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Ideal L6 listing

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On April 18, ideal Automobile's fifth model and fourth added program hybrid model, the ideal L6, was officially released on the market, with a total of three models, namely, publication, edition and edition, priced at 10,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan respectively. According to previous reports, the ideal L6 locates a five-seat medium-sized SUV, which is located under the ideal L7 and focuses on the household market of 25-300000 yuan. It is the first ideal car under 300000 yuan.

A brief review of the ideal L6, as a family intelligent deluxe of less than 300000 yuan, the relationship between SUV,L6 and L7 is similar to that of L8 and L9 L6 is a luxury five-seater SUV,L7 is the flagship five-seater SUV, the former is a medium-sized SUV, the latter is a medium-to-large SUV. As a reference, the ideal L6 is 4925/1960/1735mm, and the wheelbase is 2920mm, while the ideal L7 is 5050/1995/1750mm, and the wheelbase is 3005mm. The ideal L6 is obviously smaller, but it still belongs to the category of medium and large SUV.

In terms of appearance, the design style of the ideal L6 is highly consistent with that of the ideal L7, which continues the ideal family design style of the car, including the through lamp group and the matrix headlights on both sides of the front, but the details are adjusted compared with the ideal L7, the upper part is the through daytime driving lamp, the lower side is the headlight group, and the front enclosure of the vehicle is the heat sink of the engine, and the style is different from that of the ideal L7.

The difference between the side of the body and the ideal L7 is also very slight, the size of the front door becomes smaller, the space in the front will be compressed, the size of the whole body is not small, and the side waistline of the new car is different. At the rear of the vehicle, the through-type taillight is still used, the license plate is at the bumper, and the ideal L7 is on the rear door.

As for the interior, the interior design of the ideal L6 is highly consistent with that of the ideal L7, with a simple design style as a whole, a suspended double screen design running through the co-driver, the central control screen is dominated by driving information, and the auxiliary driver screen is dominated by entertainment information. the driving-related information is on the display screen above the steering wheel, and there is a hollowed-out storage grid in the central channel position, but the co-driver "boss key" is not set up. The difference with the ideal L7 lies in the body size, the ideal L7 positioning medium-sized five-seat SUV, the ideal L6 positioning medium-sized five-seater SUV, the back row space is more compact.

In terms of power, the ideal L6, like other ideal L-series, adopts incremental hybrid drive, with a 1.5T four-cylinder engine as the extended range system, with a maximum power of 113 kilowatts, and with front and rear motors as the active power source. battery suppliers still come from Ningde era and Xinwanda. It is worth noting that this declaration is the lithium iron phosphate battery version, as for whether there will be a ternary lithium battery version in the future, we can pay attention together.

On the whole, the ideal L6 still continues the ideal family design style, and the difference between the ideal L7 and the ideal L7, in addition to the differences in design details, mainly lies in the differences in body size and product configuration. From the point of view of the industry, the ideal car has achieved success since the ideal L8 has been replaced by the ideal ONE, while other models using similar design styles can achieve success, reduce difficulties in choosing and choose suitable products according to their own needs, but this doll-like design concept has also been criticized by many netizens.

As the first model priced under 300000 yuan under the ideal car, the ideal L6 will shoulder the market increment of the ideal car in 2024. According to the plan of the ideal car, the monthly sales target of the ideal L6 is 30, 000. But nowadays, the ideal L6 also has a lot of competitive pressure.

On April 1st, the rights and interests of the new M7 model were adjusted, and the starting price of the rear drive version of the new M7 Plus was reduced to 229800 yuan. In addition, the new M5 will be released on April 23, and the order has been accepted, and the cumulative order for 12 hours of pre-sale has exceeded 10,000. It is speculated in the industry that the price of the new M5 may be just over 200000, ideally below 200000. In this way, the pricing of the ideal L6 is particularly critical, and both the new M5 and the new M7 will attack the ideal L6 from the top down.

Ideal car is the sales leader of the new car-building forces in 2023, delivering 376000 vehicles for the whole year, and it has doubled this year's sales target to 800000. However, after the failure of the launch of the first all-electric model, the MEGA, it has adjusted its annual sales target of 800000 vehicles to 560000 to 640000, and the ideal MEGA sales guidance has been lowered to 2000 from 8000 per month. Sales of ideal cars have been surpassed for the third month in a row since 2024, with the former at 80402 and the latter at 82447.

In order to solve the current sales crisis, ideal Motor also announced the adjustment of its organizational structure. On April 3, ideal Automobile issued an internal announcement announcing the upgrade of the current matrix organization, involving the organizational structure adjustment of many departments. Ideal Automobile responded that this organizational upgrade is an efficient and rapid way to correct mistakes after internal letters, which will focus on solving the problem of too long value transfer chain and avoid letting overly complex processes reduce the quality and efficiency of decision-making.

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