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Chery Fengyun T9 pre-sale, starting from 159900 yuan

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On the evening of April 18, Chery Fengyun T9 was officially pre-sold with a pre-sale price range of 15.99-199900 yuan. As a new model of Chery Fengyun new energy product series, Fengyun T9 offers 5 seats and 7 seats optional, equipped with Kunpeng super C-DM hybrid system, the comprehensive range will exceed the 1400km.

In terms of appearance, Fengyun T9 can be directly regarded as the plug-in hybrid version of Chery Tiger 9, the front face is changed to a closed front grille design, the interior is decorated with decorative strips, with flat headlamp groups on both sides, and the luminous brand Logo in the middle, the overall recognition is good. The smooth waistline design on the side of the body makes the car look slimmer, while the suspended roof design, hidden door handles and dense spoke rims add a touch of fashion. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the Fengyun T9 five-seater version is 4795/1930/1738mm, the wheelbase is 2770mm, and the corresponding body height of the seven-seater version is 1741mm, which increases the height of the Ruihu 9 car by 39mm and the seven-seater version by 31mm.

In terms of interior decoration, the overall design of the Fengyun T9 is relatively simple, using a double screen design composed of a 10-inch LCD dashboard and a 15.6-inch suspended LCD dashboard. Wood grain decorative panels are also added to the details of the center console to provide five-seat and seven-seat seating layout. In the configuration part, the Fengyun T9 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, SONY sound system, 256-color atmosphere lights, 540-degree panoramic images, front seat massage, front seat heating / ventilation, W-HUD head-up display system and L2 + driving assistance.

In terms of power, the Fengyun T9 uses two sets of plug-in hybrid system, which is the same in the traditional engine and is the fifth generation ACTECO 1.5TGDI hybrid engine. Among them, the system comprehensive power of the stepless super electric hybrid DHT model is 265kW, and the comprehensive torque is 530N ·m, which is matched by the E-CVT gearbox; the third gear DHT model adopts double motor drive + 3gear DHT, the system comprehensive power is 280kW, and the system comprehensive torque is 610N ·m.

Chery's new new energy series "Fengyun" was officially released on November 9, 2023, and Fengyun A9 and Fengyun T11, two new concept models belonging to the new product series, were also officially unveiled. The pre-sale Fengyun T9 is based on the Mars architecture super hybrid platform, equipped with Kunpeng super C-DM hybrid system. According to the official information, the future Fengyun series will be fully covered by hybrid, extended range and pure electricity. The future products of Fengyun series are divided into A, T and M series, with a comprehensive layout of SUV, cars and MPV categories, covering all size levels of A0 Murray C class; in terms of product planning, Fengyun series will launch 11 new models in the next two years. =

As a new product series of Chery, Fengyun models are equipped with Kunpeng Super C-DM hybrid system. Based on the positioning of Fengyun T9, the main competition for the car in the future is expected to include new energy SUV models such as BYD Tang DM-i, Jietu Shanhai L9, Zero run C11, Xingtuo Yaoguang C-DM and other new energy SUV models.

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