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The extreme krypton 009 glow version is on the market! Sell for 789000 yuan

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On April 19th, the glowing version of Polar Krypton 009 went on sale for 789000 yuan. The new car is actually a four-seater version of the extreme Krypton 009 and is positioned as a medium and large MPV. It is understood that delivery of the new car will begin on May 19.

Appearance: polar krypton 009 brilliance and the current polar krypton 009 design style is similar, the front face is still with the straight waterfall style of the front middle net design, both sides are equipped with split headlights, with a high degree of recognition. As for the grille, it is completely blackened, and the front grille is decorated with a large piece of stainless steel material, which was officially called "DARK BADGE", which greatly enhances the luxury of the vehicle. According to official sources, the grille takes 30 hours after six rounds of polishing and can only be produced one piece a week.

The rear part of the car is designed with through-type taillights, and the vertical treatment is carried out on both sides, which echoes with the headlight group. The right side of the tail is marked with "009 brilliance", indicating its unique identity.

Body side: the overall model line is relatively straight, retaining the traditional MPV design style. The side of the body and the position below the front of the car are decorated with chrome strips, which makes the overall appearance of the vehicle look honorable. The use of suspended roof design, the roof position also uses chrome-plated decorative strips as embellishment, greatly enhance the overall luxury texture of the vehicle. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the brilliant version are 5217/2024/1812mm and the wheelbase is 3205mm.

Interior decoration, is the biggest bright spot of the extreme krypton 009 brilliant model, the color is matched with black and white. In terms of seats, cancel the third row of seats and adopt the seat layout of big four seats. The rear row is equipped with a separate ultra-deluxe double cockpit to support the lying mode. At the same time, it is also equipped with electric adjustment, heating, ventilation, massage and other functions to provide passengers with a comfortable cockpit experience. In addition, the car is also equipped with a 43-inch cloud wisdom screen, a cold and hot refrigerator and a 31-speaker Yamaha advanced sound system, making the car full of technology.

Configuration: polar krypton 009 brilliance is equipped with a long-range lidar to enhance the driving assistance function of the vehicle. It is also equipped with a medium-range millimeter wave radar, 12 short-range ultrasonic radars, 7 8 million-pixel high-definition cameras, 4 short-range look around high-definition cameras, and a driver surveillance camera, etc. it allows vehicles to more accurately identify lanes and obstacles in the face of extreme weather and other poor road conditions.

Power: equipped with front and rear double motors + four-wheel drive, in which the maximum power of the front motor is 270kW, the maximum power of the rear motor is 310kW, the comprehensive power is 580kW, the maximum torque is 810N ·m, the zero acceleration is 3.9s, and the maximum speed is 230km/h. Battery, equipped with 108kWh Kirin 5C battery, CLTC integrated operating conditions to achieve 702km. In terms of charging, 10% of 80% of it takes 11.5 minutes to recharge.

Data show: polar krypton is Geely Holdings' new energy vehicle brand, released on April 15, 2021. At present, polar krypton cars are sold in four models: polar krypton 001, polar krypton 009, polar krypton X, polar krypton 007. In terms of sales, polar krypton cars sold 118685 vehicles in 2023, up 65 per cent from a year earlier. However, it is worth mentioning that, like most new car-building forces, polar krypton cars are losing money. According to the official prospectus, the net profits of polar krypton from 2021 to the first half of 2023 were-4.514 billion yuan,-7.655 billion yuan and-3.871 billion yuan, respectively.

The glorious appearance of polar krypton 009 may bear the burden of increasing profits. After all, in the past year or two, the middle and low-end models of the price war are basically in a state of "losing money and shouting", so that the profits of car companies can not be improved. To this end, many car companies have also launched high-price models, hoping to erode the market share of traditional luxury brands by introducing high-end models. However, it is easy to go from top to bottom, and it is not so easy to go from bottom to top. Whether the brilliant version of polar krypton 009 can open up a world in the high-end market remains to be verified in the follow-up time.

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