door is open on the side, and the rear enclosure also adopts a broad cross-country style, which echoes with the front face, and the overall collocation is very coordinated.

In terms of interior decoration, Baojun Yue also provides two interior colors of calm black and elegant white, "calm black" is matched with black and green, and "elegant white" is combined with beige and gun ash. The overall layout of the interior is also quite different from that of Baojun Yue, which is equipped with a 10.1-inch suspended central control screen, an 8.8-inch full LCD dashboard and a three-frame multi-function steering wheel, as well as a shifter mechanism, which provides sufficient storage space for the area below the center console.

In terms of power, based on the original pure electric design of Tianyu architecture, Baojun Plus also adopts the front layout, the maximum power of the motor 75kW (102hp), the peak torque 180N ·m, and the maximum speed of 150km. 401km can be used for pure electric mileage.

This time, Yue also Plus in the space performance, practical configuration, life and many other aspects have been upgraded, whether it can bring further breakthroughs in sales is worthy of attention. In addition to Baojun Yue, the Plus,2024 model Baojun Yue is also on the market, with a price of 8.08-90800 yuan, which is higher than that of the old model. Unlike Bao Junyue's Plus, Baojun Yue also uses a rear drive with a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) with a maximum power of 50kW, a peak torque of 140Nm, a battery with a capacity of 28.1kWh, a range of 303km under CLTC conditions and supports fast charging.

Baojun Yue is also SAIC GM Baojun's latest pure electric model, which went on sale in May 2023 with a price of 79800 yuan and 89800 yuan. Although Baojun Yue has also become the best-selling model of the Baojun brand, its overall performance is not outstanding, with cumulative sales of 14683 vehicles since its launch in 2023 and 3007 vehicles from January to March in 2024.

Baojun Yue also Plus and Baojun Yue are also positioning small pure electric SUV, but the size is different, Baojun Yue is also a five-door version of the model, Baojun Yue is also a three-door version of the model. In addition, the shape of the Baojun Yue family is a "square box" type, which is really rare in the same level, which also highlights the uniqueness of the market competition in which the Baojun Yue family lives. Of course, in addition to positioning factors, in view of the price of the two models, the car will face market competition for models with overlapping prices, such as BYD dolphin and Nezha AYA.

With the styling style of hard pie, cross-country and square box, Baojun Yue attracted the attention of many people as soon as it left the factory, and you can even think of it as a scaled-down version of Jimney. From the perspective of consumers, whether it is Baojun Yue or Plus or Baojun Yue, the main consumer groups are young people who are keen to create personalization. The launch of the two different sizes of models is also intended to cater to the preferences of different consumers.

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