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Terminal sales are released in the second week of April (4.08-4.14).

Judging from the sales list of new energy brands in the Chinese market, BYD undoubtedly ranked first in sales, topping the list with 51027 vehicles, and was the only brand with more than 10,000 sales. Ideal car sales increased significantly in the second week, following BYD. 7189, Wuling New Energy ranked third, with 6689. Among the top 10 sales brands, Tesla showed the most significant growth, delivering 6155 vehicles a week, an increase of 11 places over the previous week. In terms of other brands, including Hongmeng Zhixing, which sells 5807 vehicles, Ian, Zero cars, Volkswagen, Changan and Polar Krypton ranked 6-10 respectively.

Let's take a look at the New Power sales list. Ideal cars have surpassed the list for three weeks in a row, with the latest week selling 7193 cars and Hongmeng Zhihang selling 5807 vehicles, including 4929 cars in the world and 878 in the intellectual world.

In terms of vehicle segmentation, the ideal car still relies on L-series support, of which L7 is 3328, L9 and L8 are 1561 and 1268, and L6 contributes 773 because of the delivery of goods. As the first pure electric model and the first MPV model of ideal car, MEGA delivers only 263vehicles a week. What attracts much attention is that the ideal car will officially release the L6 tomorrow, which is the first model of the ideal car priced under 300000 yuan, positioning family intelligent luxury 5-seat SUV, wheelbase 2920mm, equipped with 1.5T four-cylinder engine as an extended range system, battery suppliers still come from Ningde era and Xinwangda, but use lithium iron phosphate battery.

As for the boundary, 4929 vehicles were delivered in a single week, of which 2638 were for the M9, 2136 for the M7 and 155for the M5. The question has been overtaken by the ideal car since April, probably due to the upcoming release of the new M5. At present, both the M5 and M7 start at 249800 yuan, while the new M5 will be officially launched on April 23, and the final pricing is the key, and from the point of view of the release time, the new M5 may attack the ideal L6. It is understood that the new M5 still provides both pure power and extended range, but the extended range is the main source of sales.

The market performance of Xiaomi cars has attracted a lot of attention. Terminal sales show that Xiaomi's SU7 delivery volume was 2407 in the second week of April, ranking third in the medium and large car market, with the Han family and Audi A6L in the top three, with sales of 4040 and 2675 respectively.

Compared with Xiaomi SU7, the weekly sales of Jingpingji Krypton 001, Zhijie S7 and Avita 12 are 2311, 878,602 respectively. Of course, due to the different delivery rhythm of the manufacturer, these data only reflect the situation of the week. For Xiaomi, the non-limited initial version will not be delivered until the end of this month, and the specific market performance of Xiaomi will not be highlighted in the next month or two.

The Xiaomi SU7, a blockbuster model built by Xiaomi in three years, was released on March 28th, with the standard version of SU7 selling for 215900 yuan (rear drive), SU7 Pro selling 245900 yuan (rear drive) and SU7 Max selling 299900 yuan (all-wheel drive). According to the plan, the current delivery is a limited start-up version, which will begin delivery on April 3, while the standard and Max versions will be delivered later this month, and the Pro version will start delivery in late May.

There is no doubt that Xiaomi is the most successful electric vehicle brand at this stage. The illusory pricing before listing satisfied the appetite of users. The millet SU7 priced at 215900 yuan directly detonated the automobile industry. Lei Jun became a "Thor" overnight, as long as the topic related to Xiaomi car will be on the hot search.

For now, Xiaomi SU7 should not be worried about selling. According to @ Sun Shaojun, a car blogger, Xiaomi's SU7 lock has broken 60, 000, with a withdrawal rate of about 55%. These 60, 000 locks are enough for Xiaomi cars to do a good job. At present, Xiaomi cars have to face a more crippled test than sales, production capacity, quality, after-sales and other efforts, compared with pre-sale marketing dreams, this is a real challenge, and each is a matter of life and death.

As of April 10, Xiaomi App showed that the delivery time of Xiaomi SU7 had been extended, with some orders locked up for about half a year, with the standard version expected to be delivered in 27 to 30 weeks and the longest Max version in 28 to 31 weeks. In terms of capacity layout, Xiaomi Automobile public information shows that the plant is built in two phases, and the annual production capacity of the first phase, which has been completed and put into production, is planned to be 150000 vehicles. The second phase of the plant is still under construction and is expected to be completed next year.

At present, Xiaomi SU7 has entered the real battlefield, in addition to facing the price volume of domestic independent brands. With its industry-leading smart systems and ecological advantages, Xiaomi SU7 has shown the potential to become one of the best-selling high-end electric cars in China, Goldman Sachs said in a research report released on April 1. However, there is no doubt that there is still a long way to go for new car makers in the new energy car market.

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