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Employees are fired from buying millet cars? The more you respond

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On April 17, the Ji Yue Automobile Law Department released its first blog post clarifying the online rumor that Jiyue Motors was fired because its employee Yao so-and-so bought a millet car.

"it is not because Yao bought a certain meter of car that he was fired, but because Yao engaged in behavior that had nothing to do with company affairs and obviously ran counter to his job responsibilities and professional ethics during office hours," Jiyue said in a statement. Therefore, the company believes that the above actions of Yao have seriously violated the company's labor discipline and system, and it is reasonable and reasonable for the company to unilaterally terminate its labor contract. "

Here's the thing: recently, an employee of Jiyue Motors, who claimed to be Ji Yue Motors, posted on social media that he was fired after five days of picking up his car for buying a millet car. According to the video recordings posted on social media, the employee was fired because he violated the company's competition agreement by promoting competitive products during his tenure.

The employee said he didn't understand and explained: "I just want to buy a car I like. I think I've fallen into a workplace trap." Subsequently, the issue of "Xiaomi SU7 owner was fired from Ji Yue five days after buying a car" sparked a heated discussion on the Internet.

In the above statement, Jiyue Automobile pointed out that as a staff member of the social media / private domain operation post in charge of the user development department, the employee continued to carry out car group operation for a certain rice brand, publicizing and only publicizing the content related to a certain rice brand for a long time. It already has the attribute of self-media, which is in direct conflict with its job responsibilities, which seriously violates professional ethics and non-competitive obligations. Secondly, the employee operated a self-media account many times during working hours, and the car pick-up ceremony he attended was completed in a state of absenteeism and spread on the above social media platform with the title "Lei Zong opened the door for me". Was publicly reported by a number of media. In addition, after the termination of the labor contract, the employee used his "Dayao Tok" account to post false information such as "fired me for buying a certain meter car company" on several social media platforms, and took the initiative to contact various media accounts, which has seriously damaged the company's external image and reputation. The company has obtained evidence for this and reserves the right to further investigate.

Ji Yue Motor stressed: "Ji Yue Automobile has always adhered to an open and inclusive attitude, actively participate in the development of the new energy vehicle industry, and cherish every participant in the industry. Jiyue Automobile has never forbidden employees to buy other brand models. In fact, no matter what brand vehicles they drive, the company provides parking spaces and convenient charging facilities for employees in the exclusive parking lot of the work area."

It is understood that the predecessor of Jiyue Automobile is Jidu Automobile. In January 2021, Geely and Baidu announced that they would cooperate to build cars, and in March of that year, Jidu Automobile Co., Ltd. was established. In December 2022, the first production car set ROBO-01 was unveiled, which is based on Geely SEA vast architecture and is positioned as a medium and large SUV. At the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, it was revealed that Jidu Automobile had been rejected by the organizers because it did not have the qualification to build cars. In August 2023, Ji du changed its name to Ji Yue Automobile, and Ji du ROBO-01 also became Ji Yue 01. Ji Yue 01 is the brand's first model, based on the same SEA Haohan structure as Polar Krypton 001, positioning large SUV in pure electricity, providing single-motor and dual-motor models with a maximum range of 720km.

Retail data show that in the first quarter of this year, the cumulative sales of Ji Yue 01 was 876 vehicles.

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